We all love to relax in our garden and enjoy that sunshine while watching the birds fly in the clear blue sky. Another way to add beauty to your garden is by installing a water pond. It can be a fountain, a pool for swimming, a waterfall, or a fish pond filled with koi and goldfish.

However, ponds and pools need maintenance, which requires a water pump. It helps with the circulation and water movement in the pond, which helps stay clean and maintain a healthy environment for aquatic living organisms such as plants and animals.

pond pump reviews

ImageProduct NameProduct description
Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500

  • Feature:
  • Easy to install
    Would not clog easily
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TetraPond Water Garden Pump

  • Feature:
  • Great suction power
    Powers fountains
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EcoPLus 900

  • Feature:
  • Submersible Water Pump
    Low power consumption
    Magnetic drive motor
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Debris-Handling Pump
Debris-Handling Pump

  • Feature:
  • Pre-filter cage
    Two-year guarantee
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Pondpush 17000
Pondpush 17000

  • Feature:
  • Power consumption of only 200W
    Robust Ceramic Shafts
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Pond Pumps Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a pond pump for your outdoor application, several factors must be taken into consideration so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Pond pumps are usually submersible which means they are housed in waterproof material and either float or sit on the bottom of the pond.

Pond pumps are available in various sizes and shapes to suit different applications. There are long, medium, short and even multi-headed pumps depending on your specific requirements. Choosing what size pump you need is simple once you know your pond’s circulation needs. For small ponds without big fish loads, a medium-sized submersible electric pump will do nicely.

Pumps Drive Type:

Pond pumps have a drive head. This design component features impellers, which are essentially little propellers designed to move the water.

  • Direct drive:

In a direct-drive pump, the impellers have an integral connection to the drive shaft. The benefit of this design is that it reduces noise because there are no gears or belts involved in moving the impellers.

Direct-drive pumps operate at a lower torque, which means they can also be smaller and lighter than comparable gear-drive models. However, direct-drive pumps are only suitable when the water’s depth doesn’t exceed the maximum height of the pump.

  • Magnetic drive:

Magnetic drive pond pumps usually have larger impellers and work by way of a strong magnet that spins the impellers. Magnetic drives are more powerful than direct-drive types but also tend to be noisier.

  • Centrifugal drive:

Centrifugal pond pumps are desirable because they provide better water movement for larger ponds with heavy fish loads. These pumps work by creating a high-speed vortex in the impeller, which essentially sucks the water up before spitting it out. They are also suitable for deeper applications but requires special plumbing assistance.

Flow Rate:

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pond pump is how much water it will move. If you have a large pond with big fish loads, a high-flow pump should be used, otherwise, your pond’s inhabitants could get sucked into the filter and become injured. Flow rate refers to how many gallons of water are being pumped per minute (GPM).

Energy Efficiency:

Pond pumps are typically run off an electrical source, which means they can be very costly to operate. The wattage of a pump usually increases based on the model’s capabilities. For instance, smaller pond pumps are usually energy-efficient whereas larger models are not.


You must consider where you will be installing your pond pump in order to select the proper model. Submersible pumps can be installed anywhere in the pond, whereas external pumps need a dry spot, such as a flat surface. External waterfall or fountain pond pumps also require dry locations to operate without water damage.

Top 10 Pond Pump Reviews

01. VIVOSUN 4500GPH Submersible Water Pump

This high-quality water pump has a very quiet, energy-efficient design and is easy to clean. With its compact size and lightweight, this submersible pump saves space and makes it the perfect pump for a variety of applications around the house or yard. It will even work underwater.

With high-quality thermoplastic, this submersible pump is extremely durable and long-lasting. The silicon carbide shaft provides excellent corrosion resistance and wears resistance, increasing pump life and durability. The pump’s strong and stable housing is much thicker than other pumps in its class to reduce vibration and noise.

The removable debris filter can efficiently protect the impeller pump from particles and large objects. This water pump is super easy to install. Just twist the strainer counterclockwise and pull it out without detaching the nozzles and impeller.

Then, put the power cord through the hole and attach the propeller and debris filter. Don’t forget to also connect your tubing or fountainhead to the suction nozzle of this water pump.

Overall, this pump is wonderful for small ponds, fountains, ornamental pools or hydroponic systems.

02. Laguna PowerJet Fountain/ Waterfall Pump

This powerful pump kit is designed to quickly turn your pond into the centrepiece of your yard. A water feature with cascading or bubbling fountain can make a design statement in any backyard. This kit uses only innovative technology and high-quality materials for top performance, trouble-free operation, and long life.

This kit includes not only the PowerJet pump but also an adjustable fountainhead and a 16′ grounded cord. The fountainhead may be directed to create the perfect water feature.

The high-output pump delivers 2,000 GPH, ensuring that your pond will stay full at all times. The fountainhead can be aimed to create bubbling fountains or cascading waterfalls with ease. The adjustable flow control is located on the pump, allowing you to make small adjustments in case your pond is not close to being full.

The 16′ cord will help you place the pump closer to the source of power for longer runs of the cord. When the pump is not in use, it has a safe, dry location inside its protective housing. This unit can be installed either above or below the waterline depending on your needs and preferences. This pump is backed by a 3-year warranty for worry-free operation.

The PowerJet Fountain pump for Ponds is an ideal way to create a peaceful garden feature with minimal effort.

03. Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500

The pump is manufactured by Blagdon, one of the well-known names in the water gardening industry. If you are looking for a fountain or waterfall pump, this Blagdon model should be your first choice as it delivers good performance and requires low power. It is a fully submersible pump with a maximum flow rate of 3310 litres per hour. The maximum volume it can hold is 1879 litres, and the maximum pumping height is 1.5 meters, which makes it perfect for fountains and waterfalls. The motor’s power rating in this pump is only 47 watts, which is very low. The pump flow rate is adjustable.

This pump comes with detachable fountain nozzles, which can support up to six different fountains. The pump has a built-in thermal overload with an automatic shut off feature which makes it safe, reliable and energy-efficient.

If you are looking for a pump with low power and high performance, Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500 should be your choice.

04. Tetra Pond Debris-Handling Pump

This model of pond pump is the best option for large ponds that produce large amounts of debris. It is effortless to clean and is perfect for powering waterfalls and fountains. This model provides clog-free performance and a pre-filter cage that prevents the entrance of large debris such as leaves and sticks. It also ensures a steady supply of waterfalls with height up to 13feet. It can filter 3000 gallons of water. The anti-corrosive ceramic shafts make sure that the motor serves for a long time without much maintenance cost. 

It is well suited for pond owners with fish and aquatic plants as it will make sure a steady circulation of water in the pond while protecting the fish from the pump impeller.

05. Aquagarden Water Pump for Ponds

Aquagarden Water Pump is perfect for water fountains, ponds, urns and other home or garden use. This small submersible motor pump provides the most efficient way to recycle water through your pond. It is not only an environment-friendly tool but also enhances landscape beauty with its clean moving water.

The pump head includes three pieces of fountain nozzle to create different water jets including a powerful stream jet for trickle or waterfall feature, a thin fan jet that provides gentle circulation in your pond and a solid stream flow that results in the dramatic waterfalls.

This water pump is ideal for waterfalls, ponds with a maximum capacity of 300 gallons. The Ceramic Biomedia provides efficient filtration, biofiltration and mechanical filtration to keep the water clear and clean. Two-year guarantee limited replace or repair for free if any defects in material and workmanship.

06. TotalPond 1200GPH Waterfall Pump

The TotalPond 1200 GPH Waterfall Pump is a submersible pump that has an output of 1,200 gallons per hour. The maximum pumping height for this water pump is 14 ft. at 0 gallons per hour (GPH). This heavy-duty waterfall fountain pump comes with a 10-foot long cord for easy use, and it is also energy-efficient. The TotalPond Waterfall Pump has a back-spitting feature to cool the pump, and it also comes with a mesh barrier for increased safety.

Some waterfalls can have a large amount of debris. The TotalPond Waterfall Pump is designed to pass larger debris, and it gets rid of the leaves that other pumps cannot remove from the pond. It is also designed to reduce clogging or jamming. This pond pump is also easy to maintain, and it comes with a removable strainer basket that makes cleaning easier.

Overall, the TotalPond Waterfall Pump is a heavy-duty pump that can easily help you create a beautiful waterfall in your backyard.

07. TetraPond Water Garden Pump

The TetraPond Water Garden Pond Pump is a pre-wired, submerged pump that is compatible with any of your pond accessories. It includes a filter bag and Tetra’s quick-lock feature provides easy access to the impeller for service if it becomes clogged with debris.

The TetraPond Water Garden Pond Pump is a magnetic drive water garden pump that is fully submersible. The magnetic drive makes it suitable for ponds, waterfalls and filters. This pump contains a self-cooling motor. If this pump fails for any reason it will be replaced free of charge within the first three years from the date of purchase.

08. Pondpush 17000 Garden Pond Pump

There are a few different reasons why Pondpush 17000 pond pumps have an excellent reputation for reliability and value. The main reason is that it uses the latest technology in its design and construction, which means you get something that we believe is better than many competitive pumps on the market. The Powerful 17000lph high flow rate output, which is a very high volume making the pump suitable for most filters.

It uses an asynchronous motor that is not only highly durable but also efficient. The Asynchronous motor construction ensures long life and low noise levels. The use of Eco’ Technology ensures the Pondpush 17000 pump runs efficiently and uses a minimum of electricity. It also has a ceramic shaft which means it is corrosion resistant and the pump’s impeller housing is made of high-grade plastic.

09. Little Giant 566409

Little Giant 566409 has a unique design that makes it suitable for waterfalls, streams, and other deep ponds. This model has a direct drive motor that produces 1900 gallons per hour with a power consumption of 230W.

The unique dual discharge design helped produce greater torque and increased flow pressure. Corrosion-resistant design helps make it submersible. The maximum pumping height of this model is 20 feet and is extremely versatile. At the same time, the dual design helps running of two water features at once.

10. Jebao Super Low Voltage XOE-3500 Garden Pond Filter Pump

Jebao Super Low Voltage XOE-3500 is a fully submersible pump with a maximum flow rate of 3500liters per hour. It is reliable, environmentally friendly, and can save energy costs up to 65%. It has a maximum head height of 2 meters, which makes it suitable for waterfalls and filters. 

It has rust proof ceramic shafts that help with longer life and automatic power-off protection when no water is available to prevent any overheating and damage to the motor. It has a very low energy consumption of only 14W. For its given price tag, surprisingly, it is much more powerful and efficient.

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External pump Vs Submersible pump

Out of the pumps used in ponds, the main types are external pumps Vs submersible. The basic difference between these two kinds is due to their working principle. To understand the basic differences between these two kinds of pumps, you can find them in the following detailed comparative analysis.

The external pump is installed outside the pond and the entire system is entirely exposed to water. The submersible pumps, on the other hand, are a part of a submerged assembly or a complete installation that is kept beneath the surface of the water. They do not allow any exposure to air.

Both kinds of pumps have a different working mechanism. The external pump is a centrifugal water pump that extracts water from the pond and ejects it into the open air. In this process, the pump generates high-velocity jets of water inside the water tank which keeps on rotating at a very high speed to suck in as much as possible amount of water from the pond. The pump’s motor, in turn, is connected to a long length of flexible hose pipe through a series of rigid pipes and joints which keep the entire system together.

In external pumps, these 3 components i.e. the pump, pipelines and fittings are exposed to water at all times. this can easily cause corrosion in metal components and can lead to more maintenance work.

The submersible pumps, on the other hand, consist of a pump and a complete electrical assembly that is placed inside a sump of water. They do not need any rigid support system like pipelines and joints. The pump has its own casing that keeps it entirely submerged in water. It sucks in water and the pump’s impeller or rotor discharges the water from its lower end. There is a backflow valve that ensures that the suction process of the pump does not suck out any air into it from outside. The unit also has a special type of insulation to protect it against short circuits and electric shocks, especially when the wiring passes through the water.

External pumps are commonly used in small residential ponds that have a capacity of up to 10000 litres. they require only about 8-10 HP motor for its operation which makes it easier and economical to maintain.

Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are designed in such a way that they extract water from deep wells or borewells and supply it into the ponds. They come with a separate motor and pump assembly which requires about 20-30 HP to run. These pumps are comparatively expensive and require much more space inside the pond as compared to external pumps. However, these pumps can operate continuously for 24 hours without any fear of overheating or causing an electric shock.

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