Healthy and nourished soil is a surety of an augmented lawn. It is very important to be mindful that how you can keep the soil perfect for your plants. The good news is that you can easily keep the soil well-nourished by paying a little attention to it.

This post will be surely supportive for the gardeners, and the ones who want to know the soil improvements according to soil types.

How to improve the soil?

Soil improvement is entirely dependent upon the type of soil. To progress accurately, first, you need to know about the soil type.

Do you know which type of soil your garden has?

No? Take a small amount of moistened soil in your hand and just rub it in between your thumb and fingers to check it.

Keep on reading you will find the details below.

Light or sandy soil:

If you have light or sandy-type soil, it can instantly wash away with the flow of water or rain. This soil can be easily warmed up in the sunlight due to sand presence, and cool down quickly at night. You must choose the plants and seeds that suit perfectly this soil type.


This soil dries up speedily. To improve its condition for better plantation and vegetation, its water content must be retained carefully to avoid drying. This can be done by placing compost, mulch, or any top dressing to cover it and adding proper nutrients, especially in hot and dry weather conditions. Covering and wrapping the sandy soil will not only keep it away from drying but also save it from flowing away due to rain.

Clay soil:

Clay soil usually has a heavyweight when moistened and slowly dries up in the spring season which makes the plant grow slower than in any other soil. It is highly inclined to saturation, and saturated soil does not absorb nutrients and oxygen at an adequate level.


To improve this type of soil we must add organic stocks to it to keep it away from packing. It is also suggested that keep less traffic on this soil if it is wet and moistened. Moreover, you can place lime in the powdered form to support the clay soil to absorb water, oxygen, and essential nutrients sufficiently.

Loam soil:

This soil type is the friendliest soil for plantation and vegetation. It allows an ample amount of essential nutrients to get absorbed deep down till the roots of the grass and plants. It is comprised of soil, clay, sand, and rock particles.


The only need of adding organic matter to this soil would be enough to make its performance excellent.

Chalky or Lime soil:

This soil contains calcium carbonate, due to this factor it has a high alkaline level. This level can be checked with the help of a soil tester. Soil testers are easily available on Amazon at affordable prices. This soil is very difficult to keep fertilized. The fertilizers and composts decay rapidly due to alkaline. You can perform cultivation in this soil throughout the year because it does not have much problem with packed particles like clay soil.

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