The rustic, country feel of a farmhouse style is something that many people love. In order to create this type of look in your home, it is important to have the right pieces. One essential piece for any farmhouse-style room is a coffee table. The perfect coffee table will not only match the other furniture in the space but also add a touch of rustic charm and warmth for you and your guests. Read on below to find out which styles we recommend for creating an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Best Farmhouse Style Coffee Tables

1. Round Minimal Coffee Table

The minimal coffee table is the perfect addition to your farmhouse living room. With a top that rotates, you can maximize all of the space in this versatile piece.

2. Wood Coffee Table with Metal Details

The metal details on this rustic wood coffee table are what really make it stand out from other options. This style will bring some warmth and charm into any home while also adding a practical function for everyday use.

3. Tall Rectangular Farmhouse Style Coffee Table

You can’t go wrong with traditional farmhouse styling when decorating an inviting house or apartment. If you love the look but want something different than round tables, check out this tall rectangle option instead. It provides just enough storage underneath without sacrificing aesthetics either.

3. French Farmhouse Coffee Table

The French farmhouse style is one of the most popular looks around right now. This beautiful coffee table has all of the charms you could want while also being a great place to put your drinks or snacks.

4. Large Round Table

This is the perfect table for those who want a lot of space to work with. The large round surface provides plenty of room for you and your guests to spread out, while the rustic style will give the home that cozy atmosphere you love.

5. Antique Farmhouse Coffee Table

The antique farmhouse style is one of the best inspirations for any home. The unique details on this large round table add a lot of character and charm to your space, while also providing plenty of storage underneath.

6. Rustic Wooden Table

The rustic wooden table is a great choice for those who want to go with a more natural look. The dark, stained wood has enough charm and elegance that you can put this in any room of the home.

7. Industrial Style Coffee Table

If you love mixing styles together, check out this industrial-inspired coffee table as well! The metal legs give this piece a modern look, while the wooden top adds warmth and rustic charm.

8. Modern Coffee Table

The modern coffee table is a great choice for those who want to keep things simple. With a sleek design and clean lines, this piece will look great in any contemporary home.

9. Double Door Lift-Top Coffee Table

This coffee table is perfect for those who need a little extra storage in their lives. The double doors on the front open up to reveal plenty of room for you to store books, magazines, or any other items you might need.

10. Simple Square Table

The simple, square coffee table is perfect for those who want a more modern feel. This piece will fit in perfectly with nearly any style while also being just what you need to set out drinks or snacks when guests are over.

11. Dark X-Fram Base Table

This beautiful dark X-frame base table is a great option for those who want something more rustic. The handcrafted quality and the intricate design give this piece plenty of charm, while also keeping it functional in any home or apartment space.

12. Round Metal Table

If you love metal furniture and accessories, check out this simple round coffee table to bring some more charm into your life. The metal legs are sturdy and solid, while the top has just enough space for you to set out drinks or snacks when guests come over too.

13. All White

The all-white round coffee table is a simple, clean choice for anyone who wants to keep things minimal. The white color adds just enough splashes of brightness and cheers that you won’t get bored looking at it every day either.

14. Simple Wooden Table With Wheels

This is a great choice for those who want a more versatile coffee table. The simple wooden design and the wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around your space, while also providing you with plenty of storage for all of your needs.

15. Glass Top Table

The glass top table is perfect for anyone who wants a sleek and modern look in their room. The transparent tabletop creates a sleek effect while still allowing you to set out drinks, snacks, books, or anything else that you might need when guests come over too.

16. Chrome Base Table

This chrome base table is simple and elegant at the same time. With just enough curves in all of the right places and plenty of charm throughout as well, this table is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their home.

17. Weathered Wood Table

The weathered wood table has a rustic and charming look that will give any room in your home an instant makeover. The distressed finish on the wood gives it just the right amount of character, while also making it easy to match with existing decor.

18. Oval Wooden Coffee Table

This oval wooden coffee table is a great option for those who want to mix wood and metal together in their home. The round shape is perfect for setting out drinks or snacks, while the metallic legs give it an interesting twist that you’ll love seeing every day too!

19. Farmhouse Style Sofa Table

Finally, if you’re looking for a farmhouse-style sofa table to complete the look, we’ve got you covered. This piece has all of the charm and character that you love, with a simple design that will complement any space in your home perfectly.

20. Elegant Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you’re looking for an elegant farmhouse coffee table, this is the perfect option for you. With a beautiful design and intricate details, this piece will be the focal point of any room it’s in.

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