A lovely garden will upload an exceptional appeal to your house or apartment. People who live in big cities and small apartments just dream to build an appealing garden at the back or front space.

There could be reasons that they could not make their dream come true. Either they don’t have enough space to create a garden or they are not permitted by the owner of the apartment if they are living in a rented one.

Vertical Garden

We have brought some practical and interesting ideas to make a vertical garden in small spaces to solve the problem of many people who want to eat homegrown veggies and berries.

A vertical garden can be created anywhere from home to office. It adds magic to the area and looks luxurious if you set it properly and carefully.

Before starting a vertical garden you should follow the below-mentioned points:-

  • Make sure that you are allowed to create a garden in your area by the municipal authority.
  • Always choose plants, fruits, and vegetables that grow easily in your region.
  • Gather all the tools that you will need to work on your vertical garden.
  • Choose the space that is adequately exposed to the sunlight to help your plants absorb enough heat and light energy to grow healthier.

Note: You can also grow a vertical garden indoors.

Try the following simple and useful ideas to grow a vertical garden at your home, and office:

Rope trellis

01. Rope trellis:

Rope trellis garden is a great idea for the small space. This type of garden is usually suitable for the balcony, porch or rooftop garden. It can be used at home, in office and even in school. Rope trellis are available in different sizes. You can select them according to your requirement.

Starting a rope trellis garden is easy and simple.You should select the right place for your garden. It is important to check the suitability of location before starting the project. Ensure that there is no problem with drainage area. Check whether you can install gutters, sprinklers or drip system at this place or not? Rope trellis can be installed indoor as well as outdoor according to the climatic condition and requirement of plants.

If you want to install it outdoor, make sure that there is proper drainage system available for this purpose. Plants will not be able to bear excessively wet environment because they can contract disease easily due to wet soil or rotten roots at early stage of growth.

Hanging Wall Planters

02. Hanging Wall Planters:

If you want to add a touch of green to your outdoor space then hanging wall planters are a great option. They can easily brighten up the whole area with flowers and foliage, creating an exotic look. The best part about them is that they can be used by anyone without any expertise or experience. You just have to provide essential materials and basic information and then you can easily make them with your own hands.

Here we will discuss the process of making hanging wall planters:

1. You first need to select some wooden planks of standard size and then cut them into the required dimensions with the help of a saw.

2. Saw two pieces of wood at one end in a zigzag form, thus creating a notch that will be used for hanging purposes. Make sure that this notch or cut should not be done on the same piece of the board because it may shatter the whole planter.

3. You can then paint these boards with vibrant colours or wood stains to give them a natural look. To protect your hanging wall planters from rain, you can use exterior grade paint which will be able to prevent any kind of damage caused due to water or humidity.

4. Now, hang it on the wall with the help of some small nails or screws and then fill it up with potting soil as per your desired plant. You can also add some decorative items around the planter to make your outdoor area look more pleasant and attractive.

Wooden planter

03. Wooden planter

Wooden planter Verticle Garden is a planter design in which plant grow on, with the planters stacked one above another. This stackable garden can be placed in your homes and balconies and is very easy to maintain. You can place it anywhere in your house, regardless of space.

So, now if you are wondering about how to grow a wooden planter verticle garden?

First of all you need to create a frame for your planter . Your frame should be made up of wood and should have plastic mesh. The wooden frame is very easy to carry and it won’t cost you much. Just take a small wooden box and cut it by drilling holes, then insert the plastic mesh into these holes and cover the box with it.

Take some wire mesh, make a support by bending them at 90 degree angles to make the foundation of your wooden planter verticle garden . After this place another mesh with larger opening on top of it. And leave enough space for plants to grow through.

Now take your vertical planter , put some soil in them, around 6 inches of it. Now place your mesh on this soil and push down so that the soil forms a small mound .

Take some seedlings, plant 2-3 of them into this mound . After planting water these seedlings carefully so that the soil settles down.

04. Leaning Bookshelf - A Vertical Pallet Garden

Wall of bricks vertical garden is an innovative planting technique that allows you to grow food or decorative plants on a disused vertical surface. Walls are considered a very important part of the building, which organizes the space and defines it. To breathe new life into old walls and create a green oasis in your home or garden, you can install a “wall of bricks” vertical garden.

How to grow a wall of bricks garden?

Wall of bricks vertical garden is not difficult project. It’s very easy and you need only several basic materials, tools and some time for implementation. You can finish your creation in one afternoon or weekend day. There are a few ways how to create it:

  • 1/You can build your own brick planter from scratch. For that you will need a wooden frame, bricks and some tools like a hammer drill, saw, nails and screws etc.
  • 2/You can also purchase prefabricated wall of bricks planter on the market. They often sell them in home improvement stores or buy it online on specialized shops, where you can find various forms and sizes.
  • 3/Another option is to build a wooden frame and cover it with a bamboo trellis or wire mesh in order to provide extra support for growing plants. You can also use bricks only on the top of your wall in this way, but be sure that they are fixed properly by using screws or nails.        
Useful tips for growing wall of bricks garden:

Mix your own soil by combining one part each of peat, potting soil and compost.  Fill the planter with the mixture and level it well. Arrange your plants – you can use annual ornamental plantings for this project or grow edibles like lettuce and herbs.   Be sure to water your plants regularly; ensure that the roots stay moist but not waterlogged. 

Succulent Vertical Garden

05. Succulent Vertical Garden

Succulent plants are used to make vertical gardens. They require a very little amount of water and can grow even in poor soil, which is their main advantage over the other types of gardening. Also, they look extremely beautiful and add natural beauty to your garden or home or workplace. This method is best for those people who do not have a lot of space in their garden or yard.

1. For making a succulent vertical garden, firstly you need to paint the back of your wooden boards. You can use exterior-grade paints for protecting them from water and humidity.

2. Now, hang these boards on the wall wherever you want to put your garden vertically.

3. Next step is to fill up the soil in all the planters and then plant your favourite type of succulent plants. You can even add some decorative items like small hanging baskets with the help of ribbons and scarves for adding more beauty to your vertical garden.

4. You should also trim these plants every week to give them a proper shape that will enhance their natural beauty. This is because, if you do not cut these plants on a regular basis, they will lose shape and they will start looking ugly.

Ladder Shelving

06. Ladder Shelving

There are so many people who have a garden in the front of their house but they do not have much area to plant some beautiful flowers or plants. In this case, ladder shelves are the best option because you can use these shelves for growing your favourite types of plants in a very small space that would otherwise go to waste. You can go for both potted plants or hanging planters for making your ladder shelves more beautiful and attractive.

1. Firstly, you need to pick up good quality ladders that are strong enough to hold some heavy pots without tipping over.

2. Then paint them in the colour of your choice with exterior grade paints for protecting it from water or humidity caused due to rain or humidity.

3. Now, you need to add a wooden board at the bottom of each step for adding strength and support.

4. Next, fill up the soil in your pots and decorate them with some colourful flowers for making your ladder more beautiful and attractive. Also, hang some planters on their sides so that you can cover the unused spaces on your ladder shelves.

5. After that, you can plant some more plants in the space between ladders which will also enhance the beauty and look of your garden. You can do this task by making holes into each step of the ladder using a hammer or drill. This is one of the easiest ways to make your ladder shelves the most attractive part of your garden.

Vertical upside down planter

07. Vertical upside down planter:

A vertical upside down planter garden is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to do gardening. This garden is also called hanging planters or vase planting, it consists in planting your vegetables in a container requiring very little space. Some people paint these containers with bright colours to make them attractive while some prefer simple black, but it all depends on you.

Now that we know what vertical planters garden is and how it works, let’s get on with the making part.

You can make your own pots from old milk cans or large plastic containers. Take a very large pot that you don’t use anymore and drill some holes in the bottom of it for drainage purposes or if you want to make sure that your soil gets drained properly. Now cover this pot with a plastic bag and fix it with adhesive tape.

Now make some holes on the bag for placing your plants and fill it up preferably with a compost, soil and manure mixture like 60:30:10 respectively. Plant your vegetables according to their size. Some good examples of vegetables are potatoes, beans, tomatoes, okra etc.

Make sure that you choose open sunny areas to place your garden. For watering the plants make some holes on the plastic pot right above the soil level by using a pencil or sharpened stick and pour water slowly in these small holes so that it gets in touch with the roots of your plant every time you water it.

Water your plants regularly and practice weed control as well, but don’t overwater them as that may spoil the soil as well as the roots of your plant. Also, keep in mind that if you want to grow flowers instead of vegetables then plastic pots are not a good idea because drainage is a very important factor.

Bamboo Trellis

08. Bamboo Trellis

Bamboo trellis is one of the most preferred types of trellises for supporting climbing plants. It is made by bending thin bamboo pieces into different shapes which are then tied together to form a structure that can be used as a support for your vertical garden. This type of trellis is easy to make but it has only one drawback, it must care on a regular basis or else you will lose shape.

1. Firstly, you need to take some bamboo pieces and cut them into different linear shapes with the help of a hand saw. Make sure that these pieces should be about 1/2 inch wide and the length should vary from five feet to six feet depending on the size of your garden.

2. Next, you need to tie these bamboo pieces together with a strong string in a knotless pattern to form a single piece of trellis or support structure. You can also add some more pieces for increasing the strength and shape of the trellis.

3. Now, whichever side is facing upward, you can paint it with exterior grade paints for protecting it from any kind of damage caused due to water or humidity. You can also add some decorative items like small baskets or planters on the outer surface of your bamboo trellis.

Wooden planter

09. Leaning Bookshelf - A Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical pallet gardens are considered to be a wonderful addition to the home or garden because of their outstanding features. Looking at the vertical pallet garden one gets an idea about its practical usage and can think of using it in various different ways. Now, you might have heard about making gardens in which you would require less space however, these types of pallets are also equally beneficial because of their space-saving feature.

The vertical pallet garden sheds all the complexities involved in traditional gardening and makes plant growing easy and simple. Here we will be discussing some interesting facts about this type of gardening so that you can get benefit from it:

1. Vertical pallet garden can be constructed in very little time, basically you need to make container holes with the help of various tools which are easily available at your home. After that, you can fill them up with any suitable kind of soil for your plant and then place the plant into it. This way, you will be able to get a vertical pallet garden of your own in the least possible time.

2. You can place these pallets against a wall or corner of a room which would not only add an attractive aspect towards the look of the room but also give you some extra space. When you have raised planters placed near your window, they would serve as an excellent storage space for you because you can store different kinds of plants in these boxes.

3. These pallets are not only useful but also safe to use at your home or garden because they avoid the possibility of any kind of accident like slipping over the wet potting soil. Also, they make the traditional back-breaking work completely trouble-free.

10. Hanging Buckets

Yet another wonderful way to make your vertical garden is by using hanging buckets. All you have to do is, buy some good quality hanging buckets for this purpose and then paint them in the colour of your choice with exterior grade paints for protecting it from water or humidity caused due to rain or humidity.

1. Then fill up the soil in all the buckets and plant your favourite type of plants in them.

2. After that, just hang these buckets on the outer surface of your house or anywhere else you prefer. This is because, hanging buckets are very easy to handle and manipulate for decorating your garden, porch, entrance area etc.

3. Hang different types of planters at varying distances from each other for adding a sense of uniqueness and beauty to your garden.


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