The Best Furnace Filters

Furnace FiltersIt’s that time of year when furnaces are cranking away in homes all over the country. Furnace filters are often overlooked, but they’re an essential part of maintaining a furnace and ensuring your home stays nice and cozy during the winter months. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to know about furnace filters, how they work, why you should replace them regularly, and which brands are best for your needs.

How They Work

First, it’s important to understand how a furnace filter works. Furnace filters are usually made of pleated material that traps dust particles and allows air to pass through the other side. They are available in different micron levels depending on their filtration capabilities, lower numbers indicate less filtration while higher numbers show more potent filtering power.

Why You Should Change Them

Furnace filters are not designed to last forever. While most furnace filters won’t need replacement every month, furnaces that run all the time will require more frequent filter changes, around twice per year for large homes with multiple occupants. Some air quality experts recommend changing your furnace filter monthly in small households or on certain kinds of furnace models.

Best Furnace Filters

1. K&N Merv 11 Washable Furnace Filter

K&N 16x20x1 Air Filter

This is the best furnace filter you will ever buy. It has a MERV 11 filtration rating, which means it traps 99% of particles as small as 0.01 microns (or about three thousandths of an inch). The K&N air filter catches dust particles and other airborne contaminants that can trigger serious respiratory problems, allowing you to breathe safely at home or in the office.

The K&N Air Filter is washable and reusable. Simply clean the filter by using compressed air or water, then let it completely dry before use. Reduces the need for costly replacement of disposable filters.

The K&N Air Filter reduces pollen, dust, airborne contaminants, and other irritants, allowing you to breathe better. The K&N Air Filter is made of an oiled cotton/synthetic blend that will not tear or get damaged by water.

2. Filtrete MPR 600 Furnace Air Filter

Filtrete 16x25x1

These filters fit most standards furnace systems and are available in a wide range of sizes. Filtrete has been a trusted name for years when it comes to filtration products, so you know your home is going to be protected from harmful particles with these high-quality filters. Filtrete also offers an easy filter change reminder program that can help you stay on top of your filter changes.

The Filtrete MPR 600 Air Filter is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to protect your home from dust, pollen, pet dander, and other irritants as well as odors from pets or cooking.

You can keep track of how often you need to change your air filter with the Filtrete Smart app. The countdown feature allows you to see when it’s time for a new one (the date and number of days are automatically sent directly to your phone).

3. Aerostar MERV 8 Pleated Furnace Filter

Aerostar 12x12x1 MERV 8-Pleated Air Filter

For the best furnace filters, look no further than this great product by Aerostar. This filter will fit perfectly into just about any air conditioner or furnace you have installed at home. It also has a MERV rating of eight which will allow you to breathe clean air throughout your home.

Another great product for the best furnace filters. This filter will provide a high-quality service that will keep allergens at bay while still allowing you to breathe clean air.

This filter will provide you with cleaning power to keep your home clean and free of microorganisms for up to six months at a time. It also has an activated carbon layer that acts as a pre-filter, making it the best furnace filter out there.

4. Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter MPR 300

Filtrete 16x25x1 AC Furnace Air Filter

This filter is the best furnace filter for removing dust and other contaminants in your HVAC system. It has a MERV rating of 300 (indicating its effectiveness), and it will last up to three months before needing replacement, making this an affordable option as well.

This product lasts longer than most options available on the market today, which is why it’s the best furnace filter. It also comes at a cost-effective price point and will save you money in the long run on your HVAC system operating costs.

The hardest part about installing these filters is finding them. They’re typically located behind or above furnaces and other heating equipment; while they may be difficult to access, it’s something you only need to do once every three months.

5. Crisp Filters MERV 8 AC Furnace Air Filter


Crisp Filters 20x25x1 Air FilterThis is a great furnace air filter that was very easy to install and has worked out just fine. It does an excellent job of keeping our home’s air fresh and clean.

This furnace air filter does a great job of filtering out dust and other small particles.

The quality of this product is very high, it’s thick enough to do the job but not to think that it doesn’t fit or get sucked into your unit’s fan blades. It also has an antimicrobial treatment on the surface which prevents bacteria growth.

This air filter is universal and can fit any standard-size home furnace unit. Replacing the filters on your ac units should be an easy task, it’s not a difficult process that you need to put thought into or struggle with for more than minutes at a time.

Overall, this product has proven to be a great investment and we highly recommend it to other homeowners.

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