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Keep Your Christmas Tree AliveDo you want to take care of your Christmas tree in such a way that it looks fresh, alive and greener for a longer period of time?

If yes here you will have all the discussions needed to be considered in this regard. Taking care of the Christmas tree starts even before you get one. There should be some pre shopping strategies for that.

What can be possible Pre-shopping strategies for a Christmas tree?

When you want to shop for a Christmas tree you prefer buying a real one rather than artificial one. You want to have that warmth and cozy feeling of a real Christmas. You want to smell the sweet aroma of the real tree around by this auspicious time of the year. But buying a Christmas tree for the first time needs to have some tricks up your sleeves. It is a real daunting process. So, try something exotic and chic for the festivity this year.

Following are the tips one should know before buying a new Christmas tree.

Always choose a healthy and bit young Christmas tree. Old trees do not remain vigorous over a longer period of time. The tree should be moist, juicy and green. Choosing a healthy Christmas tree always yields joy. The best way to confirm that the tree you are buying is fresh is to cut one manually at one of the many choose and cut ranches.

While buying the Christmas tree the needles of the trees are to be well-thought-out. If the needles are soundly intact, the tree is worth buying. The needle retention of the Christmas tree is the key factor in the keep ability and durability. The stronger and sound the needles are, the longer the Christmas tree will last.

Measure your house and ceiling before buying a Christmas tree. Sometimes the tree seems normal heighted in a super or hyper market but creates problem when is brought home. This happens so as the tree seems normal in the proportion to the high and grand ceilings of the market, but is, in fact, a giant. Buying a taller tree will make it droop and its needles and boughs will be broken. Hence it will lose its charm and charisma. So, measure your place and ceiling to avoid any trouble.

Choose a suitable place for the tree.

The tree needs fresh air but it should be kept away from heat. Similarly, it should be placed near a wall socket from where it can be easily decorated and there is no hectic in moving it from place to place.

Choose the tree that best matches with your needs. Following is the list of few trees that can be bought for the event.

  • Scots pine
  • Douglas fir
  • Blue spruce
  • Black hills spruce
  •  White pine
  • Balsam fir
  • Concolor fir
  • Korean fir
  • Canaan fir

fake christmas treeTaking care of your Christmas tree even after the euphoric event is a real deal to do.

I bet you will love and find the tricks and the tips mentioned here quite useful to make your Christmas tree look greener, juicier and fresher than before.

The next few paragraphs are charismatic and will enchant you with their charm.

How to take care of your Christmas tree?


Make sure your plant always has water and its roots are soaked at all times. The most important thing in keeping any tree, plant or green herb fresh, and the greenery alive is to water the plants regularly.

Stop! There is something more to say.

Will simply watering the Christmas plant let it be fresh and alive over a period of time?

Answer is no!

We have to make the tree regain the moistness it has lost. So, for the said purpose it is must to water the plant with warm water. The temperate water will seep into the roots making them turgid and fresh again. With warm water the dehydrated thirsty roots will get back their dampness. The same humidity of warm water will flow through the xylem. The xylem will transport the same warmth and dampness to the woody parts of the plant and leaves.

The Christmas plant needs a lot of water in the initial weeks. For the first two or two and a half weeks the tree will need the fresh water even for three times a day. This is the time when the tree will drink plenty of water to quench its dehydration. Make sure the tree does not get dry so always keep it hydrated.

Try out our guide on best way to store a Christmas tree.

Choose a good container

Choose a suitable and vast container to perfect your tree into. The good container will let the roots breathe in. You can also aerate the soil to let the plant get plenty of the water.

Keep the Christmas tree protected from heat sources

christmas-TreeYour tree will thrive if it’s not dry and if it is kept away from direct heat. The heat will make the water evaporate from the tree leaving it dry. The dryness and dehydration is a dead end to your tree. Mind it protecting your tree from excessive heat or heat source will add to its life and moist juicy looks.


For decorating your Christmas tree always use LED lights. Opting for LED will not let the tree get wilt nor will its needles be affected. The heat of low-quality decorative bulbs and electric objects cause damage to the needles of the tree.

Trim the boughs frequently

Trimming the boughs not only keeps the tree in shape but also lets it thrive. The trunks and boughs are to be properly cut down.

Remove your tree down beforehand it wilts.

Do not wait for your tree to get dry or wilt. Remove it from the place you have kept it. After removal keep it in a shady and moist place. You can put it in a garage for the time being.

Recycle the plant by planting

The tree should be recycled by planting it again. It should be planted back so that it does not get destroyed or dry.

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