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Gardens can be made beautiful and attractive in many ways. Even they can be decorated and made amazing viewing by just considering the corner spaces which are shady and mostly left behind while establishing. Sometimes shady space in your garden is perceived as a difficult one to beautify, actually it is the natural and friendly environment for lovely wildflowers, mosses, and leaves that can build a pleasingly enchanted atmosphere in your garden.

Let’s uncover the ways to beautify your garden’s shady corners.

Inspiring ideas for shady garden corners

Make it a point of attention:

To cover the shady area of your garden, be sure to keep it nice and clean, and make it a point of attention. Make it an eye-catching, and attention capturing-point.

You might be thinking about how it can be the center of attention?

  • You can install a sitting bench in that area, with some of the artificial flower pots on both sides.
  • Try keeping a statue in that place, and also statues of animals like rabbits can be kept there.
  • Use stones to decorate the shady areas by painting them in bright colors.

Use ground covering weeds:

To make the shady areas attractive and easy to maintain, grow some weeds that are vigorous and dense. Some weeds also have small wildflowers that look lovely when grown in a large quantity like potentilla reptans, scarlet pimpernel, hairy-bittercress, cornus canadensis common couch, etc. They will add amazing color to the dull and dark corners of your garden. Mostly, the flowers on weeds appear in the late spring season.

Remember, you can only grow weeds in the shady area where there is soil and plant the weeds that are shade tolerant. If you have a cemented corner/space then you must opt for any other way to cover.

Make a jungle-like environment:

Have you ever wondered to visit the jungle? Have you ever thought that this could be possible to have in your garden? Yes, it is.

You can make the shady corner of your garden look like a jungle. Only the need is to place some tall and small shade friendly plants, and also indoor plants can be kept there to make it look thicker like a jungle.

Placing some of the stuffed jungle animals, or artificial toucans propped on the branches of tall plants would be a great addition to make an enhanced look. This idea might look strange to you, but believe it or not the visitors would love it.

Pack the space with colorful shrubs:

 Adding colors is a good clue to make any space look good and appealing. Similarly, you can do so with the shady corners of your garden. You can grow the shrubs that have colorful flowers rhododendrons, azaleas, prunus laurocerasus, vinca minor, little henry, black elderberry, Japanese quince, Pachysandra terminalis, and many more.

These all are the shrubs that grow well in shades and do not require sunlight. You can get them easily from any nearby nursery or the gardening center. By growing these shrubs you can pack your sheltered spaces with white, red, pink, orange-like bright, and pleasant colors to make them striking. Keep in mind to grow annual shrubs to keep your space glooming most times of the year.

Use water:

If you have a large or commercial garden and a larger shaded area then you must try this water usage technique.

Place some round shaped stones to make a boundary, and allow a good quantity of water to stay in between. You will be necessitating a water circulating pump to make it more tempting, and the sound of water flowing at a lighter pace will be mesmerizing.

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