For a clean, tidy and graceful landscaping proper maintenance of the yard is required. If ignored, It will make the house look shabby and unkempt. For this purpose the proper care of the lawn is must and the first thing to consider is the trimming of the trees and shrubs. 

Are you tired of using the scissors and primitive tools?

The primitive ways to trim the lawn and yard are always hectic. More than this, is it costing you a pretty penny? 

In a nutshell, where there is a garden or lawn there are hedges. Where there are hedges there is a need for trimmer.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers

This post will leave you in awe and will tell you how to choose the best cordless hedge trimmer.

Buying Guide for Cordless Hedge Trimmers

A hedge trimmer is a garden tool or gadget that is used for trimming, pruning, decorating and cutting of the unkempt hedges of your gardenA trimmer is a cost and effort effective machine. It has long run economic benefits. If you buy a trimmer it will end the cost of hiring a gardener. An hour to suffer a lifetime to enjoy. Answer yourself, is using the trimmer worth it?

How to choose the best hedge trimmer for your yard? 

You should have a good observation for the following things:


Hedge trimmers are powerful machines, their power depends upon its features. 

The electric models are not as much powerful as Gas hedge trimmers. There is a level of power in both types of trimmers i.e. electric and gas but the level of voltage of a gas trimmer is higher than that of electric trimmer. The higher the voltage of the trimmer the heavier will be its duty. The voltage also depends upon the cost of the product. The cheaper the product the lower will be its level of power. 


The gardener will definitely choose the trimmer that will not only be the cost effective but will also be according to his financial range. As the rule is, the higher will be efficiency the higher goes the price.  The affordable models are those serving the simple needs and doing the simpler jobs.  


Blade length of hedge trimmer varies. Longer the blade easier to use. Similarly the lengthy blades trim hedges uniformly. An 18’’ blade is considered to be good to work effectively. The more length will be good one but it needs space to move easily and to manage it. Shorter blades are deemed feasible for those who are not adept in its use. 

Blade Types

The blades can be of two main types i.e. single sided and double sided. The distance between the teeth of the side of the blade can affect the performance of the trimmer. The commercial trimmers have more distance on the blade than that of domestic one. Same caution is to be used that the inexperienced users should not use the double sided blade trimmer to avoid any inconvenience. 


The weight of the trimmer makes it easy or hectic to handle. The heavy trimmers are heavy duty and powerful but are tough to manage.  It is easy and safe to use lighter models if you are new to it. 

Ease of Use:

The gardener will consider either is he able to handle a trimmer easily or not before deciding to buy one. The size and weight of the trimmer are the factors to make it easy or hard to handle. Power source also makes it easy or hard to manage and maintain. It is harder to control gas trimmers while easier to control the electric ones. Similarly cordless trimmers need less efforts to be handled than trimmers with cord. 


Like any gadget it is important to study the manual of the hedge trimmer. Manufacturer’s instructions are very important for the proper maintenance and efficiency of the trimmer. Like every machine hedge trimmer needs maintenance instructions which are provided in their patent circular. 


Safety is the prior most step one has to consider while using any type of machine or tool. We need higher safety measures for high powered tools. For the safety purposes the direction of the manufacturer are to be followed very meticulously. The care and safety is a high alert while using a tool with high power and blades. Some trimmers have good safety protocols and are shock proof while in others safety is neglected. There is automatic power disconnection in few trimmers that reduces the risk of any accident. It is recommended to use safety gears while using the trimmers. 


Noiseless and quieter trimmer are not only user friendly but also welcoming to the people in the vicinity.  The noisy machine affects the ear drums and sense of listening of the users. So it is highly recommended to use earplugs or ear protection in case the trimmer is a noisy one. The gas trimmers are noisier than the electric one. We can say that electric trimmers are muted trimmers. The reviews of the customers are to be considered before buying any machine. 


Hedge trimming is not a one day deal, it is a frequent process. One has to buy a durable trimmer that lasts longer. A brand that has good reviews by the customers is worth buying. Secondly the warranty of the product is also to be considered while buying the trimmer.

    Considering these things will enable the gardener to determine which type or brand of the hedge trimmer will best serve his purposes. Secondly, they will also give an insight to the suitable size of the trimmer to be bought. It will also let the gardener figure out the level of power will be required by the trimmer. 

    Large yards:

    If the yard is large and is covering a pretty piece of land and the hedges it has are huge, a powerful and big trimmer will be required. Such a trimmer will move faster and will work effectively.   

    Hedges closer to fence:

    If the hedges are located closer to the fence, a shorter hedge trimmer will work better. One may appreciate its easy mobility and fast working. It will easily fit into narrow places to do its job. 

    Small yards:

    Small yards having weak overgrowth and short hedges can easily be operated with the help of a manual or a small powered trimmer. 

    5 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    01. Ryobi 18V ONE+ OHT1851R

    The Ryobi 18v ONE+OHT1851R is the finest trimmer to be found in the market. It is a cordless hedge trimmer with a great benefit of sound battery timing. Its power is 18 volts and one hour (60 minutes) charge will let it serve you more than your muscles can. Its manageable weight of 2.7 kg to 3 kg makes it handy and convenient to use. Being cordless and handy the maneuver is quite agile with it to the narrow lawn spaces. Its blades are 50 cm long and the tooth spacing is 18mm.

    It is safe to use and its cleaning and maintenance are quite stress-free as per manual. It is quite safe to use. It is a mute servant. It does not bother the neighbors. It is a good purchase in your cart but has few cons as well. The battery removal is a bit difficult. Being a handy trimmer it is only suitable for domestic gardening. The commercial horticulturists have to opt for a gas trimmer.

    02. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer is one of the best electric hedge trimmers. It can trim hard-to-reach branches up to three inches thick with ease, so you’ll never have to climb a ladder again!

    The rotating handle extends your cutting range and makes reaching tough spots easier than ever before.

    This Cordless Hedge Trimmer has the power and cutting speed you need to get your yard work done quickly. The dual-action teeth on this trimmer cut cleanly through branches up to three inches thick. It’s lightweight and easy to handle so you can get the job done without straining your muscles or calling in extra help. Its rotating handle extends cutting range, making it easier than ever before to cut difficult-to-reach branches.

    BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a great option for anyone looking to trim their hedges quickly and easily.

    03. Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45: The best hedge trimmer for a light and easy trim  

    To nibble the hedge of your garden Bosch easy hedge cut is offered with its 18V li-ion battery and 2.3 kg weight. Being not that much hefty, the trimmer is a blessing to the gardener. Not causing any suffering to the gardener’s muscles it is built to truncate the boisterous hedges like a bolt of flash. Under the price of £109 it serves the yard with the best of its provisions. 

    Bosch’s experiment with a model of cordless trimmer has anti-block technology that makes it more classy and unfailing. The blade’s length of 45cm is ideal for the medium sized hedges and so is the tooth gap of 15mm. Its 18V specific energy density battery charges swiftly and drains leisurely. If you want to trim in a bolt if light, exalt your shopping cart with Bosch’s cordless. It is not supplied with power.

    04. DEWALT DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

    This model is a very popular and high-quality hedge trimmer that comes with 22-inch long blades. It has an anti-rotation system, which means it can work continuously without stopping thanks to its lock-on trigger feature for continuous operation. The blade of the machine is made from heavy-duty steel material, which makes them sturdy enough to cut through smaller branches.

    This machine weighs around 8.8 pounds, which is not too heavy nor too light for most users. The engine’s power makes it one hundred percent efficient in trimming hedges and shrubs without any problems or difficulties whatsoever. It is powered by a 20-volt battery which gives it enough power to cut through most types of hedges and bushes without stopping the machine from overheating.

    The price for this hedge trimmer is very affordable, especially when you consider its high-quality features and how long-lasting it can prove to be in your hands during a day of work.

    05. Makita DUH751Z: The best heavy duty cordless trimmer

    In the race of heavy duty cordless trimmer Makita presents you DHU751Z. A bit hefty on the pocket costing £237 but lighter in the garden trimmer weighs about 4.5 kg. Its 1.2 meter length is the idyllic in the heavyweight trimmers. Truly an elation to the greenskeeper, this trimmer can make a few dozen meters of hedges bow down to the sharpening and shaping of the yard. The compact and thick conifers if that hedge includes dense needle like conifers or forested laurel. The 75cm blade makes Makita work like a thunderbolt. Its tripled effect brushless motor and tooth design hack the bushiest hedgerows within half of the standard time. The promptly functioning trimmer has the knack to end the task effortlessly. Makita engulfs everything in its pace.

    It has automatic shutdown for safety purposes. It can be used for one and a half hours if you charge it for once. If you can grab a couple of extra batteries, your trimmer is going to be a super alien at work. Bet it will drain later than you. It is a very pronounced replacement for gas or petrol trimmers. It is correspondingly faultless for vertical and horizontal hedge adornment.

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