Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

Most of you have sometimes noticed the brown and thin spots in our lawns during late summer. You must be thinking that it is because of the dry weather, less watering, or dead turf. It happens because of grubs’ presence on your lawn.

Grubs are the immature form of several kinds of insects, beetles, and bugs. Their eggs can be found in the soil and not seen on the surface. They cause turf weakening, staining, and discoloration of the lawn.

In this post, we will provide you recommendations on how to find out their presence and get rid of them easily.

Signs to look for

Before taking action, you must look for the signs and indications of grubs presence in your lawn.

  • If the wildlife like birds, rats, raccoons, and other animals that eat worms are coming to your lawn now and then, then it’s the first sign that grubs are present.
  • If you observe thin, and faded turf patches in your lawn that are so brittle if you touch them. They can be even spoiled by walking on them. This is another signal because larvae stay about 2-3 inches down in the soil from the top surface and nourished on the roots of the grass. This makes the grass brown, faded, and weakened.
  • When you dig the soil from the weak patches, you will be able to see white worm-like creatures, and they are exactly the grubs. They usually shrink their body making a half moon-like shape when they are touched by something or bothered.

Methods to get rid of Grubs:

There are two methods to get rid of these stress-causing larvae/grubs. Here they are:-

Using natural ways

  • Use alive lazy nematodes in your lawn to kill the grubs. These are tiny organisms that can only be seen under a microscope. It is advised to use them instantly on your lawn after purchasing.
  • Try milky spore powder to get rid of grubs. It is an organic bacteria that works by killing the grubs only and not harming anything else in your lawn. It can be easily applied with the help of a spreader.
  • Keeping your grass dry throughout the infestation period (from early summer to late summer) will also help you to get your lawn free of grubs. This way is not very recommended because there are only a few kinds of grass that are capable of regrowing after complete dryness, and others get a drought if they remain dried for a long period.

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