No one wants to spend their barbeque and garden parties in the dark. However, whether you have a balcony, a small garden, or acres of area is in need of some bright light. With the proper consideration of lights when the sun goes down, you will not be forced to go back inside; instead, it will help you enhance and illuminate your outdoors while creating a cozy effect. 

You don’t need hard-wired options or electric outlets for your garden. Lanterns, a string of fairy lights, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps are some of the best options to choose from. But if you are looking for eco-friendly, solar light-fuelled lights, they are also available for you to buy.

9 Decor Ideas for your Garden

Here are some inspirations for some trendy garden lighting ideas to help you find the perfect lights.

Glass Pendant Lights for Garden DecorationGlass Pendant Lights:

These beautiful glass pendant lights can instantly enhance the beauty of your garden and will give you perfect cozy feels. They add both color and chic to your dining area of the relaxation zone.

They will be quite an inspiration to your party mood on a weekend night. The material of glass is light weighted and less durable, however, the color and patterns make it more attractive and its installation is very simple and easy (with hooks you can easily hang them anywhere in your garden).

Mason Jar Candle Light
Mason Jar Candle Lanterns

Mason Jar candle lanterns are a perfect way to give your garden that “country” look. They are a great way to decorate for your summer evening parties, and it’s very easy to DIY. All you need is some old mason jars, a candle and some hooks for hanging. It will perfectly suit your garden as well as your patio and deck. The candle will create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the garden.

LED Floor lampLED Floor Lamps:

If you want to add a modern look to your garden, outdoor LED Floor Lamps are just the right choice. But don’t worry, your garden’s nature will remain untouched will the modern LED technology. The enacting outdoor floor lamps are suitable for your patio, backyard and garden to cast a diffused and warm glow. LED lighting is very in trend these days for decorating your garden space. Its style quotient will enhance its colour brightness.

The LED table lamps are easy to install and can be fitted anywhere around the garden or courtyard.

String Lights as garden decoration ideas
String Lights/Globe Bulbs:

These String bulbs will help you create a soft, rustic feel in your garden. They can be easily attached to walls, trees and eaves, or some permanent pole set to hang the pretty lights. They are an inexpensive way to instantly add sparkle and glamour to your garden on a weekend evening. String lights or Globe bulbs are quite popular for decorating the patio, balcony, yard, gazebo, pergola etc.

BollardBollard Lights: 

Bollard lights are perfect for you to illuminate the pathway of your garden or backyard. They also help to enhance the landscape, especially if you choose a colour that blends in with your walkways and reflects against the green shrubbery or colourful flowers. 

These are an ideal way to add low-level lighting to the garden and make it easy for you to find your way in the dark. They can also be used as a security light, preventing intruders from entering your premises unnoticed.

Garden Decoration Ideas with floor lightsGarden Floor Lamp:

Recent trends include blending indoor and outdoor décor. Using Floor lamps will help you achieve the indoor effect while making your garden look very cosy for the autumn season. It is easier to bend and shape the tall and heavy floor lamps according to your desire or garden’s architecture. The tall pillar or tube lamps will cast a dim light, but it will ensure perfect reading for you in the night hours. The LED floor lamp gives a warming effect, as well as help, save electricity bills.

Rope lightsRope Lights:

Rope lights are string lights enclosed in a clear plastic tube. The plastic casing makes the light water-resistant and inexpensive. Using string lights to outline a path, highlight steps or illuminate railings will give your garden a modern yet classy finish. 

Rope lights come in a variety of colours and can be cut to any length. They are easy to unwind and wind back up again. The rope lights can also be used for lighting garden sculptures, giving them a dramatic appearance. It is an ideal way to highlight your favourite plants, lawn ornaments etc.

Portable Outdoor Table LampPortable Outdoor Table Lamp: 

Portable lamps are perfect for an outdoor picnic or barbeque. These lamps function by illuminating light with bright colours and are easily placed in grass or hung by trees. They can be easily carried anywhere in your backyard or on a road trip.  There are various types of portable lamps available in the market, but the clip-on lamps are perfect for outdoor use because they can attach to almost anything. The other feature is that you can rotate the lamp 360 degrees so that light shines anywhere you would like.

Solar Flame TorchSolar Flame Torch:

The flame torchers are the best way to create a warm and inviting feel in your garden. Its best for outdoor parties, evening get-togethers etc. The torch is easy to install and gives off warmth, light and ambience that will take your garden decor efforts one step further.

All you need to do is to stick a torch in the ground every couple of feet along the path that leads into your garden. They are not hard to install and can be paired with all other types of outdoor lighting used today as well as solar lights.


You can use the outdoor lighting in multiple ways to elevate the experience and ambience of your garden. There are many types of garden lights available for you to choose from according to your choice. So whether you want the modern look or the rusty cosy look, you can easily find the right light for yourself. The right light will help you to use and appreciate your garden at any time of the day while still enhancing the beauty of nature.

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