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In what way To Stock Your Weed Eater, Safe and sound!

weed eater storageIt is a bad practice to not take care of the machines and gadgets after they have served us faithfully for over a long period during the season. You need to store them properly in a proper place. So is your weed eater that needs meticulous care and upkeep during the frosty winter nights.

Do we have to just throw it in the car garage- unattended?

Or we just have to pile it up in the yard’s corner?

The answer to both of the questions is absolutely no. You have to add it to your lawn arsenal.

Weed Eater storage ideas

When the question about saving it comes to the mind, we can do it in two ways. You can either hang it on a wall or lay it horizontal on the ground. The best among these two is hanging it on the wall. You either have an electric powered weed eater or a gas powered weed eater. You need to follow a few more procedures to do it more safely and without harming it.

Since your weed eater is a common gismo in your lawn tool kit, its storage needs a great deal to be considered. So, storage of a lawn unwanted plant eater may differ from type to type. 

There are many different factors involved but the most heated debate is either to store it vertically or horizontally. You have to ponder over the space How to store a Weed Eateravailable for storage. Either you have less or greater. If you are provided with lesser space then going for the vertical is the best option as it does not ask for much legroom. It has an edge over the horizontal laying so that it does not get any kind of mutilation while hanging. Horizontal laying of the weed eater will ask for more space and it is prone to damage as well. 

Is It Alright to Sling a Weed Eater Vertically?

While dangling your weed eater vertically is a decent approach. Many veteran gardeners recommend it as well. The reasons behind this choice are

  • This position does not let any fluid or fume leak away from the weed eater especially if it is powered by gas.
  • Its fragile parts are safe. They do not get victim of breakage due to the exertion of extra pressure. 
  • It is a good way to prevent the weed eater from the filth and grime in its delicate parts. It prevents dust as a whole.
  • It is the best option to be adopted when you need more room and to save space.
  • Its parts do not get clogged or jammed if it is hung vertically. 

If you are using a gas powered weed eater then going vertical is the best option to be opted for. It is safer than to lay it flat. It will not let it exert any pressure on the fragile parts of the eater.

Will it be hung With Engine Up and about or down?

Storing Gas powered weed eater:

Before storing the gas powered weed cutter you need to make its tank empty of gasoline to avoid any damage or accident. While storing the weed eater vertically you need to think whether the engine should be at the top or its tail or blade? I think storing in such a way that the engine is at the top is the best store weed eatermethod. It helps keep any fluid from leaking. Engine up will not let fluid roam about the machine freely and easily.  

Storing electric powered weed cutter: 

The only thing that makes these two types apart is the power they work on. One works on gasoline and the other on electric charge. For electric power operated weed eaters you should remove the batteries first to avoid any damage to the battery storage. For the electric powered weed cutter you can opt for either engine up or cutting blades up. Both the positions are adopted by the gardeners as there is no risk of fluid leakage. It is better to hang it in such a way that its cutting blades are facing the earth-downwards. Hanging it by the guard can cause it damage in the remote future. Its delicate parts like handles become prone to breaking. Shove it to the further out while suspending it. It will not let it get broken or damaged. 

Cons of horizontal hanging

Avoiding the horizontal storage of the weed cutter is not a spur of the moment decision. There are many things that make the gardeners avoid it. They are

  • Oil or gas leakage from the engine (in case you are using a gas powered weed eater) 
  • Exertion of the heaviness or weight on the delicate parts of the weed cutter like engine, carburetor and air filters.
  • It needs more space as compared to the vertical hanging.
  • It becomes home and host to dirt, grime and dust.
  • It gets congested lying straight. 
  • The place looks messy and shabby with a horizontal cutter. 
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