The Best Smart Showers of 2021

Best Smart ShowersThe benefits of installing a smart shower include convenience, efficiency, and comfort. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly or luxurious experience, there are options to suit your needs. We’ve rounded up the best smart showers on the market in 2019 so that you can make an educated decision about which one is right for you.

What to Look For in a Smart Shower:

Here are a few things to consider before buying a smart shower for your bathroom:

1. Efficiency

A smart shower can monitor the water temperature and dispense just enough to get you clean without wasting any. For example, if your preferred temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius), it will deliver that specific heat until you turn off the tap or adjust it. You may even be able to connect multiple showers in one house and set each to a different temperature.

2. Convenience

You can schedule your shower so that it starts at the same time every day without having to worry about adjusting any knobs or dials. It’s easy to stick with a morning routine if you know exactly when your shower will begin, and it also helps reduce water waste.

3. Comfort

A smart shower can also deliver a more luxurious experience with options like rain showers and body sprays instead of just the standard hand sprayer. You may be able to access these features from your phone or by using voice commands, depending on how the model has been set up.

Homeowners spend an average of eight hours per week in the shower, so it makes sense to invest in one that you’ll enjoy using every day.

4. Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly upgrade, consider a model that uses energy and water more efficiently. Some models can sense when no one is home and shut themselves off to prevent wasting resources as well as collecting data on the homeowner’s habits so they don’t waste any time or money with their showering schedule.

5. Design

With so many smart shower manufacturers offering different styles, you’ll be able to find one that complements the design of your bathroom or shower area. Some models can even fit in more than one type of space, such as a corner unit for small spaces and a standard size for larger areas.

Best Smart Shower

1. KOHLER Moxie Bluetooth Smart Showerhead


The KOHLER Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead is an amazing sound system that will provide you with the best shower experience in your life. The speaker has a fully integrated design so it can be easily installed and no one would ever know about its existence. You can control all of the settings by using just your voice or even simpler, from your phone. The showerhead has a 30% larger spray surface and the speaker is IPX7 water-resistant which means that you can use it even when taking a bath or using it in combination with Jacuzzi jets – just make sure not to submerge the whole unit into the water! All of these features are packed into a very compact design, meaning that you can also install it if your shower isn’t very spacious.

The speaker is very durable and it can be easily installed in a few easy steps. It has a nice design that will look amazing even if you have a minimalist bathroom. The sound quality of the unit is truly remarkable, just like with all KOHLER products that we have reviewed so far. It uses a great Harman Kardon speaker system.

The battery life of this speaker is truly remarkable, you can use the showerhead for up to ten hours which will allow you a long and relaxing bath or hot tub session.

It has been designed in such a way that it can easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth. You can also control the unit with a single button, meaning that you don’t even need a smartphone if you want to use it as just an ordinary showerhead.

2. WaterHawk Eco-Friendly Smart Shower Head

WaterHawk Smart Shower Head

WaterHawk is an eco-friendly smart shower head that allows you to monitor your water usage and see the temperature of the water while it’s running. The LED display shows various readings such as gallons per minute, the actual flow rate in liters per minute, water temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or centigrade. The LED display is located on the water-connector arm. WaterHawk can be used as a regular shower head, but for those looking to go green and save money, this might be something you want to consider adding to your bathroom. The best thing about it – it’s not going to break the bank or have a big impact on your water bill.

According to the manufacturer, WaterHawk can save up to 30% of water. Now that might not seem like much but every little bit helps and it’s definitely worth considering if you are looking into getting a smart shower head or upgrading your current one.

The impressive thing about this product is how well-built and made out of premium materials it is. It’s definitely made with quality in mind and you can definitely feel that when using the showerhead itself.

3. Dream Spa Smart Shower Head

Dream Spa All Chrome

This product is very good for people who have arthritis or other disabilities that limit their hand function because they are no longer required to turn a knob! The best part of this product is how it automatically adjusts water heat when it senses a change in the water flow.

This product can save your normal hot/cold-water consumption because it will only provide as much water as needed for any given shower setting. This means that it is great for people on a budget who want to save money on their utility bills every month! It also means that it is great for the environment by saving water and energy.

This product also comes with a limited warranty, so you can buy this shower system with confidence knowing that your purchase will be replaced if anything goes wrong due to manufacturer defects.

This product requires no tools to install. There is a simple slip-on connection for the water supply line.

4. Luminex by PowerSpa

Luminex by PowerSpa

Luminex by PowerSpa has a sleek modern design with a chrome finish and an adjustable swivel ball head for a comfortable hold while you shower.

The Luminex by PowerSpa has a sleek modern design with a chrome finish and an adjustable swivel ball head for a comfortable hold while you shower. The seven vibrant colors change automatically every few seconds, which is great if you want to match your mood or the weather outside. It also has a LED air-jet turbo pressure-boost nozzle that can help you take your showers from okay to amazing.

The Luminex by PowerSpa is easy to install with just a few tools. The showerhead comes with an adjustable ball joint, for flexibility when it’s time to clean.

The Luminex by PowerSpa keeps one so excited about the showers again. The sleek modern design and all of its features like pressure-boost and the vibrant colors are of course a plus.

5. Moen Shower Smart Home Bathroom Controller

Moen TS3304TB

This shower controller connects to your home’s wireless network and sends notifications through the app when you’re running low on hot water. It also provides real-time updates for energy cost estimates, so you’ll always know how much money it costs to use every day.

You can set a personalized routine using voice commands or from the app and create a schedule so that the shower starts at the same time every day without having to adjust any settings.

The digital screen gives you complete control of your shower and it’s easy to adjust temperatures or switch between presets like “rainshower” and “aerated stream.” The display works with Amazon Alexa for voice control of your shower. You can even set a time to start the water running from another room or while you’re on vacation by connecting it to an away-mode schedule. It is also compatible with Apple Siri and Google Assistant. It also monitors energy consumption so that you know how much it costs to use every day.

Moen provides a quick start guide for this device so that even beginners can get it set up and running in minutes.

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