How to Get Rid of Grass Spiders from your Lawn

Are you constantly meeting that incy wincy spider in your backyard or lawn?

You may be a victim also like many other lawn owners. The spiders are not harmful to any item of your lawn but they affect the beauty and expression of the lawn by building webs and creating a dirty look. They might be scary to ladies, kids, and your respected guests.

Panic no more!

By reading this post you will be able to recognize the lawn spiders and be knowledgeable about some useful schemes that you can adopt to get a spider-free lawn.

Schemes to get spider-free lawn

Recognizing and knowing about the nature of lawn spiders is very important before taking action against them.

Lawn spiders are yellowish or brownish and have a dark stripe around the body mostly around their tummy. This stripe is the obvious sign to differentiate the lawn spiders from the wolf spiders. Female lawn spiders are a bit larger than male ones. Lawn spiders love to stay in dry, cool, and shady spaces especially corners and cracks.

Now, let’s move towards the schemes to eliminate these eight-legged creatures. There are both ways; natural and chemical to discourage the spiders from staying on your lawn.

Reduce favorable spots:

Cornered, cluttered, shady, quiet, and untouched spots are favorable for spiders to stay on for longer periods. They make webs and create that place their territory if left overlooked by the lawn owner. 

Therefore, it is important to take deep care while cleaning and clearing your lawn for any dirt and waste. A good sweeping of dry leaves and stems from the corners and shady places of your lawn will be better to reduce the incoming of spiders in your lawn. Always remember to mow your lawn regularly to avoid unnecessary weed beds which are good places for spiders to hide in.

Stop having meals on the lawn:

Lawn spiders are mostly attracted towards those lawns/spots where they find something to eat. So, the leftover food items if not cleared from the lawn will become a cause of the incoming of spiders in your lawn. So, if you had a weekend brunch or lunch with your family and friends on your lawn, then you must clean your lawn nicely after the event is over. Polluted and messy places always attract insects, hence they destroy your space.

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