How to Sharpen Lawn mower Blades?

Sharpen Lawn mower Blades

In maintenance of any lawn, the most important task is trimming grass or mowing your lawn using a mower. Lawn mower carries out this task very easily as compared to manually cutting or grass trimming machines. Lawnmower blades roll and trim the excessive grass from your lawn. These blades also require regular maintenance including sharpening to keep the lawnmower in a good condition.

Although without sharpening the blades, any lawn mower can work fairly well, but it is advised by the experts that you sharpen the mower blades yearly especially before the mowing season i.e. spring season.

Did you imagine how your lawn will look like, if you use a lawn mower with unsharpened blades?

It will cut the grass savagely, and the lawn will not look nice and even. It will become rough, dull, and the grass may turn brown from lush green. If your mower’s blades are well sharpened, it will cut the grass efficiently and neatly making your lawn look pleasant and healthier.

Thinking to shop a new lawn mower. We got you covered with this how to guide.

Different Ways to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

There are so many ways to sharpen lawn mower blades manually and automatically by using tools and sharpening machines respectively. These ways include; using a hand filer, a bench grinder, an angle grinder, and a rotary tool.

Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Apart from above-mentioned ways of sharpening blades of any lawnmower, there is a most effective, convenient, and time saving way to sharpen the blades of a mower with less effort.

All you require is a drill, sharpening stone, and a balancer.

How to Step by Step Guide:

You can follow the steps for sharpening lawnmower blades explained below:-

Remove Blades

  • First, you will have to remove the blades from the mower. You can perform the job without putting off the blades but, it is good to remove if you want a hassle-free procedure. With this, you will be able to save the blade from any stress fractures, and get a better visualization while sharpening.
  • Take a vise grip, fix the blade in it, and secure it properly.

Sharpening Stone

Sharpening Stone
  • The sharpening stone has a plastic plate attached to it, which will provide support and ample space for the blade to be placed between the plate and stone while sharpening. The plastic plate will keep your blade on track and act as a guide. The stone is abrasive and has a beveled surface. The bevel of the stone fits perfectly with the bevel on the lawn mower blade.

Blade Edges

  • Start sharpening from the end of the blade and move inward, but remember that you should only sharpen the blade three to four inches at both ends. Be careful while using a drill at the ends because the stone can get stuck into the curve at the edge of the blade. You have to apply moderate pressure to the back of the guide area, otherwise, you may get some crazy vibrations in your hands and arms.
  • Keep drilling the blade with the described way for about 5 to 10 minutes and you will get a nice and sharpened blade.
  • Now when you have done with the sharpening, place the balancer on an even surface like table or ground and set the blade at the pointed top of the balancer.
Blade Edges


  • You will be able to see if your blade needs some more sharpening or not. The blade will need no more sharpening if it stays straight and floating evenly on the balancer but if it gets tilted on one side, this means that blade needs more sharpening on the heavier side. Check once again after sharpening, if the blade is ready to work.
  • One more thing you can do to check whether the blade has sharpened perfectly or not is to slip the blade hole into a nail in the wall and see if it remains fully horizontal.

Putting it together

  • Once you are done with the sharpening of the blade, adjust the blade back on the mower and use a wrench to tighten up the nut bolts. Attach the ignite wire again to the mower and fill the gas tank again to take out the mower for a test run on your lawn. You will be pleased to see your newly sharpened lawnmower blade and the improved results.

From the above-mentioned steps, you must be aware of how to sharpen the lawnmower blade with the help of the most easily available items i.e. a drill machine, sharpening stone, and balancer. Moreover, if your kids are using the lawn mower to trim the grass, caution them not to use a lawn mower over rocks, stones, trees, stumps, etc. Keep your lawnmower blade away from any objects that can dull your mower blade and put nicks in it.

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