Best Lawn Games for Summer

Lawn Games for Summer

Summer is the best time to enjoy after a cold and freezing winter. To fulfill the desire to enjoy the summer, people love to play outdoor games for which the best outside place is your lawn.

We will explain some of the best games that can be easily played on your lawn during the summer season to have a fun time with your friends and family.

Best Lawn Games for Summer

You can bring your family time to the next level of enjoyment with the help of the following games:-



Molkky is an interesting and easily understandable lawn game. Just place the pins in the beginning, multi-formation mark off the throwing line 12-feet away, and decide the playing work. The first player tosses the throwing pin to break. Molkky is always thrown underhand. After each throw, the pins are set up exactly where they landed creating a larger and more exciting playing area. 

There are two ways to score; if you knock down more than one pin, your score is the number of pins knocked down. For example, if you knock down 4 pins, you will score 4 points.

If a player can skillfully knockdown just 1 pin, that turns equal to the number on the top of the pin. For example, if you knock down the number 12 pin and score 12 points, the other player has to score exactly 50 points to win.

Molkky can be played by all age groups and is highly recommended to play on the grass.

Flick-in chicken

Flick-in chicken

Flick-in chicken is the rubber chicken tossing game that can be played indoors or outdoors. Each round starts with someone tossing the target as far as he/she can. Players then take turns tossing their rubber chicken at the target. There is no correct way to throw the rubber chicken. Wherever your chicken lands, pick it up, toss it again until it lands and stays on the target disk.

Keep track of the number of tosses it took to get your rubber chicken on the target. That will be your score of the round. Once everyone has landed on the target, the person with the lowest score gets to toss the target again to start the next round.

Check the score sheet after nine rounds. The player with the lowest score wins. It is very simple and so much fun to play this game in your yard/lawn with your family.

Kan jam game:

The objective of this game is to score exactly 21 points or score an instant win. To set up the game, place the goals 50 feet apart, and you can adjust the distance to accommodate different levels of skill.

Four players are divided into two teams and members of the same teams stand at opposite goals. A team is picked to throw first, and one player is the disk thrower from behind the goal line, and the other team member is the deflector who tries to help deflect the disk into the goal.

After the first throw, teammates swap roles and throw the disk again. When both players of the first team have thrown, this is considered a finished turn, then the other team takes the turn and repeats the same.

Remember that deflectors cannot double, hit, catch, or carry the disk. The deflector is allowed to move anywhere in the playing area but interference, while a team is playing, is not allowed. If any of the two teams try to interfere or defend the goal, the other team will get 3 bonus points. If that team was already at 19 or 20 points, then it will be considered the winner.

Spike balls game:

To play this game on your lawn during summer, you need to set it up. Empty the bags and assemble all the rims into the leg openings to make a 360 degrees circle. Spread out the net inside the rim, place the net by fixing it on the hooks on the circle, and make sure that the net is evenly pulled and clipped. The balls come in hard and soft material and it is recommended that you use softballs if your children will get involved in the game.

The game is played in two players vs. two players form. Team 1 spikes the ball towards the net, and team 2 has to spike it back without missing the ball. This game is played in a 360 degrees direction and there are no sides and boundaries to play the game.

If you want to spike the ball correctly without missing, wait for the ball to come at a lower level and near to the net. When it comes to the mentioned space, then spike the ball.

This game is suitable to play on the lawn and outside areas of your home for all age groups and the children too.

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