Tips for a Successful Container Garden – A Secret Guide

Modernization in the globe has turned larger stuff into smaller ones, but with the same functions. Telephones are replaced by cellphones, and computers have been replaced by laptops and tablets. Similarly, container gardens are taking place in big gardens as people have started to live in big cities and small apartments. For container gardening, you will need variable containers, soil, seeds of your choice, and obviously water.

Why a container garden?

We aim to motivate you to grow a container garden, so we have collected some key benefits of container gardening as described by the expert gardeners. Here they are:-

  • A container garden is versatile. You can create it anywhere in the walkway, the entrance of the house/apartment, window shelf, balcony, patio, living room, office, or rooftop of your residence.
  • You can create a great natural expression of your space through the container garden indoor or outdoor.
  • Container gardens are less likely to attract wildlife, weeds, and other lawn diseases than big gardens can get.
  • By growing a container garden you will not require big and expensive gardening tools like a mower, rakes, etc. The stuff you may want for upkeep is simple.
  • A container garden is portable. All the plants can be carried anywhere safely for change in order, or you want to shift your apartment if you are living in a rental one.

So, if you are well-convinced to grow a container garden, then below are some great container gardening tips for you to follow:-

Tips for a successful container gardening

  • Suitable pots and containers:

For creating a container garden you must have appropriate containers and pots. These must have a drainage space at the bottom for water. Keep in mind to have the containers and pots with the attached plate at the bottom so that it does not create a mess of water on the floor.

The containers should not be less than 13 inches in diameter as very small pots are not good for the plant to grow well. If you want to hang the containers then you must not get the huge ones, as they are heavy and do not look good in a small space. The ideal measurement is 14-15 inches in diameter.

You can also have any old gardening boots, half-cut large size bottles, old plastic buckets as containers.

  • Location of containers:

Always place the containers in an inappropriate place. If your plant is sun resistant/loving, you must keep it in the exposed sunlight and heat to grow. If your plant is shade-loving, always keep it away from direct sunlight and find a shady place to keep it.

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