Lawn Aerator ShoesAeration of soil is a process of ventilating the soil. It lets the soil breathe and get fresh. Without aeration of the soil the concept of the lawn care is incomplete. It not only lets soil get fresh but it also enhances the soil’s beauty and charm to a great extent. 

Now the question arises here is

What soil aeration is?

It is a process of punching the holes in the soil to let it breathe in. The process to break the soil compaction and let it get into chunks so that all the important nutrients, water and air reaches the soil. These holes are only 6 inches into the top surface of the soil. This will help the air and water get to the roots of the vegetation and grasses easily. The grass gets dense covering the bald patches of the lawn. Hence it looks healthier and greener.

For the purpose of aeration there are two ways a gardener can adopt using machines:

  1. Manual 
  2. Power driven


  • Can take the services of professional aerators.

aerateThe machines help gardeners aerate soil. They sometimes come with rotating sections with spear-like prickles that let it punch the holes in the soil. They dive deep inside the soil to pull it out. The machines can cost a pretty penny and are not affordable to many of the gardeners.  And the professionals who offer the services of aeration are also quite out of the range of a common gardener. 

In such a case the shoe aerator gives entry in the market letting the gardener heave a sigh of relief. It is an affordable choice that lets the homeowner do aeration on a periodic basis.  

Factors that affect aeration:

There are many factors on which aeration can be affected. They need to be considered.

  • Type of soil
  • Percentage of humidity in soil (quantity of water) 
  • Quantity of organic substance in it
  • Compaction of soil

Many of the soils need frequent aeration while other few can do without it over a time. If your lawn is of the type that needs frequent aeration, aerator shoes are the best choice. They can make your work convenient, simple and affordable.   

How to use Lawn Aerator Shoes?


Now it’s time to assemble the aerator shoes. Aerator shoes are used as a tool for lawn care and maintenance. The setting up of aerator shoes is quick and easy.


You can start by placing the nails available in the shoe pack below the shoes one at a time. Secure every nail in the hole with a nut, and tighten it with a wrench that is also provided with the aerator shoe pack. Always check that all the nails and nuts are completely tightened before using them every time because the nails may loosen up after intense use. There may be extra nuts and nails in the pack to cater to any damaged or de-shaped nails.

  • If you look at the shoe straps of the aerator shoe, they are provided in three different sizes for the users’ convenience and properly tightening it around your shoes. 
  • The short strap is for the front position. 
  • Two medium-sized straps are for the two middle positions.
  • The long sized strap is for the rear position.
  • Make sure that the labels are facing down when you are threading the straps into the platforms.
  • Now when you are finished tightening the straps, there may be an excess that can stand in your way. The straps are made a little bit longer to accommodate multiple types of shoes and sizes of users.

To get rid of the excess, cut the extra part of the straps with sharp scissors. Also, if you feel comfortable dealing with the fire, it is recommended that you seal the ends of straps by using a lighter or a match stick. Doing this will prevent threads from fraying and remember that the flame should contact the strap for only 2 seconds. Please do not overdo it, as it can be unnecessary and pose a fire risk.


After you are done with the aerator shoes’ assembly, put the shoes on while in a seated position on your lawn. After that, you can start walking on your lawn.



The aerator shoes work by creating channels in the soil that allow air, water, and important nutrients to reach the grass’s root system and other plants in the lawn. Besides, the roots of grass and other plants in the lawn are encouraged to grow deeper. Furthermore, the soil allows the roots to absorb more nutrients, and soak more water that would not have been accessible without aeration. By aerating through these shoes, your lawn will get a breath of fresh air, and more oxygen will reach the roots. Aeration will strengthen the roots of the grass and improve the health of your lawn. 

Now when you finish aerating your lawn, there is no need to disassemble the aerator shoes. You can store the assembled shoes in a storage box. The manufacturers provide a storage box with almost all the aerator shoes.

From the above explanation, it can be concluded that the main reason for aerating a lawn is to alleviate soil compaction that limits the number of essential nutrients that must reach down to the roots of grass and other plants available in the lawn. This job can be done very efficiently by using aerator shoes. Therefore, you are advised to buy a good pair of aerator shoes for yourself to aerate your lawn and make it a pleasant space. Proper use of your aerator shoes will ensure your lawn’s health and care and provide the associated benefits both for you and the lawn. 


Sometimes seasoned gardeners do not recommend using aerators shoes. There are several glitches in this regard. 

  1. Sometimes the spikes on lawn aerator shoes are not as thick as they ought to be. Similarly they are not as long to penetrate as deep as required. 
  2. According to few expert landowners, the aerator shoes compact the lawn more than before. They do not serve the purpose as effectively as they seem to.
  3. It is a tiring task. You do not have to do anything and just have to walk aimlessly. It is a tedious and dreary task. Being less interesting the gardener does not perform it with zeal. 


Mowing the lawn once or twice a month is the routine practice of every veteran gardener. If it is blended with aeration for this purpose shoe aerators are the best option. 

But it comes with some pros and cons. So the gardener should ponder over whether the aeration with shoe aerator is worth it with all the glitches that it comes with or not. 

Recurrent aeration is miraculous for the well-being of the lawn. The extra elements and nutrients the lawn gets through aeration are commendable. The pathway to nitrogen to the roots is the greatest of the services it can offer. The grasses grow green and juicy and they give a spectacular look the whole season. 

Above all the price, efficiency, and the ease of comfort all come together to make a shoe aerator one of the best options to be adopted. These advantages over shadow the bit of the glitches that few of the gardeners complain about.

There is no doubt that shoe aerators have some common anomalies and hitches, still it is the choice of many landowners and they trust it for the growth of their lawn.  

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