How to Grow a Vertical Garden?

A lovely garden will upload an exceptional appeal to your house or apartment. People who live in big cities and small apartments just dream to build an appealing garden at the back or front space.

There could be reasons that they could not make their dream come true. Either they don’t have enough space to create a garden or they are not permitted by the owner of the apartment if they are living in a rented one.

We have brought some practical and interesting ideas to make a vertical garden in small spaces to solve the problem of many people who want to eat homegrown veggies and berries.

A vertical garden can be created anywhere from home to office. It adds magic to the area and looks luxurious if you set it properly and carefully.

Before starting a vertical garden you should follow the below-mentioned points:-

  • Make sure that you are allowed to create a garden in your area by the municipal authority.
  • Always choose plants, fruits, and vegetables that grow easily in your region.
  • Gather all the tools that you will need to work on your vertical garden.
  • Choose the space that is adequately exposed to the sunlight to help your plants absorb enough heat and light energy to grow healthier.

Note: You can also grow a vertical garden indoors.

Ideas to grow a vertical garden:

Try the following simple and useful ideas to grow a vertical garden at your home, and office:

Plant in a pouch:

To grow plants vertically there is a most attractive way of gardening. You can grow plants easily in a pouch. For example, take a hanging shoe rack made up of felt or vinyl fabric and add some soil in the pockets of it, put in the seeds, and here you go. Be sure that you have hanged the whole stuff carefully.

Plant in a rack:

This can be done by keeping pots in a wooden or wrought iron rack. In small pots, you can plant tomatoes, ginger, and some berries. They will grow very well if supplied with enough water and nutrients. The rack can be placed anywhere; indoor or outdoor, in any corner or entryway.

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