sprinkler system in your yard

Everybody loves to have a lush green lawn outside his/her home.

Have you ever thought about the most critical factor that helps you keep it green, vigorous, fresh, and healthy?

Yes, it is watering.

There are many ways to water your lawn regularly, and the most commonly used equipment is the sprinkler. Sprinkler system is easy to install on your own, and less costly too. In this article, we will explain the steps to install your sprinkler system.


To begin any project, there is a need to plan effectively that you will do and how you will do it. So, firstly measure your lawn area accurately by using a professional measuring tape or any tool. This formula can measure the area of your lawn:-

Length × width = Area of your lawn.

After measuring the area, you must look for the target spots and mark them by pinning a stick to install the sprinklers. Always target the spots in the middle of the lawn to avoid water splashing on the roadside or over the people passing beside the lawn.

Water supply

Water supply

Once you have finished planning, here comes the water supply. Decide whether you want to get water from the main water-line, or the lawn spigot. It is recommended that you get water supply to your sprinklers from an already installed spigot to provide steady and consistent water pressure. You need to install an extra valve whichever method you use for the supply. 



It is time to dig a trench to set up the sprinkler. Digging a trench till a specific depth is required, and the ideal depth is 7 to 8 inches into the soil. Always dig the soil for setting up the sprinkler in the slant position. By doing this, it will be much easier to fix the sprinkler firmly and fill backspace with the soil afterwards. The dug space/hole must be a little wider than the size of the valve manifold.

Digging can be done nicely with the help of a vibratory plough called a trenching device. The trenching device is most commonly available with the lawn owners. You can get it from any lawn equipment rental center nearby. You can also dig manually using a digging tool, but it will take much time and effort.


It is essential to place the valve manifold box securely and correctly in the dug hole. When you place it in the hole, you must ensure that it is strongly fixed and intact. Now, attach the main pipe with the water-line or spigot pipe to get water inlet into the sprinkler system. Do not forget to screw up the clamps after connecting the water-line, and leave one end of the pipe opening.

Attaching PVC pipe

Attaching PVC pipe

PVC pipe that is to be attached with the opened pipe end must be of suitable size and diameter. The recommended size is ¾ inches and should be connected with a connector tool called “tee”. A tee is a pipe connector tool used to connect two or three pipes to one main water-line to supply water. Similarly, it is used in connecting the main water-line to the multiple sprinkler pipes for water supply.

You must firmly attach the tees and glue them by using any silicone gel or a good quality adhesive that resists water content.

Setting up sprinkler heads

Once you connect the water supply pipes altogether, now attach the sprinkler heads. Before attaching heads, just run some water through the risers to clear any dirt or debris if stuck during installation.

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