How to Prevent and Kill Brambles

The bramble bush is astonishing among the shrubs category. It is a yummy berry however if it is left unnoticed, then it may turn into thorns/spikes and can become a headache for you. They progress and grow at a faster rate like pests, get multiplied rapidly, and convert into something really hard to exterminate from your garden.

In this post, we will be aiming at how to kill the brambles by using different techniques and suggest ways to prevent the growth in the future.

Techniques to Kill Brambles

To kill the brambles it is critically important to know the secrets about them. Those secrets are knowing about their nature, favorable places, and risks associated with them.

Brambles are the berries that can easily nurture anywhere and anytime even they freely grow in between the tiling and cracks of the walls. They seem so appealing to everyone who sees them, especially kids and pets. If they accidentally touch or consume them it can be problematic for you.

Got alarmed?

You ought to be. Keep on reading, you will get the solution.

Make a DIY spray:

To kill any pests or wild berries from your garden, you must adopt home remedies first, as they are cheap and effective. Therefore, you will need only 3 items to make this magical DIY spray.

  1. Salt (1 kg).
  2. Apple cider vinegar (3 liters).
  3. Spray bottle (1).

Mix the salt in the apple cider vinegar and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Now, pour this solution into the spray bottle and spray it all over the stems where brambles are present and likely to grow. Remember to keep a good coat.

This is just a remedy and you have to repeat it several times, and will only be effective for small-sized brambles.

Apply to dig deep technique:

As the name shows that you have to dig deep while applying this technique to clear all the brambles. You will have to gather some tools and safety equipment first if you want to try this technique.

Safety equipmentTools
Face shield.A pair of shears.
Goggles.A pair of loppers.
Rubber gloves.Fork.
Rubber/safety boots.Spade.
Small handy cutters.

Start cutting the brambles first and cut them about a little more than a half-inch with the help of shears and the small cutter. When you are done with it, pick up the loppers and start removing brambles from the ground by cutting them at their base attached with the ground.

Now start digging out deep down the surface to remove any remaining parts of the brambles from the soil by using the spade.

Gather all the removed brambles with a rake and set them aside to let them dry for some weeks. After drying them out, properly shred them out or hand over them to the green waste management authority center nearby. It is not recommended that you make compost out of the removed brambles.

Apply chemicals:

Are you tired of trying many methods to remove brambles, but they have grown again?

Do not worry, let us tell you the chemical application techniques to get rid of these unwelcome guests.

You are advised to use one of these two weed killers; triclopyr based, and glyphosate-based.

These two weed killers are considered best among the market nowadays, you can get these products from any manufacturer but make sure that it is a good quality product. Triclopyr is better and effective on the brambles in only one application, whereas glyphosate weed killers will be needed to apply once again after the first application.

Triclopyr does not kill the nearby plants or grass when applied on brambles, but it will stop the growth of new plants and grass for several months.

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