Top 5 Best Light Bulb Security Cameras

Best Light Bulb Security CamerasThe world of home security is always changing. Traditional CCTV cameras are being replaced by newer, more innovative surveillance devices. One such device is the light bulb security camera, which works just like a regular light bulb but also offers protection for your property while you’re not there.

A light bulb security camera is an excellent choice if you are on the lookout for an inconspicuous way to monitor your home or business. In this article, we will discuss five of the best-selling models available today.

Light Bulb Security Cameras Buyer’s Guide

There are some important factors to consider when purchasing a light bulb security camera.

Camera Quality:

The first consideration you should look at is the camera quality. How high of a resolution does it have? Because these are light bulbs, they generally do not offer HD video capabilities like other security cameras on the market today.

You can expect to get some grainy footage with these devices but that’s just something you’ll need to deal with if you want to have this kind of inconspicuous surveillance.

Motion Sensor:

A motion sensor is also a very important feature to look out for when shopping around. These devices are not like other security cameras where they record 24/hr.

You will need to have them turned on for them to work which means you’ll want one that can sense movement and activate the camera automatically.


Make sure that the light bulb security camera you choose is compatible with your home’s wiring. If not, it will need to be hardwired and this may take some time.

You can avoid all of these issues by looking for one that matches up perfectly with your current setup.


Make sure that the security camera you choose is also equipped with an alarm. This is one of the most important features to look for if your goal is to monitor a property that has been broken into or vandalized!

With this device, not only will you be able to see who broke in but it will immediately sound off an alarm at the same time too.

Night Vision:

Lastly, make sure that the light bulb security camera you choose has night vision features. Even if it doesn’t have a motion sensor or alarm system, seeing somebody in your home when you’re not there will be enough to scare them away.

Best Light Bulb Security Cameras

ImageProduct NameProduct description
Light Bulb Camera Wifi 1080P
Light Bulb Camera Wifi 1080P

  • Feature:
  • High definition lens
    Image sensor
    360-Degree viewing angle
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Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera
Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera

  • Feature:
  • Motion Detection
    AP Spots
    Alarm Function
Check Price
Nucam 380 Premium LED Light Bulb Camera
Nucam 380 Premium LED Light Bulb Camera

  • Feature:
  • 180° Adjusting extender
    Smart Light Mode
    Two-way audio recording
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Sengled LED Bulb with Motion Sensor
Sengled LED Bulb with Motion Sensor

  • Feature:
  • Easy to install
    Waterproof design
    Adjustable brightness
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1080P WiFi Bulb Camera
1080P WiFi Bulb Camera

  • Feature:
  • Camera Lens:1.4mm
    Fast And Easy Setup
    Camera Resolution:1920x1080(1080P)
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Light Bulb Camera Wifi 1080P HD 360 Fisheye Wireless Security Camera

Light Bulb

This Light Bulb Camera has 1080P HD video quality, because of the high definition lens and image sensor. It has a wide viewing angle which allows you to see more than at other cameras.

It’s small in size but it can take pictures very clearly just like the expensive IP Cameras/Bullet security camera system while used at the home, office, and other places.

It has a 360-degree viewing angle with a high resolution of 1080p, and it lets you capture everything in sight.

This Light Bulb Camera supports motion detection recording for saving storage space when nothing is going on around the camera.

It has an alarm function that will make a loud sound when something happens to your home or office security system.

The Light Bulb Camera is easy to install without any tools needed. You can set it up in seconds even if you are not good at electronic products.

This Light Bulb Camera supports wireless connection and can be easily connected with smartphone devices via a free iOS/Android app to monitor your home, office, parking area, etc. when are not there.

Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera

Full HD

This device from BESDERSEC Store is a great choice for those who want to feel safe and secure in any situation.

It has all the features that an ideal camera should have: Full HD resolution, night vision, motion detection as well as two-way audio communication.

You can record everything that happens 24/7, whether you are at home or not since it has a built-in Micro SD card slot for up to 128 GB.

Every panoramic camera has its hotspot that may be used to connect to the 2.4G WiFi router; only one of them may do so at a time. Even if you’re not in an internet connection, it’s simple to connect to it.

The motion detection in this light bulb camera notifies you via push notification when a security camera picks up movement, so you don’t have to worry about the burglar breaking into your house while you’re out, making your home safer.

Another great pro is that you can record everything in 1080P resolution.

You can add up to four cameras on the same app and take footage from every angle.

The night vision is very useful when you have a baby or pets that need monitoring at night, making this light bulb security camera one of the best choices for your home!

Nucam 380 Premium LED Light Bulb Camera

The Nucam 380 Premium LED Light Bulb Camera has a fisheye lens, two-way audio recording, and is controlled via an app.

It’s one of the best light bulb security cameras available for purchase in 2022. The camera records 2k video and features night vision with an automatic infrared cut filter.

The system’s embedded web server will display the message on your smartphone or computer. It will send alert messages with images to your APP.

Videos may be stored on a microSD card (formatted at FAT32) that is password-protected, thus preventing them from being played on other devices.

It works via WiFi and APP (compatible with both Android and iOS) making it one of the best light bulb security cameras available today.

The Nucam 380 Premium LED Light Bulb Camera also has motion detection, which can be used to trigger the camera’s recording mode.

The 360° camera vision and 180° rotating extension allow you to see every inch of the room.

Sengled LED Bulb with Motion Sensor

Sengled LED

The Sengled LED security camera is a high-end product at an affordable price. It’s equipped with a motion sensor, Sengled application for remote access to the video stream, and push notifications.

The PAR38 smart floodlight possesses all of the features that you can find out in top LED bulbs: it has 1080p HD resolution, waterproof design, adjustable brightness, and motion sensor.

The IP65-rated Smart Security Lightbulb is a high-quality camera that can monitor your home 24/7. It has powerful LED lights which have an incredibly long lifespan.

The product comes along with a free Sengled Home app which you can install on your smartphone.

It has a built-in motion sensor. When someone approaches within 30 feet of the light while it is dark, it will turn on automatically.

It is simple to set up. You may turn ordinary fixtures into these motion-activated lights without requiring any extra equipment or expense. After the motion is detected, the light stays on for 90 seconds.

1080P WiFi Bulb Camera

WiFi Bulb

This light bulb camera is provided by Fullward, which is a company that specializes in developing professional security products.

It can be used as an effective and smart monitoring tool for your home or office.

With the 360-degree panoramic design, you can monitor all areas of your house/office remotely from any place with a Wi-Fi connection.

The camera has a Fisheye lens, which makes it perfect for catching the whole room. It allows you to monitor everything that happens in your house or office and take care of family members, pets & business assets remotely from anywhere anytime on a mobile device.

This bulb camera is equipped with a motion detection alarm, which can send out alerts whenever there is any movement detected by its PIR sensor.

It is both a home security camera and baby monitor which sends out notifications to your phone when it detects motion or hears a sound.

It has color vision even at night and captures clear images of intruders or anyone who enters your house/office without permission.

If you want to buy a light bulb security camera, the Fullward 1080P WiFi Bulb Camera is worth considering.

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