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moss lawnMoss grass is a great substitute for lawn grass. It is a green ground cover that does not require much of the upkeep and maintenance. Moss has proved itself to be a vital component of Japanese Gardens. It can be opted as a very fine alternative to the lawn grass ending the nuisance of the daily upkeep and cons related to the grass. Moss is a jade grass. It is from the family of bryophytes, conifers, gymnosperms and ferns which is deemed to have over 9,000 living species. 

Moss Grass: Produce It or Reduce It?

Being a gardener is a tough choice. You are always struggling about knowing which plant to keep and which one to abandon. While talking about keeping or discarding moss grass in the lawn we have to consider the position of the garden. The outlook of the lawn decides which way to settle down. It can be as valuable as gold for you or just a piece of trash. So this article is going to focus on the topic from 360 degrees to give you a better insight into choosing to retain or abandon the moss grass and everything else that you need to know about it.

Appearance of the Moss Grass- how to identify it?

The most important step in the process of growing Moss is its identification. It is a jade colored grass. It is a lush green flooring that can be grown anywhere with the exception of arid land. You can grow it on steep hillsides, on high places or anywhere. 

Moss grass is usually, but not always, green. It is fluffy just like fine velvet or silk. It is dense- you can find a bald patch. It is a low lying carpet that covers the area fully. 

Care and Upkeep of Grass Moss

Once you have got moss in your yard you need to maintain it. It is a natural absorber of water so it will not seek frequent watering. Even at a low humidity level it will absorb the water from the air. It will do great during drought but you need to water it if it seems thirsty or dry. Use a sprinkler to restore its lavish and vivacious look.

Do proper manual weeding in the beginning of the growth of Moss. Do not let the weeds get hold of your Moss. So eradicate them in their early youth. Removing the weeds with some other ways is going to damage the carpet. Herbicides are not deemed positive to be used in the Moss lawn. 

Consider the pros and cons of the Moss grass in the given section to decide whether to opt for this or not.

moss pros and cons

Pros of Moss lawn

The most important thing that we need to have in the Moss lawn is its needs and upkeep. Given are the main pros of Moss lawn which will encourage you to have one.

  • No regular watering

As it is a natural moisture absorber, it does not ask for regular watering. You need not to worry about its watering. 

  • No use of fertilizers

Fertilizers are not something needed by the moss. So it is going to be an economical choice. 

  • Repulsion to weeds 

As the Moss has dense growth it repels the growth of weeds. So you can say it deters weeds nicely.

  • Various varieties 

You are provided with various varieties of the moss. If you want to choose something lavish as your lawn flooring the Moss with its wide range is the best choice.  

  • Does not need regular upkeep

It does not require maintenance on a regular basis. All you need to do is to grow it. You are not required to mow it often.

  • Soil Moisture is retained

The Moss retains the moisture of the soil. Hence, it is a great option to opt for. 

  • It can be easily grown in such areas which do not support the growth of vegetation. You can choose any of the land features.  

Cons of Moss Grass

It has the following disadvantages that can make the gardener rethink before growing moss in the lawn. 

  1. It does not grow smoothly in the sunny area. It requires cool shade to thrive.
  2.  It requires acidic soil for its growth. So you need to have a lab test of your soil to determine its pH before growing Moss.
  3.  It gets easily harmed with the air pollution due to its delicacy and vulnerability. 
  4.  It needs a proper raking and cleaning. You need to clean the debris every now and then.
  5. It can reduce the market sale value of your house as maximum buyers prefer turf grass. 
  6. Can lose its charm due to heavy foot movement. It looks matted after a regular walk on it. 
  7. It is so fragile that the pets can tear it. You can rip it apart easily with your hands.
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