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When it comes to fall, it is normal to see dried leaves all over your lawn. These leaves, if overlooked and not cleaned in time, will make your lawn look unpleasant and ignored. Cleaning and disposing of these leaves become a costly and time-consuming task, for which different techniques can be used by the lawn owners.

A most effective way is the mulching of leaves by using a mower. Mulching leaves can be nutritive, protective, and healthful for the lawn in a natural way.

Mulching leaves with a Lawnmower

Mulch is a material that safeguards and improves the soil condition when applied to the surface. The purposes of mulching in the lawn are:-

  • To regulate the soil temperature.
  • To suppress weeds.
  • To improve soil structure.
  • To reduce surface evaporation.
  • To protect shallow-rooted plants from frost.
  • To improve water absorption till deep roots.

Mulching can be nicely done with the help of a mower. Not every lawnmower has the feature of mulching leaves. A good lawnmower with a mulching feature effectively composts and clears all the leaf litter thereby allowing more sunlight to reach the soil and protecting your lawn from suffocating. In this article, we will focus on the options of using a lawnmower to mulch the leaves. This method will surely save your time and effort along with your hard-earned money.

Use Rotary Lawnmower

Rotary-action lawnmowers are the best option for mulching the leaves from the lawn. There are two different types of rotary type mowers; high power mowers, and side-pocket/discharge mowers.

  • If you want to leave the shredded leaves on the lawn surface for the benefit/use of the soil, then you can remove the discharge bag from the mower. This will ensure that leaves are not accumulated in piles and are distributed on the lawn surface.
  • If you want to use the mulched material anywhere else, then you can keep the discharge bag attached to the lawnmower. Afterward once the mulching process is complete, this mulched material can be used somewhere else according to requirement.

Do you need new blades for your lawn mower? Don’t spend money on it. Rather check out how to sharpen the blades of your lawn mower.

Use a rake

Use a rakeOnce you have planned the mulching, first you must spread the leaves all over your lawn to hold the mulching process easier and better. It is convenient to use a mower on the scattered leaves rather than big piles.

  • You must consider the raking in a small area of the lawn. By doing this you will be able to collect the shredded items and leaf molds effortlessly and will save your time also.
  • Another option is to leave the grass catcher bag onto the mower, but this will require emptying more often to keep it from overflowing.

Adjust mower’s height:

Always keep your mower height up to three inches while mowing on the dry leaves. If you want to shred the leaves perfectly you have to mow them several times to achieve your target. Try to make your mower at a right angle while working on the leaves as the use of a lawnmower with the wrong/inappropriate angle will not produce the desired results and waste all the effort.

You must know a few things before choosing a lawn mower.

Leave a layer of leaf mold:

One method is leaving a one-inch layer of leaf molds on the lawn surface, which will decompose with the passage of time thereby making the soil nutritious and healthy. Composting in this way will fertilize your lawn. It will be ideal if the leaf mold gets wet by rain because it will decompose at a faster rate and is proved to be lawn-friendly.

  • If you see that the leaf layer is very thick then you must try to mulch the leaves by keeping the grass bag on the lawn mower.
  • You can also scratch and pick some of the excessive molds by using a rake. This can be a little hard but will provide benefits for the lawn at a later stage.

Feed your lawn

It is strongly recommended by the experts that you feed your lawn at the same time you are mulching the leaves. This will make the fertilizer absorb quickly into the soil making it more fertile and you will be able to see a better and vigorous lawn in the spring season. Always use the feed that contains a high level of potassium.

Tips for getting a mulching mower

  • Always go for the mower that is strong enough, self-propelled have rear-wheel drive.
  • The mulching mower blade has jagged edges so you need to have the mower with the serrated blade which can be lifted high too.
  • The bag of the mower must be dust filtering to keep yourself protected from dust choking while mulching the leaves.

From the discussion above, it is clear that mulching your lawn with a lawnmower has many advantages including saving your time, money, and energy. Proper use of a lawnmower for mulching and preparing your lawn before the spring is of critical importance so, you must try to complete all the steps of mulching to give your lawn a fresher and healthier look.

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