Best Motion Activated SprinklersIt is no secret that animals (and even people) can wreak havoc on your garden and lawn. If you are tired of dealing with these pesky pests, then it may be time to invest in motion-activated sprinklers. These smart devices not only detect movement but also water your plants when they need it most.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the sprinkler off because you’re coming home late or leaving early – once activated, these clever gadgets will continue watering your lawn until you deactivate them manually or they run out of battery power.

Motion Activated Sprinkler Buyer’s Guide

The motion-activated sprinkler works by using a sensor to detect any movement in its range, and if it detects something within the monitored area, then it will trigger the sprinkler.

Some of the many benefits that you’ll get if you upgrade your existing sprinkler with a motion-activated sprinkler include:

  • It can save you from having to manually water your garden when it’s not necessary. It is also great for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to worry about watering their lawn or garden in between work.
  • Motion-activated sprinklers provide a humane way of driving away animals and intruders.
  • Motion-activated sprinklers can save you a lot of money because it is energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about wasting water or your electricity bill getting too high.

What are the types of motion-activated sprinklers?

PIR Motion Sensor Sprinkler – The PIR motion sensor sprinkler is an advanced version of the traditional sprinkler. It has a built-in infrared temperature detector and uses PIR (passive infrared) technology to detect movement within its range, which allows it to work even when there’s complete darkness around.

The Ultrasonic Sprinkler

The ultrasonic sprinkler is another innovative motion-activated sprinkler that uses ultrasound technology to detect movement within its range. The ultrasonic sensor emits high-frequency sound waves, and when it detects an object moving around the monitored area of your lawn or garden, then it will trigger the sprinkler.

The Microwave Sprinklers

Microwave sprinklers are great for bigger lawns and gardens because it uses microwave technology to detect movement within their range. Just like the ultrasonic motion sensor, this type of motion-activated sprinkler also emits high-frequency sound waves which will trigger the device when an object moves around the monitored area.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Orbit 62100

This is an excellent sprinkler system for those who want to keep animals away from their garden. It has a motion-detecting sensor that can sense any movement within 40 feet of the device, then activate its 120-degree arc nozzle in just seconds.

And if you live in areas with many trees and bushes surrounding your property, this is the perfect sprinkler you need to keep your garden safe from animals that can easily get into it.

Orbit’s Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler comes with a convenient timer and manual override option, allowing users to set watering times for different days of the week. If you’re planning on going away for a trip or vacation, you can also use the manual override to water your garden while you’re away.

Orbit’s sprinkler is easy to install and requires no wiring, making it a great choice for homeowners who want fast results without breaking their bank account.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to two seasons.

This motion-activated sprinkler comes with an efficient sensor system, which makes it one of the most affordable water conservation products on this list.

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler

Havahart 5266

This is a very popular and effective motion-activated sprinkler that you can use to control the animals in your garden. It’s great for keeping dogs, cats, raccoons, or other animals away from where they don’t belong.

This powerful device features an adjustable sensitivity dial with settings ranging from “low” (for smaller animals) to “high” (for larger, more stubborn animals) and can last up to 90 seconds when activated.

You can even set the motion-activated sprinkler to turn itself off automatically after a certain amount of time (or when it detects an animal leaving your property).

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about water waste since this device only sprays for 30 seconds while activated and then shuts down.

It is also sturdy enough that it can be mounted to a fence or wall, allowing you maximum coverage.

In addition to repelling animals from your yard, this motion-activated sprinkler is also great for irrigating flowers and plants without having to worry about wasting water on space they don’t occupy.

The Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent is a great, versatile sprinkler that you can use to keep animals away from your yard as well as to irrigate the plants and flowers in it.

BSTOOL Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler


This automatic water sprinkler is ideal to use in the garden or yard. It has day and nighttime settings; this means that it works both during the day (when you are out of your home) as well at night (when you can’t be there to water your plants). What’s more, you can set it from a distance using the remote control.

What makes this device so effective is its solar power component which requires no electricity at all for operation.

All you have to do is place it in direct sunlight and wait until dusk sets in. Once that happens, the motion sensor will turn on and start spraying water.

The reason why this sprinkler is so effective at scaring animals away is that it comes with an ultrasonic sound component. This means that the device emits noises that are inaudible to humans but drive away wildlife.

If you want to scare away animals, such as skunks, cats, raccoons, and other animals that like to munch on your plants, then you might want to consider upgrading your traditional sprinklers with this motion-activated sprinkler.

Hoont Motion Activated Jet Blaster 


It is a jet blaster motion-activated sprinkler. It covers a large area of up to 30 feet, so you can keep your garden safe from roaming animals even if they go all the way to the far end.

It is very easy to install and use; no professional assistance is required at any time. All that’s needed is an outdoor faucet connection (a water hose can be used as well) and a nearby outlet for the power cord.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for several months on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about having an outside source of electricity or water.

The device is completely weatherproof (no rusting or wearing out even in harsh weather conditions), and the motion sensor is adjustable (this way you can make it cover a smaller or bigger area depending on your needs).

The sprinkler comes with one battery, but if you need more (or want to keep them as spares) they are available for purchase.

The water jet is strong, so it will stop even the most determined raccoon in its tracks. 

This device can also be used to irrigate your garden or lawn when you’re not around!

Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler


The design of the Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler is fairly simple and stable.

You can just simply press its spike into the ground for it to stay in place. It has a motion sensor that can cover an area of up to 3840 sq feet area, which is enough for your lawn or garden.

It also comes with three different modes: smart mode, quiet mode, and nighttime operation mode (for use while you’re sleeping). The last two are great if

It’s a standard sprinkler with an integrated motion detector that activates when it detects movement within its range that is up to 70 feet.

The infrared sensor is adjustable, so the device can cover a greater or smaller area and this sensor works even at night.

It saves your energy and the environment and it is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries.

The sprinkler can be programmed to water at a specific time of day or for a certain period, so you don’t have to worry about turning on the device every time you want some irrigation.

Consideration -Motion-activated sprinkler

System Compatibility

Before buying a motion-activated sprinkler, you must consider the compatibility of your system with the device. Most of these smart devices are Wi-Fi enabled or have an app that can be used to control them from anywhere.

Make sure that whatever product you get has been proven compatible with your system and is compatible with your preferred smart devices.

Power Source

Most of these motion-activated sprinklers are battery-powered, but some models do have an AC power source. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of having to change batteries now and then, then you should get a model with an AC power source instead.

Protected Area

Motion-activated sprinklers can cover a wide range of space, so you must consider the size of your lawn or garden before buying one. You should also keep in mind how much water pressure and flow rate your current equipment has.

It’s best to get a device with an adjustable radius that will allow you to easily adjust the range of your device.

Water Source

Most motion-activated sprinklers are compatible with standard garden hoses, but some models require a higher water pressure (up to 80 psi) or flow rate for them to work.

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