A leaky pipe, a broken appliance, or a leaky tap can cause lots of damage to your home. A major leak can cost you thousands of dollars and cause lots of problems.

One of the best investments you can make for your home is to install a water shut-off valve. These devices will automatically turn off your water supply if there is an emergency, such as a burst pipe or flooding.

This prevents any damage or inconvenience that could result from running out of water unexpectedly.

Automatic Water Shut off Valve

Water Pressure

It’s important to take into account your water pressure when purchasing an automatic shut-off valve.

Ease of Use

Make sure you’re able to use your automatic shut-off valve whenever necessary. You never know what might happen, so an easy-to-use valve is a must.

Temperature Sensitivity

Different automatic shut-off valves are designed to work with different temperatures. Find one that works well in your climate.

Reset Delay

You don’t want your shut-off device to reset too quickly, but you also don’t want it to take forever – look for a delay time between 15 and 60 seconds after an alert is triggered.

Sensor Accuracy

Look for a valve with an accuracy of at least 95%.


Some valves require professional installation, while others are simple to install on your own. Make sure you understand how the process works before you buy.

Manual Override

Be sure to find out whether or not your selected shut-off model has manual override capabilities. This will allow you to use the shower if there is no water leak, but it’s also important to know if this feature is available on your selected valve.

Actuator Response Time

Try to find a valve that responds in less than one second.


The best valves will be made from durable material that can handle high temperatures and pressure, such as brass or stainless steel.

Sensor Range & Sensor Life Span

Be sure you know how far away the sensor can be from the water supply, and also look at its lifespan. Some sensors have a shorter life span than others.

If you are looking for an automatic shut-off valve, make sure to pay attention to the features listed above! These will ensure that your purchase is a smart one.

Top 5 Best Automatic Water Shut off Valves

Let’s talk about 5 of the top valves on the market today!

01. Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant

Water leaks and frozen pipes can be a costly problem for homeowners. Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff is the perfect solution to keep your home watertight, preventing water damage and pipe-freezing.

This smart home-enabled sensor alarm detects drips and leaks, sending real-time alerts at the first sign of a possible issue with the free Phyn app for iOS and Android. The system also allows for automatic water shutoff from anywhere using Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice commands. Professional installation is required to the main water line.

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff is a professionally-installed smart home water sensor alarm that detects drips and leaks, keeping your home watertight. The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff has all the features of its predecessor, the original Phyn Smart Water Assistant, but adds an automatic shutoff feature to stop leaking or dripping water from damaging your home before it becomes a big problem. 

02. Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART

LeakSmart is a water leak detection system that uses smart home technology to detect and alert you of leaks in your home. It’s simple, yet the ingenious design allows for easy installation and setup. LeakSmart offers the most intelligent technology integrations with leading smart home systems. It works with Alexa, SmartThings, and Wink.

LeakSmart is the only water leak detector that offers 24/7 protection, automatic shutoff in 5 seconds, and smart home integrations. The starter kit includes three sensors that can be placed anywhere in your house for full-coverage protection.

The 5-second automatic shutoff is great because it means there isn’t even time for the water to make it into the carpet or flooring before being turned off. LeakSmart operates off a smart home protocol with battery backup that functions and protects even when power and Wi-Fi are down. With LeakSmart you get peace of mind knowing your home is protected from leaks at all times.

03. Moen 900-002 Flo by Moen 1-1/4-Inch Smart Water Shutoff

The Flo by Moen 1-1/4-Inch Smart Water Shutoff is a water shutoff valve that monitors the security of your home’s entire water system. MicroLeak Technology proactively detects leaks as small as a drop per minute, including those behind walls and in foundations. The Flo app dashboard tracks daily consumption and helps you conserve water and money for your home. This product requires a Wi-Fi connection and standard AC/DC power.

This shutoff valve is especially helpful for toilets that are used infrequently or where the water pressure may be low, like in an RV. It also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a backlit display screen that shows the temperature and the percentage of hot water at a glance. The Moen Flo connects directly to your Wi-Fi router without requiring any additional hubs or systems, so getting started is as simple as downloading the free app for iOS and Android devices; no professional installation is required.

The Flo will shut off the water supply after 10 minutes of non-use, ensuring that no one accidentally flushes while no one is around. The Flo also features a manual override button, allowing anyone to turn the valve on even if the timer has shut it off.

Moen Flo is a smart water shutoff valve that fits any standard 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ faucet and can be controlled by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant, without the need for a smart hub or system.

04. Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard Smart Water Controller, White

The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller is a smart water controller that protects your home against pipe breaks, frost, unusual water flow, and micro leaks. It can be installed right after the water meter to protect horizontal or vertical installations.

The wireless LAN connection allows you to monitor the condition of your pipes from anywhere using the ONDUS app. With the app, you can receive notifications and be alerted of any unusual activity. You also have full control over how much water is being used daily and what time it’s being used so that you can save money.

The Grohe Sense Guard works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant for voice control capabilities. The guard comes standard with 3/4” NPT male adapters and a 1” NPT male adapter mounting bracket, but sold separately are ½” NPT male adapters. These smart water valves can shut off your home’s mainline if it experiences a leak or burst to prevent any type of major damage from occurring.

They also send you alerts when they sense an irregularity so that you can get ahead of any potential issues before they become a serious problem.

05. WaterCop Z-Wave Electric Actuator Motor (ZWACT)

WaterCop Z-Wave is a water shut-off valve that automatically turns the supply to any fixture or appliance on and off. The WaterCop Z-Wave Electric Actuator Motor is compatible with most standard electric valves including ball, gate, butterfly, and check valves.

WaterCop makes it easy for anyone in your household to control when running water is allowed in the home. It is perfect for homes with children or elderly residents who may find it difficult to operate a standard valve, and can also prevent unnecessary water waste by making sure running water isn’t forgotten about when no one needs it.

The WaterCop Z-Wave Electric Actuator Motor (ZWACT) makes controlling your home’s water supply a breeze. The WaterCop Z-Wave Electric Actuator Motor serves as the base control unit for your WaterCop Z-Wave Emergency Water Shutoff System. The motor combines with a WaterCop valve and sensors (sold separately) to prevent water damage by detecting leaks and/or freezing pipes, then cutting the water supply before your property is ruined.

It works with any standard electric valve and simply needs to be wirelessly connected to your home automation system for remote control via smartphone app or voice commands, so you can turn the water on from anywhere in the world.

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