Lawn rakes are a great way to keep your lawn looking beautiful. In order to find the best one for you, it is important that you know what features and qualities make a good rake. We have compiled this list of our favorite rakes from across the web to help you decide which one will be perfect for your home.

There’s nothing quite like a crisp, clean lawn. It looks pristine and inviting, but getting that perfect look takes some work. One of the most important tools for achieving that perfect lawn is a good rake. We use them to remove debris and leaves from our lawn, but they also serve an additional purpose: aerating your soil.

Lawn Rakes Buyers Guide:

Rake Style:  

The style of your rake is important for two reasons. The first reason has to do with the overall look and feel you want from it, while the second concerns how well suited you will be to certain jobs thanks to that style. For example, a bow-style head means that there’s more surface area which can lead to fewer passes when you’re trying to clear a lot of debris.

Lawn Rake Head:  

The head is one of the most important features when it comes to your rake. The size, shape, and material will determine how effective you are at aerating soil or clearing leaves with ease. Look for rakes with rubber heads since they won’t damage the grass as you use them.


The handle is also incredibly important because it will determine how easy or difficult your job becomes. Wooden handles are sturdy and long-lasting, but they can be a little bit heavier than other options depending on the size of the rake head. Aluminum handles are lightweight and durable, which makes them a great choice.

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Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake

The Jardineer Rake is a great tool for gardeners and landscape designers. Expand the head from 7 inches to 23 inches by simply pulling out the telescoping pole without taking your hands off of the rake’s comfortable grip handle. The head is made of heavy-duty material with sharp tines. The Jardineer Rake, Collect Loose Debris Among Delicate Plants Lawns and Yards has a special design that allows you to rake under trees or shrubs without causing any damage.

This garden rake is perfect for raking up leaves, pine needles, and debris in the grass. It can also be used to spread sand or gravel on walkways. It allows you to rake under trees without causing any damage.

A 63-inch rake with an aluminum handle provides enough reach to rake up debris in your entire yard. The handle is lightweight, yet sturdy and durable for comfortable use over extended periods of time. All this makes it the best rake to choose for your lawn.


A strain-reducing impact-resistant steel tined rake with an ergonomic second handle. This model features two innovative technologies to reduce hand and wrist stress while lifting heavy, wet leaves. It is perfect for homeowners who are looking to set up an efficient leaf removal system without having to deal with the hassle of getting all that debris into bags or wheelbarrows.

The unique design and adjustable grip handle give you more leverage, which reduces hand and wrist stress while lifting heavy wet leaves. The 24 steel tines are attached to the 54-inch shaft, which is perfect for raking in tight areas. The steel tines are durable, yet flexible to reduce the risk of damage or breakage on walkways and driveways.

You have a choice between gray and orange colors to choose from. The Ergieshovel ERG-LFRK24 is a perfect match for the shovel and broom.

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Omni Products JT Pro Rake

This rake is great for quick clean-up of your lawn and yard. It helps you to quickly gather leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, or other debris that accumulates on surfaces like driveways or patio areas. The adjustable handle fits all heights making it easy to use no matter who will be using the product. Just simply adjust the telescoping pole to the perfect height and rake away. The durable metal design is sturdy enough to deal with hard, rough surfaces.

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