How to choose lawn mover

Proper and regular care is required for all lawns in order to keep them in good condition. In this regard, one of the critically important activities is trimming the grass in the lawn usually performed by machines called lawn mowers. People normally face lots of problems in choosing the perfect lawn mower for their lawn according to their requirements.

The main idea is to choose a lawn mower that can efficiently work with less effort/energy and gives maximum output.

A lawn mower is a machine that is used to cut/trim the excessive grass in the lawns and yards. It has rolling blades technology that works effectively in grass trimming. 

How to Choose a Lawn Mower?

It is really important to trim the grass on your lawn regularly but, you need to have the best equipment for this. The equipment should be according to the specific requirements for specific lawns.

Choosing the perfect lawn mower can be a tricky and difficult task as there are many types and models available in the market. Few factors when kept in mind while choosing the lawnmower can make this decision very easy. After a lot of research and surveys, we have identified a few important considerations and in this article, we will guide you to focus on those while selecting the right lawnmower.

These factors/considerations are discussed as follows:

Size of your Lawn

Size of your Lawn

The first thing to consider while choosing a lawnmower is how big your lawn is. The size of the lawn is the main factor to decide the best lawn mower for lawn care

If your overall lawn is less than 2,000 square feet, you could get away with a simple manual reel mower as long as your grass is overly thick or tall.

If you can reach the entire surface of your lawn or use a 100-foot extension cord, an electric mower can be a great option for you. 

Cordless mowers work well on lawns up to 7,500 square feet in size while gas mowers or cordless continuous run time mowers are ideal for lawns up to 15,000 square feet.

Worried about how to shapren the blades of your lawn mower? Here is our simple guide to help you out.

The material of a Mower Deck

Mower Deck

As we look at the deck of the mower, we have three options; steel, plastic, and composite. Steel is the standard option but over time this deck is going to rust out causing you to buy a new mower or replace the deck for an expensive cost. Plastic is nice as well as it makes a mower light weighted and in case of an electric motor, it makes it light enough to be hanged with the wall since there is no gas leakage involved. The composite deck will increase your cost but you are not going to see the deck rust over time. It will be a much sturdier and lighter deck than the steel.  

Size of a Mower Deck

You should also consider the size of the mower deck. Keeping in mind that a large mower deck will mow wider sections making the work go faster. Although a smaller deck might be a better choice if you have a lot of grass curves to cut or trim.


While choosing a lawn mower, we must consider the lawn mower which is easy to store. Some mowers come with foldable handles making them easy to store and portable. 


No matter how you cut your grass, always consider a model which mulches the grass. The mulched grass will give nutrients to the soil and produces a better fertilized lawn rather than shredding or bagging it. Grass clippings also known as mulch can add organic matter to the soil as they decompose which helps to suppress weeds and conserve moisture in your lawn. A mulching lawn mower will do the work for you by distributing fine clippings across the lawn as you mow. Some mulching lawn mowers have a side discharge, this works well on lawns with few obstacles and high grass.

If you like to collect your lawn clippings for composting or just prefer the appearance of a manicured lawn, a rear bag mower is narrower and easier to maneuver than a side bag mower.

Drive Type 

Drive Type

You need to consider the drive type of your lawn. If your lawn is hilly or has a lot of curves, a self-propelled gas-powered lawn mower will come in handy. Look for one with the front-wheel-drive which will give you good traction if you are dealing with uneven terrain and an all-wheel-drive self-propelled gas-powered motor works well for thick grass. A rear-wheel drive is useful if you have a lot of trees, shrubs, and gardens to cut around. Always look for a compact mower if you have a surface like this.

Noise-free option

You can always hear the noise of a gas-powered mower while it’s being operated, sometimes from a couple of streets away. If you are looking for noise reduction of lawn mowers, electric and cordless lawn mowers are about fifty percent less noisy than gas. Manual reel lawn mowers are even quieter.

Different Types of Mowers

Push reel mowers:

Push reel mowers are also known as manual push lawn mowers, they consist of a cast iron body and cutting blades that need to be manually pushed by the user. It is most suitable for small areas.

Gas-powered lawn mowers:

Gas powered lawn mowers operate using gasoline and they include a cutting blade and motor that rotates the blade. It is most ideal for those with medium-sized lawns as it can cut through thicker grass compared to other types of mowers.

Electric-powered lawn mowers:

The electric-powered lawn mowers operate on electricity. Most electric-powered lawn mowers come with a cord and a handle where the user can control it as they cut the grass. The Electric-powered lawn mower is suitable for those who have smaller areas to be mowed.

Cordless electric lawn mowers:

Cordless electric lawn mowers operates using electricity and there is no need to attach a cord. It has rechargeable batteries and comes packed with an “on and off” switch so as to control the power of the blade

Riding lawn mowers:

Riding lawn mowers are gas powered and they come with a seat that allows the user to take it for a ride. It is used by homeowners who have bigger yards and need to cut grass over a larger area. Riding lawn mowers often include additional features such as gears, storage space and other high-tech features that can make them suitable for agricultural use as well as residential use.

Walk-behind lawn mowers:

The walk behind lawn mower is an electric or gas powered type that does not include a seat and the user needs to push it as they cut the grass. It is commonly used for smaller yards and can be suitable for those who cannot afford larger types of mowers such as riding mowers.

Robotic Lawn mowers:

Robotic lawn mowers are automated types of mowers that work without any control from users. The robotic lawn mower moves independently on the yard, cutting grass along the way until it has completed its task. It is mostly used in large areas such as golf courses where human supervision isn’t needed.


The best electric lawn mowers for homeowners in 2022 are the cordless types because they have rechargeable batteries and come packed with an “on and off” switch to control the power of their blades. This can make them suitable for residential use.

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