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A blacklight is a great way to make your bedroom or any room more fun. A blacklight is a lamp that emits light on the ultraviolet spectrum. Blacklights are most often used to create fun effects in dark spaces like bedrooms or basements.

We’ll explore some popular bedroom designs and how to choose the Best Blacklight for Bedroom.

01. Onforu 2 Pack 15W LED Black Light Bulbs

Onforu LED Black Light Bulb is a pack of two fluorescent reactive light bulbs. It’s an energy-saving and safe alternative to black lights, providing the same effect as black lights at a fraction of the cost and with no harmful UV rays!

Onforu LED Black Light Bulb is widely used in Home Decorating. It provides a unique lighting effect that can be used to create a mood or atmosphere during parties, special events, or just for fun. The bulb emits ultraviolet light which makes fluorescent materials glow and can be used to create a variety of effects including special lighting for discos, DJ parties, Halloween decorations, UV body paint art, etc.

Onforu LED Black Light Bulb is safe to touch and will not stain clothes or furniture. This Onforu blacklight bulb emits 385-400nm wavelength ultraviolet light which makes fluorescent materials glow brighter than normal. The use of a high-quality UV coating on the inside of the glass tube allows for optimal emission without loss of intensity.

The light produced by this bulb is not harmful and its energy-efficient design consumes only 15 watts of power while producing the same amount of lumens as a 100W incandescent bulb.

02. LECIEL 10W UV LED Black Light

The LECIEL UV LED Black Light is a portable 10W black light that can be used for all kinds of purposes. Whether you are looking to find hidden stains on your carpet, revealing the truth about your pet’s fur, or just want to have some fun at your next party, this blacklight will do the trick.

This Ultra-bright 10W LED bulb produces intense illumination with no mercury and no harmful UV rays.  In addition, this blacklight comes with a UV flashlight that can be used as an independent source of illumination once the LED bulb has been switched on. It has a wide scope of applications. This blacklight is bright and lightweight. The 24-month warranty ensures your satisfaction with the product!

It can be powered up with a USB cable from a power bank or a laptop. It also has a 5.9ft cord with an on/off switch. The ultra-bright white beam from this torch allows you to find your way around in low light conditions and is also particularly useful for inspecting pets’ fur or animal stains on furniture and floors. It comes with a focus option that allows you to use this as either a flashlight or fixed light, depending on your needs. This makes it the perfect companion for any outdoor activity such as camping or fishing trips.

03. LeMeng LED Black Lights Bulb

The LeMeng 9W black light bulb is a great addition to any household or business. With a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, the LED light bulb will last you for years and years. The LeMeng 9W LED UVB light bulb is a perfect replacement for 60-75 watt incandescent blacklight bulbs.

It emits 395-400 nm wavelength ultraviolet light that is perfect for illuminating the most reactive pigments, paints, and dyes with black light. This bulb works great for UV body paint and other visible fluorescent materials. The 9W LED UVB Bulb does not dim but can be used in any standard household socket or fixture. This product emits a full spectrum of light, including the invisible ultraviolet ‘black’ light that makes many items fluoresce – this bulb is truly stunning under a blacklight.

Especially with neon-colored objects, the blacklights work super cool for UV body paint and other visible fluorescent materials. DO NOT stare at the bulb while it is on! It may cause blindness or eye damage. It also comes with a 2-year warranty which makes this product a great buy. This product is perfect for parties, raves, clubs, bars, and much more. It also makes a great gift idea.

04. Black Light Bulbs Upgraded Big Chip 395nm

The Upgraded Big Chip 395nm UV LED Black Light fixtures with Gooseneck and clamp is a high-quality, low-cost black light that has a 30% brighter output than the double chip 395nm UV LED Blacklights. The upgraded single big chip provides more light. This is a compact, flexible lamp with an 8mm gooseneck and clamp to fit on any surface from flat to round or irregular shapes.

It comes complete with a 2-watt power supply and switch box which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling if desired. The fixture uses a standard 15mm umbrella receptacle. A safety screen is also included to keep your eyes safe from stray UV light rays. This LED lamp will cure your gel polish in 30 seconds and your regular nail polish in 2 minutes.

It has a high-quality aluminum case and the light is very bright and strong. It’s easy to operate, just plug it into an outlet or USB port, you can start using it right away! It is perfect for home use or at the salon. Suitable for all types of UV gels and UV topcoats.

The Ultra Violet Blacklight has a high quality, low-cost black light which is ideal for revealing fluorescent properties of many materials and objects such as minerals, paints, currency paper, etc.

05. Gohyo 27W 9 LED Black Light

The UV Black Light 9 LED 27W is a new type of light source using ultraviolet radiation to make objects and materials fluoresce. It is widely used in the fields of inspection, detection, identification, authentication, and entertainment, etc.

The product has been approved by CE certification which means it can be safely applied for indoor or outdoor use. It is a perfect combination of beauty and practicality, which makes it the best lighting tool for decorating your room perfectly and creating an amazing atmosphere at any party or occasion. Thanks to its high-quality LED lamps providing bright ultraviolet light, this bar emits less heat than conventional UV tube lights so you can feel safer using them in your home. It is easy to use with just a plug and play since it comes with an AC power cord that can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet. The product also has the advantage of being equipped with two hanging clips for easier installation in your space or room. Its adjustable design makes it suitable for both short ceilings and high ceilings. It comes with a built-in hanging hook, which makes it easy to install and store after use.

You can also hang this UV bar on the wall as a decoration or create an ultraviolet home theater for yourself by using it along with your TV screen. The product is safe enough to be used as stage lighting or even just for pointing out defects or damages on any surface.

Blacklight for Bedroom Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a blacklight for your bedroom? Here is a guide on how to select the best blacklight for your bedroom.

Type of Bulb:

The first thing you need to look for in a blacklight is the type of bulb used. There are two types of bulbs:

  • fluorescent
  • LED

Fluorescent bulbs use mercury vapor which emits ultraviolet radiation while LEDs do not require any gas or filament, instead, they contain light-emitting diodes that emit visible light when an electrical current passes through them.

UV Intensity:

The next thing you need to look for is the intensity of ultraviolet rays emitted by a blacklight, which varies from 15-40mW/cm^(*)^. Fluorescent bulbs emit more intense UV light compared to LEDs but they also produce less visible light and heat up quickly when turned on.

They are also not as durable as LEDs and can burn out with extended use. LED bulbs emit less intense UV light but they are very durable and do not produce any heat when turned on.

UV Wave Length:

The third thing you need to look for in a blacklight is the wavelength of ultraviolet radiation produced by it, which varies from 200-400nm. The shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet light emitted, the more damaging it is to skin cells and eye tissue.

For this reason, you should always choose a blacklight with a wavelength between 365-405nm because these wavelengths are least likely to cause damage while still producing bright visible effects such as neon colors on posters, carpets, etc.

Light Intensity:

The next thing you need to look for in a blacklight is the intensity of visible light it emits, which varies from 350-750 lumens. The higher the lumen rating on a blacklight, the brighter its glow will be and vice versa.

Bulb Life:

If possible, always choose an LED bulb because they emit less heat and last for a long time, typically ranging from 50-100 thousand hours.

Fluorescent bulbs usually only last between 20-25 thousand hours and they also produce more heat when turned on which can damage your posters or carpeting in the room.


It can be one of two types:

  • plug-in
  • battery-powered

Plug-in fixtures are easy to install but they only work when plugged into an outlet and cannot be moved around while battery-operated fixtures are portable but require batteries that will have to be replaced when they run out.

Outdoor Use:

The last thing you need to look for in a blacklight is whether it can be used outdoors or not. Outdoor use of blacklights requires ultraviolet light with wavelengths of 365-405nm because this wavelength has the least chance of damaging eyes and skin tissue.

LED bulbs are preferred over fluorescent bulbs for outdoor uses as they emit less intense ultraviolet light compared to fluorescent bulbs, produce no heat, and are durable.

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