Choosing Outdoor Lighting

There’s nothing like a beautiful night under the stars to create everlasting memories with friends and family. The right outdoor lighting can make all the difference in your backyard, porch, or garden. Outdoor lighting can be tricky.

With so many options available, how do you know what the best outdoor lighting is for your needs?

This post walks you through some of the best tips for selecting outdoor lighting that will enhance any space.

Choosing Outdoor Lighting

You can choose from solar lights, LED light fixtures, or even landscape lighting kits for your home. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks when it comes to cost, aesthetics, environmental impact, etc. This guide will help you understand each type so that you can pick what is best for your yard.

Is Lighting suitable for your outdoor use:

You may want to consider whether or not your intended use of the lighting is appropriate for what you are purchasing. For example, if you need a flashlight with an adjustable beam and multiple light modes such as high/medium/low intensity and strobe function, then it might be best to buy a flashlight designed for that use.

UL Listing or the ETL Listed:

The ETL Listed Mark is a trusted mark for products that have been tested and approved by nationally recognized testing laboratories. The UL symbol on a product means that the item has been reviewed by Underwriters Laboratories who are experts in safety.

Use subtle lighting:

Most homeowners prefer subtle lighting that isn’t too bright or glaring. It’s best to avoid floodlights and instead choose more ambient options such as landscape lights, paper lanterns, and string lights.

Tips for Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor Lighting
  1. Determine your budget before shopping for outdoor lighting
  2. Find the right outdoor lighting for your needs by considering whether you need task lights (such as flashlights) or ambient options such as string lights and paper lanterns. Subtle yet functional lighting will create a magical atmosphere.
  3. Selecting UL-listed products will ensure the quality and safety of use.

Popular Lights:

Ceiling-Mount Lighting:

Outdoor ceiling lighting can be used to create a focal point in your yard or garden. It is also great for dark areas that need extra light such as the side of the house, back porch, garage, and walkways around your home.

Flood Lighting:

Flood Lighting

Floodlights are ideal for highlighting walkways, fountains, and other features in your landscape. They come with a variety of options such as different lumen outputs or even motion sensors to activate the light when you need it most.



Lanterns add a touch of beauty and elegance to any outdoor setting. They come in a variety of styles – hanging, tabletop, post-mounted, etc. Lantern lights can easily be used both indoors and outdoors depending on your needs. They are powered by either electricity or solar energy.

Path Lighting:

Path Lighting

Path lighting is perfect for highlighting pathways, driveways, or walkways. They are also great for illuminating the steps to your front door and porch area so you feel safer when coming home at night.

Motion Sensors:

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors allow you to light up dark areas at night as soon as motion is detected. They are a great safety feature for your home and can help keep unwanted intruders away from your property.

Smart Lighting:

Smart Lighting

Smart outdoor lighting automatically turns on and off depending on the time of day. They can be programmed to turn on at dusk and keep your home or yard lit until you decide otherwise.

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