The backyard is one of the best places to spend time with your children. It’s a place where they are free to explore, make memories, and have fun. The following list provides 9 creative ideas for activities that you can do in your own backyard that will help keep kids entertained while also teaching them about nature!

1) Build an outdoor playhouse


 A great way for children to use their imagination while also getting some fresh air is by building an outdoor playhouse. There are many plans available online that can provide step-by-step instructions on how you can build your own, or if the DIY bug hasn’t bitten yet it’s still possible to pick up playhouses already made.

2) Put out a kiddie pool

kiddie pool

A kiddie pool is a great way to keep children cool during the summer while also creating hours of fun because they can splash around or build sandcastles. If you have an in-ground hose, then all that’s needed are some pegs and bricks for the kids to stick into the ground which makes it easy enough for them to decorate as they please.

3) Plant some vegetables or fruits

Plant some vegetables or fruits

Gardening is a great way to teach children about nature while also helping them understand where their food comes from. Many vegetables and fruits that are commonly grown in gardens can be easy for kids to grow, such as strawberries or cucumbers. Before you know it they’ll have berries of carrots popping up everywhere!

4) Family Gathering Courtyard

Family Gathering Courtyard

A great way to enjoy a nice day outside with family and friends is by hanging out in the courtyard. A great spot for this activity would be on a soft grassy lawn under an umbrella, where everyone can lounge about while still being able to keep an eye on the little ones as they play.

5) Climbing Tree

Climbing Tree

Children love to climb, and there’s no better place for them to do this than a tree. There are many different varieties of trees that can provide the perfect climbing surface such as maple or oak trees which have branches low enough down those children can easily pull themselves up with minimal assistance from adults.

6) Garden Sandbox

Garden Sandbox

If you have a sandbox, then it’s time to get creative! You can decorate your sandpit however the kids want by providing them with different tools such as spades and shovels so they can dig out designs. They could also create roads for toy cars or build little castles using their imagination.

7) Reading Corner

Reading Corner

There are few activities more relaxing than curling up with a good book. If you have some comfortable chairs or beanbags, then set them out in the garden. So that children can read outside without being disturbed by insects or any other distractions. You could even bring your own books to contribute if there’s something they’re particularly interested in at the moment!

8) Rowhouse Play Space

Rowhouse Play Space

Children love being able to go out and play with their friends, but it can be difficult if you have no outdoor space for them. The solution is a rowhouse play space! By creating an area that’s just for the kids where they are free to jump about or kick a ball without damaging your yard then will provide hours of entertainment while also teaching them about social skills.

9) Kids’ Oasis

Kids' Oasis

If you have a large backyard, then consider creating an oasis for the kids. A great way to do this is by building a treehouse that can be used as both a fun play area and also provide shade on those hot summer days making it the perfect place to retreat when they need some peace and quiet or want somewhere different to hang out.

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