When you want to improve your home security, there is nothing more effective than installing outdoor floodlights. As it turns out, they can provide a lot of benefits beyond just adding light to dark areas at night. There are plenty of reasons why everyone with an outside space should be thinking about getting some for their property – but before that, you need the right ones.

This blog post will go over ten of the best outdoor flood light reviews on the market today so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

In the modern world, security is a major concern for homeowners. Installing outdoor flood lights is that they will help protect your property. They can be placed on their own or in conjunction with an alarm system to create a larger deterrent for criminals who are looking to break into.

Flood Lights Buyers Guide

LIfespan: First, you need to think about how long the LEDs in the outdoor flood lights are expected to last. The average product should be able to operate for 50,000 hours before needing a replacement – but some products can go up as high as 100,000 hours.

Lumen Rating: The lumen rating is related to how bright the light from the LEDs will be. This value can range anywhere between 900 and 50,000 (for some models). The higher this number goes, the better it will be for protecting your home against criminals trying to break in during dark hours of the night.

Waterproof: Another important factor to think about is the waterproof rating of your outdoor floodlights. You want them to be able to operate in many different types of weather conditions including rain and snow, but you also need them to do well with heat as well (since they will be outside).

Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Outdoor Flood Security Light

The Enbrighten outdoor motion sensor floodlight is a great addition to your home. This security floodlight features adjustable color temperature, as well as three different light heads and an automatic night setting. The white exterior makes the fixture perfect for use at the front of your home, backyard, or driveway.

The LED light provides a bright white beam that is perfect for illuminating driveways or walkways at night. Adjust color temperature between 2200K-5000K with no delay. Save energy with the motion sensor night setting, which automatically turns your light on when motion is detected between dusk and dawn.

The sturdy white plastic exterior makes this fixture perfect for use around water or in harsh weather conditions.

LEONLITE LED Security Light

LEONLITE LED motion sensor flood lights are a smart lighting option that can help you save money on your energy bills by consuming less power. They also provide bright, white illumination for added safety and security around any home. It’s an affordable product with functionalities including adjustable heads, three modes of operation, and a water-resistant body. It is perfect for outdoor usage at your home or office

The passive infrared sensor inside the detector has a 180-degree angle of coverage so it can detect movement from any direction, including up and down. For modes you can opt between manual ON/OFF operation where it will stay on until manually turned off; light-sensing which switches the lights automatically when there’s darkness and motion detection which activates lights only when movement is sensed.

The lights are designed to provide excellent illumination for your home throughout its long 50,000 hrs lifespan.

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