Squirrels are rodents and they are super cute. A guest can get delighted by seeing an animal with bushy tail in your garden but it is an alarm for you. Despite being eye-catching and attractive, squirrels can be pestering and annoying in diverse ways.

How to keep Squirrels out of your GardenBut before discussing how to scare the squirrel let us find out why we should?

We should scare away the squirrels due to the damage they do to the yard. So keeping them away is top priority.

Now the question arises here

What is the damage they can do to the yard?

Regular crop disappearing:

If a crop disappears from its bed on a regular basis, consider there is a thief in the yard. Even if the crop is there but it is destroyed or nibbled, be alert of a rodent in the lawn. It can be catastrophic if you do not take timely action.

Damaged Bulb:

Squirrels have the tendency of digging or pulling up the rhizomes from the compacted soil. There are two purposes of such an action. First one is that they will eat the bulbs and second one is that they need burrows to hide and to preserve their food.

Food disappearing:

If you find your birds’ food disappeared, blame a squirrel. Squirrels are foragers and will forage for the food. You need to take immediate action on this or repent in leisure.

Soil or mulch disorder:

If your yard’s soil or mulch is not even and seems disturbed be cautious there is an unwelcoming rodent in the neighborhood. Squirrels excavate the soil and mulch in the garden. Repel them right away.

Burrows in the lawn:  

If you frequently observe holes and burrows in the yard, be vigilant and watchful you have a rodent pester. If the squirrels are not stopped right away, they can be a headache in the near future.

17 Ways to keep Squirrels out of your Garden

Here in this post we are going to tell you the kind and benevolent ways to scare away the pestering squirrels from your garden without causing them any harm. These methods are simple, adoptable and humanitarian to be adopted. 

01. Keep hot peppers in the yard:

squirrel replantSquirrels are repelled by the strong odor and taste of the hot pepper. It is a natural repellent for squirrels and it will not cause them any harm. You just need to put capsicum in the yard and especially near their burrows. The pungency of capsicums will make the squirrels flee the lawn. Also your act of scattering cayenne pepper, hot sauce and chili flakes in the yard will help making squirrels run away out of their spiciness and pungency. The actual purpose is to make the squirrels abscond without causing them any harm.

02. Use naphthalene mothballs:

Naphthalene mothballs have a strong pungent odor that is not loved by the squirrels. They are harmless to squirrels except for a harsh smell on their noses. Mothballs are to be placed in flower beds, near the threatened plants, or at top of the bare soil. Put a new one if old ones have dissolved or replace if their odor dies away.

03. Shelter the gardens:

Birds mesh, poultry netting, frost blankets, tarps and hardware cloth are all the options that can be opted by the gardener to save the plants from the attacks of the squirrels. These options are best as they not only protect the plants from squirrels but are also permeable and penetrable. The water, sunbeams and the nutrients can easily flow through them to the soil. 

04. Bird pedestal creation:

Creating a bird pedestal by switching the feed stuff can help greatly. Consider what feed is loved by squirrels (for instance sunflower seed) with something squirrels do not like, like safflower seeds. This may help greatly.

05. Get a trick:

Bird pedestal creationPut some toy animals in the yard keeping in view which animal the squirrels dread the most. It can be mastic owls or latex snakes in the garden. It will scare away squirrels and they will not get in the area again. Hence there is another way to scare the squirrels away without opting to harm them.

06. Bed in motion-sensor irrigators:

Squirrels are infamously agile and edgy. Installing a few motion-sensor sprays will not only frighten the squirrels away but will keep them away putting an impression of constant observation in their minds.

07. Plant squirrel-repellent plants:

Plants like wild onion, daffodils, Liliaceous, alliaceous plant, Hooker’s onion, snowdrops, hyacinths, family Liliaceous, lily family, lilied monocot genus, marigolds, and Allium acuminate are allium and they have natural tendency to repel the squirrels. So planting any of these can be quite helpful. Also the gardener should circumvent planting those plants that appeal the squirrels.  

08. Remove litter:

The litter and debris lying in the lawn should be properly discarded. The trash bins’ lids should be tightly secured. The squirrels cannot open the tight lid so they will not find any junk in the yard to eat. This will demotivate them to visit your lawn again. There will not be any appealing scent of the food for squirrels to invade your yard.

09. Sprinkle peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil is also a harmless repellent to the squirrels. They will make the squirrels run away from the lawn. It can be directly sprinkled on the endangered plant. It will make squirrels avoid visiting the yard again.

10. Buy commercial repellent:

Horticultural stores sell repellents that are prepared with squirrel predator’s pee.  The raiders that attack the squirrel are hawks, weasels, raccoons, snakes, owls, and foxes. The frequent spray of the repellent in the yard will keep the squirrels away from the lawn.

11. Spray with apple cider vinegar:

The organic repellent that can be made at home is a blend of apple cider vinegar with peppermint oil or cayenne pepper. Spray the repellent near the plant or the beleaguered area. Put it in a spray bottle and sprinkle.

12. Conceal or reposition their food:

The squirrels visit the garden for fallen nuts, barriers and other fruit. Attentive cleaning of the nuts and acorns is the key, as this is what squirrels want the most. Gather the nuts with a rake and put them in an area where squirrels are not a danger or a threat.

13. Keep a dog:

Game chasing the squirrels away is the favorite act of a dog. This is something that will scare away the squirrels. A single bark from the dog is enough to make the squirrel smell the danger. 

14. Get service of natural predators:

A hawk or owl is the natural predator for a squirrel. But we have to scare the squirrels away rather than hunting or hurting them. So the best option is to buy a cage or nest and put the predator into that cage.

15. Give them their own food:

The only purpose of squirrels visiting your yard is the appetite. Giving the rodent what it loves to eat will be a helpful tool in keeping it away from the garden. Sunflower seeds, acorns, nuts, peanuts and corn feed can be placed in a container or a bowl for the squirrel to eat. When its tummy is happy it will not roam about your lawn. 

16. Plant extra tomatoes: 

If you find the squirrels masticating your tomatoes or other succulent fruits or vegetables, it means they are in search of some liquid to quench their thirst. It is recommended to show humanity and quench their thirst. Make an extra portion in your yard that can be dedicated to squirrels where you can plant extra tomatoes. These are for the squirrels. 

17. Provide them with water:

If you find the squirrels nibbling at your tomatoes or other juicy vegetation, it shows they are thirsty. Just provide them with a bowl of fresh water. They will not bother your crop again. 

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