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Preen Lawn WeedIf you are tired of weeds that are not only devastating your grasses and yield but also the charm of the yard, then spring is the chief period to get the weeds rid of. 

The maximum weeds shoot out when the daytime heat reaches 50 degrees. So spring is here to get a control of unwanted weeds that grow into your lawn. You can opt for any weed controller but the right decision at the right time will save you from many garden maladies and curses. So you need to choose a weed preventer that does not let any weed to raise its head out of the soil bed. So it is a prerequisite in weed controlling to sojourn it even before it is shot out. So such a pre-emergent weed controller is the necessity of the day. 

Preen is such a weed controller which is combined with ingredients that help destroy weed and mulching naked soil. It is not just one product; it’s a full line of weed treatments. 

Preen Lawn Weed Control

Follow the given strategy this spring to control the vexatious weeds with preen.


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In patterned beds

Step 1: Get Rid of prevailing weeds after watering

The most important pre-preen step is to moisten the soil. Water it so that the next pre-preen step gets easier for you. For instance a moist soil patch is easier to weed than a dry and thirsty one.  The already existing weeds are not the target of preen as it has to eliminate the weeds that are going to be hatched soon.  Granular weed preventers are not meant for killing weeds but for preventing them from emerging. It is effective to prevent almost 200 kinds of weeds from incubating. So the first and foremost step is to get rid of those which have already occupied the lawn. These weeds can be perennial or annuals; they need to be removed before the soil is to be treated with preen. 

You can opt to any procedure for weeding the existing vicious weeds. You can either pull them out manually or you can eliminate them with a hoe. In the same way digging them out from the root is also applicable. Or you can opt for a chemical to end the vexation of previously prevailing weeds. Adopt any of the plan you like but ensure that roots are also removed with the top.

You can also use organic ways to weed. The sprays of acids like acetic acid, citrus oil, clove oil etc. can be blended into an organic weed control. You can also use them separately.

Step 2: Mulch the yard’s soil:

mulchYou can use wood chips, dead moderately decomposed leaves, bark, shredded hardwood, or pine needles to cover your soil up for protection and many other benefits. You can take organic mulch of 1 to 3 inch thick. Do not let the weeds occupy the bare soil.

Step 3: Apply the Preen

The crux of the entire process is to apply a spring veneer of Preen. You have to spread it over the mulched beds. You can also spread it over the existing plants. 

Preen is the best option as it can be effectively used over more than 600 plant types. Cross match the list of weeds to check whether the Preen is effective against that weed or not. The multiple versions of preen can be:

Preen Garden Weed Preventer

This Preen is operative in checking the weeds to emerge on the surface of the yard for as many as 12-14 weeks (three months). This is the least span covered by any Preen. 

1. Preen Extended Control weed Preventer

If you plan to control or check your weeds before emerging for more than three months then this is what you need the most. It will be helpful in not letting the weeds get sprouted for up to six months. You are a stress free gardener after using this Preen for over a half of the year.

2. Preen Garden Weed Preventer plus plant food

As the name shows this Preen not only averts the birth of the weed in your soil bed but is also a great source of nourishment for the yard. It is a blend of herbicide and fertilizer. It is a dual functioned Preen serving you at its best.

3. Preen Mulch with Extended Control Weed Preventer

A blend of wood mulch and weed preventer bagged together is to get the best of your demanded lawn. It not only stops the weeds from getting emerged but also gives the benefits of mulch to your yard. You are going to have a greener and healthier garden this summer.


You need to reapply the Preen Weed Controller two to three times during a year. For season long weed prevention consult its manual or a seasoned horticulturist to get to know the effective way to do it. 

In the vegetable orchid

garden bedStep 1: You need to repeat the same first step of ornamental bed i.e. to remove the previously existing weeds by pulling, digging or hoeing them. A weed free soil is best to use Preen.

Step 2: Use leaves, straws, pine needles, or kitchen litter to use as compost in your veggie garden bed. It is recommended to protect the bare soil. It will not let sun beams enter the compost and will hinder the growth of the weeds

Step 3: Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is to be applied around vegetable roots. Stop applying it when the plant has got leaves on it and it has grown into inches. Avoid applying it when you have recently sowed the seeds as it will also stop their growth. The Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is the best organic food that is to be smeared every month to get the best vegetable yield and also checks the growth of the weeds.

In the lawn

Attend to your lawn’s needsStep 1:  Applying Preen Lawn Crabgrass Control in April can yield marvelous results. This is a granular product that controls weeds and crabgrass in your lawn. It is also effective against 40 other weeds other than crabgrass. Its plus point is that it does not harm the garden grass.

Step 2:  Apply a broadleaf weed-killer in summer to check their growth. Opt for the liquid broadleaf weeds controller. They will kill weeds from the lawn. To kill persistent weeds, this Preen is also going to help you a lot.

Hazards to Humans and Environment:

  • It is very harmful if it comes in contact with skin or inhaled. 
  • It can cause eye irritation.
  • Extremely dangerous to fish and other aquatic invertebrates and plants. Hence, entry of the pesticide into drainages, gutters and other water surfaces should be completely restricted. 


  • Avoid using Preen Lawn Weed Control on St.Augustine grass, dichondra and carpet grass to prevent any burn.
  • Only two broadcast applications are allowed per year within a minimum 30 days of application. 
  • Avoid using the product more than the specific dosage mentioned on the label.
  • Don’t use this product on grass which is newly seeded until it is fully developed. 
  • Do not use Preen Lawn Water Control with 25 feet near permanent water bodies such as lakes, fish ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans, streams and reservoirs etc. 
  • Avoid the application process when it’s windy and apply directly on the lawn. If any area comes in contact with the product make sure to clean it properly.
  • Do not use it in an area where water can easily pass through the soil and the water table is shallow. This can result in contamination of underground water or drinking water.

Safety Precautions: 

Safety Precautions:
  • Use proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as long sleeve shirt, long pants, goggles, a mask and chemical- resistant gloves to protect yourself and dispose of them properly after use.
  • Keep children and pets away from the lawn during and after the application of preen. 
  • Restrict the entrance to the area until the lawn is completely dry after application. 
  • If it comes in contact with your skin or clothes, immediately separate the cloth from your body and wash with plenty of water. Consult a doctor if needed. 
  • Make sure to read the label thoroughly before buying it. 
  • Always observe all the precautionary measures before using it. 
  • Follow the instructions given on the label very carefully. 
  • Preen Lawn Weed Control is only for residential use.  
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