Best Portable Radio for Camping of 2022

When you’re out in the wilderness, it is important to have something that can keep you entertained. The best way to do this is by bringing a portable radio with you on your camping trip.

There are many different radios available for purchase, so finding one that suits your needs will be easy. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best portable radios for camping and reviewed them in depth so that you don’t have to waste time researching which one would work best for you.

Radio for Camping

01. FosPower 2000mAh NOAA Radio

FosPower’s portable weather radio is the perfect emergency preparedness kit for any situation. This device provides power to small tablets and phones, features an SOS alarm, AM/FM radio with LED flashlight, and can also be charged by hand crank or solar energy.

A built-in multi-functional clock displays time, date, and temperature. The FosPower 2000mAh NOAA Emergency Weather Radio comes equipped with a USB port that allows you to charge your mobile devices on the go! Never get caught without power again. The FosPower 2000mAh NOAA Emergency Weather Radio is a must-have for any emergency kit. The compact size and multiple power sources ensure you will always be able to get weather alerts and stay informed. The radio will dependably receive up to the second emergency weather forecast and emergency news broadcasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations.

It has an LED flashlight that can be used in three different modes: normal, SOS flashing, and strobe. With the ability to charge your phone, and the option of using solar or hand-crank power, this radio has everything you need to stay connected in an emergency.

02. PPLEE NOAA Weather Alert Radio

The NOAA Weather Alert Radio is an all-in-one device that provides you with the ability to receive National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather alerts, AM/FM radio, and even charge your phone or other electronic devices. With its compact size, this device can be used in a variety of locations including the home, car, office, camping trips, and more. The NOAA Weather Alert Radio comes equipped with a flashlight for nighttime use as well as a reading lamp to help illuminate small areas. It also includes a built-in cell phone charger so you can charge your devices on the go.

The radio includes AM/FM tuner with digital tuning, a 3.5mm headphone jack, DC charging port, and USB port for charging mobile devices. The NOAA Weather Alert Radio is powered by solar power or hand crank so it can be used indoors or outdoors during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. This portable radio has 5 power sources – solar panel, hand crank, USB port, 3 AAA batteries, and 5000mAh rechargeable battery. It features seven pre-programmed channels of real-time weather forecast that can keep you updated with accurate information about severe weather conditions. The adjustable antenna can help to enhance signal reception when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

The radio features SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) that alerts you to local emergencies such as hurricanes or tornadoes in the area where you are located.

03. iRonsnow Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

iRonsnow’s Dynamo is the world’s most advanced solar weather radio. It combines a powerful 2000mAh battery, a built-in LED flashlight, and an emergency crank for charging your smartphone or other USB devices when you need it most. This is the compact survival radio that provides you with multiple ways to stay connected. The iRonsnow Emergency NOAA Weather Radio also features SAME technology, which alerts you about local weather emergencies The iRonsnow is the only weather radio that can charge your phone directly from its internal battery.

You can also play music from the built-in speaker with FM radio function, which is great for camping trips. The crank handle can generate power for the radio when there are no batteries left. When fully charged, it can work up to 8 hours after being fully charged under direct sunlight. With the solar panel and hand crank, this emergency radio will never let you down when outdoors or where there is no electricity.

It can also be used as an all-in-one survival tool that includes a flashlight, cell phone charger, and more! Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your hand or pocket when traveling or hiking.

04. Tiemahun Emergency Solar Dynamo NOAA Radio

The TIEMAHUN 088FS is a multi-functional emergency radio, which can be used for charging your cellphone and iPhone via the Micro-USB cable.  It also has an AM/FM radio, NOAA weather band radio, and LED flashlights. The solar panel on the back of the radio can be used to charge the internal battery while you are outdoors in daylight.

With the high capacity 2300mAh Lithium battery, this handheld radio can charge with your smartphone charger. 

If there’s no sunlight available, you can use hand crank power to charge it up instead. This emergency radio is the best way to have a reliable source of information during a power outage, natural disaster, or emergency. The radio has 5 different functions of FM/AM/NOAA Weather Band/LED Flashlight/Solar Power Charger. You can choose the one you like to get more information about the current situation. The weather band radio gives you access to local and national news and weather reports so you can get up to date with what’s going on around your area.

The Tiemahun hand-crank dynamo radio is a must-have tool for every home, office, or cabin.

05. Sangean TB-100 Ultra-Rugged Radio

The Sangean TB-100 is a digital, rechargeable radio that has been designed to be tough enough to withstand the elements. It’s water-resistant (JIS4), dust-resistant, and shock-resistant, so you can take it with you on all of your adventures. When you want to listen to FM or AM radio, simply press the “TUNER” button and select one of the 5 memory presets. You can also tune in to your favorite stations by pressing the “FM/AM” button and selecting between 5 FM frequencies and four AM frequencies.

The TB-100’s rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of use on a single charge and can be recharged via the included AC adapter or USB cable. A built-in LED flashlight provides hands-free lighting in dark places and has three settings: high, low and SOS flashing. This compact portable radio also features a telescopic antenna that extends to over 3 feet long for optimal reception This compact device features a 2.3” backlit LCD that allows you to view information clearly in direct sunlight or at night. It also features a clock with alarm capabilities so you can wake up to your favorite station. 

It has an ergonomic design with soft rubberized grips that make it easy to hold onto during prolonged use. This unique combination of features allows you to enjoy your favorite music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Camping Portable Radio Buyer's Guide

Picking the best radio can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are different aspects of consideration when choosing which one you want: receiver type (AM/FM), power source (battery or electric), and size. Each feature is explained in detail below.

Power Source:

The next thing you need to decide on is whether the power source comes in battery form or electric. Most radios these days come with a rechargeable battery, but some can also be powered by electricity if you have access to an outlet at your campsite.


Some radios have a feature called Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME). SAME is a special radio code that allows the receiver to only receive alerts and weather information for your specific area. This can be very useful if you’re in an area prone to natural disasters or severe weather changes.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of portable radios varies depending on how much money you are willing to spend. The best radio for you will be the one that has a good mix of features and sound quality.

Battery Life: 

The battery life of the radio is mainly determined by how much power the receiver uses. If you are looking to find out more about what kind of battery life each one has, check out our reviews below.


For camping, you need a radio that is very durable and can withstand a few bumps along the way. You want something that is made out of high-quality materials so it doesn’t break easily, especially if you’re in an area with lots of rocks or sticks.

IP Rating:

The IP rating, or International Protection Rating, is a number given to every electronic device produced by the company. It tells you how protected each item is against dust and water damage. The majority of good-quality radios will have an IP67 or higher so that they can be used in any condition.

Reception Quality of Radio:

The reception quality is determined by the radio’s ability to pick up a strong signal. If you are looking for something that will work well in heavily wooded areas or other places where there isn’t good cell service, then you’ll want a radio with AM/FM antennae and adjustable telescoping antennas.


The weight of radio is usually determined by the size, but some have other features to make them heavier than others. For example, if you want something with high-quality sound or an attached solar panel for charging your phone!

Extra Features to Look for:

There are some extra features that you may want to look for when choosing the best radio.

  • Flashlight: Having a flashlight built into the radio is very useful for nighttime outdoor activities.
  • SOS Signal: If you are going hiking or camping alone, an SOS signal can be a lifesaver! This will send out a distress call to the appropriate people so that they can find you quickly and help save your life if needed.
  • Bluetooth:
  • Some radios come with Bluetooth connectivity, which can be very useful for hands-free communication when camping.
  • Backlit Display: Having a backlit display is very useful for nighttime camping so that you can see what each function does.
  • Hands-Free Functionality: This kind of goes along with the Bluetooth, but if your radio doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities then this will be even more important! Having hands-free functionality means that you don’t need to hold the radio up to your face every time you want to talk.
  • Weather Alerts: Having a weather alert system on your camping radio will ensure that you are always kept safe and informed about any incoming storms or severe weather changes.

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