How to keep Gophers out of your YardYour lawn is your natural playground that is not only the threshold of your house but also serves as your outdoor space. This welcoming portion of the garden needs to be upkeep in a proper and chic way. It hosts your meals, guests and you in leisure. So, its upkeep is a mandatory household chore. But there is something more to say. Is it free of vicious weeds, pests, and rodents? If yes then your haven is safe and if no, unfortunately your sanctuary is in threat. 

What if your lawn has pocket gophers in it?

If your answer is affirmative, your green space is at risk of wreckage. The hideous holes they dig and the debris they create are the chaos and mayhem to the yard. 

Spring into action:

An English proverb says, “A stitch in time saves nine”. Apply this in the case of the gophers. If the gophers grew and continued their hoodlum’s activities, your garden will soon turn into ruins. 

To recover the loss we have got a few strategies up our sleeves. These can be for the time being and once and for all.

Determine to end this vexatious and irksome rodent from your lawn. 

Here we are showing you how to do it. 

Mesh Barriers:

A galvanized Gopher lattice barrier is to be set on the soils of the yard. You can also work with birds mesh, poultry netting, frost blankets, tarps and hardware cloth to keep the lawn protected from the gopher. You can also erect a border or fence to check the movement of the gophers in the garden.  These meshes are permeable so the food, water or sun beams will easily pass through them.  There can be barriers for up to 2 feet tall. 

 Under-lawn barrier: It is recommended laying galvanized gopher mesh beneath the soil during the process of constructing the lawn. It is a tiring process but if you want to dust your hands for 3 to 4 years this is a great option. It will serve you for good.

Gopher carriers: Sometimes it does not seem smart enough to bed the whole soil with meshes of underground wires. Fixing the entire base with meshFlorae does not seem applicable. In such a case only gopher baskets are to be installed around the endangered plants.  These can be made of poultry wire or meshes and you can buy any desired size from the market.

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The gardener can plant many trees to keep the gophers away from the lawn. These plants can be, 

Plants gopher do not like to eat: for gophers eating daffodils, alliums or onion are not the things to be eaten. So their harvest will be safe both from squirrels and gophers. 

Gopher Repellent plants: 

Gopher spurge, marigold, lavender, rosemary, salvia, catmint etc. are the plants that repel the gophers. If you have them, you do not have gophers in the lawn. These can be planted around the lawn or just around the targeted flower beds or patches to repel the Gophers and other insects away.  


REPELLENT PLANTThere can be many products in the market that can be used as gopher repellent. A few can be made at home. 

Scent: Repellents having scent can be used to make the gopher run away the lawn. The gophers will not pest you until the repellent is there. Try to spray all the holes in the yard.  

Pine disinfectants: you just need a rag. Soak a cloth and stuff down the dump.

  • Chili powder: Sprinkle some chili powder inside the hole as far down as you can get it.
  • Peppermint oil: make balls out of cotton. Now soak them in peppermint oil. Put them near the targeted plants of the soil bed. The gopher will not even step in the yard. 
  • Fabric softener sheets: Place the fabric softener sheet in the hole.
  • Garlic cloves: The gopher can be surprised by placing garlic cloves to the most affected area. It can be placed near a gopher’s hole to make his mobility limited. 
  •  Castor oil pellets: Make pellets and soak them in castor oil. Now throw the pellets in the areas which have the potential threats of gopher’s attacks. These pellets will dissolve into the soil leaving out an unpleasant smell that can drive the gophers away. This is the way to usher out the gophers out of your lawn unharmed. 
  • Sound: Loud sounds can be used against the gophers as these sounds are pesky for the gophers.  They are subtle to loud clamors. This may annoy them to that extent that they will leave the area. This solution is not a long term solution. 
  • Ultrasonic: you can use ultrasonic repellent as they are man-friendly and also will not cause any harm to the gophers as well. But they will scare and repel the gophers away. 

Hunter Fauna 

These are the options that should not be adopted that much as these can be lethal. 

Shelter owls: a true predator of gopher is a barn owl. They can easily prey on the gophers. So keeping them in the lawn is a good short term solution to gopher. Owl nesting boxes with feed can help you let owls stay in your lawn.   

Gopher snakes: 

Gopher snake is a real predator and fast enemy of gophers. They have a shortcoming that they do not eat the gopher quite often. So, this solution will only work if you have one or two gophers. In case of more than that you have to switch to some other options.


Keeping a dog or a cat as pet can scare the gopher away. The gophers will feel quite uncomfortable in the presence of dogs and cats. So I have a well thought of pet. 

Live Traps

Live traps can be a solution to the gophers. They can entrap the gophers and provide you the chance to scare them away. Secondly you can also relocate their positioning. So for this purpose hire a professional he can make you do the job in quite a better way. For placing successful traps he can choose perfect places and ways. Secondly a pro can show you how to deal with the entrapped gopher.

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