Improve a Lumpy Lawn – How do I flatten lawn?

Improve a Lumpy Lawn

Uneven or lumpy lawn is a very common problem faced by lawn owners around the globe. Every lawn and yard that is suffering from this condition must be provided extra care and reparation for the improvement. This problem can be serious if left unchecked and unrepaired.

Here’s how you can repair a lumpy lawn and improve its health.

Identifying the cause:

Before taking steps to improve the lumpy lawn you must identify the cause of this concern.

The possible causes for uneven lawn surface include; excessive walking/playing of children/pets or other people in lawn especially when soil is wet, using heavy power tools in the lawn for a long duration, frequent mowing of grass, pests invasion (lawn grubs), humid weather situation, and moist soil nature.


After knowing the causes, it’s the moment to repair the lawn. The repairing techniques vary according to the causes of lumps in your lawn.

  • If the lawn is lumpy due to excessive walking of children, or pets, the damage might not be that much serious. Therefore, just the dressing would be required. It can be done by removing the sod layer and raking the lump to make it clean, then fill it evenly with good quality soil or compost, and place the sod layer back. Moreover, you can use sand to fill the wider holes as sand will keep the space intact for longer periods when mixed with the soil.
  • If there is clay soil in your lawn, it can be settled by using the aeration technique. Aerating the clay soil will allow the soil to absorb a good amount of nutrients and oxygen deep down to the root system of the grass. Hence, grass will be nourished and stay healthy.
  • If the damage is caused due to pests’ invasion/infestation, then you must go for the pest killer first. Your problem will be solved by using any good quality killer to eliminate the pests from your lawn. After the removal of pests, follow up with the top dressing and replacing that patch of sod with a new one.
  • Avoid frequent and unnecessary mowing your lawn otherwise, you will get so many holes and lumps in your lawn. Scheduling mowing and changing patterns every time is good. Moreover, do not hand over the mowers to the kids as they are notorious, and they might mow some areas too much or some too little, which will cause future problems.

Fertilization is another technique to improve a lumpy lawn. Using a good fertilizer for your lawn will make the grass healthier, enriched, and thicker that would be enough to cover up all the lumps. Thick grass will also be supported in fighting against diseases and insects that can cause lumps. Remember to get fertilizer that contains high nitrogen content.

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