It’s important to get the most out of your fertilizers, and that’s where a fertilizer spreader can help. Choosing the right fertilizer spreader can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider and it is important to get the one that best suits your needs. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the most popular brands on the market today. You’ll find everything from electric, gas-powered, manual, wheeled, or towed models with various capacities available for all budgets.

Fertilizer spreaders are easy to use since they only require the user to add the seeds into the machine and with the push of a button, it automatically starts spreading them around the required area evenly.  

Best Fertilizer Spreader Buyer’s Guide

A fertilizer spreader is a product designed to make the distribution of lawn care products easier and faster. Every spreader has a hopper or a container shaped like a bin which can be loaded up with any material such as granular herbicides, fertilizers, feeds, and grass seed, etc. 


The term capacity refers to the amount of material a spreader can hold and distribute. Each fertilizer spreader will have a different holding and spreading capacity so when looking for a spreader make sure that its spreading capacity is suitable for your lawn size. 


Knowing the material out of which the spreader is made is the key to buying a durable and high-quality spreader. Most spreaders are either made out of plastic or stainless steel. Plastic is more common and cheaper yet easily cracks and breaks and is not environmentally friendly while stainless steel is more expensive but typically long-lasting because it is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.


The bigger the size of the wheel the better the manoeuvrability and the easier it will be to move the spreader around. When purchasing a lawn spreader make sure it has pneumatic tires since they are better for traction. 

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Spreaders 

ImageProduct NameProduct description
Scotts 76121

  • Feature:
  • Lightweight
    Edge Gaurd Technology
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  • Feature:
  • Handbag Spreader
    20lb of materials
    Tear-resistant nylon
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Brinly P20-500

  • Feature:
  • Multi-purpose broadcast push spreader
    Holds upto 50lb material
    Durable and convenient spreader
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Agri-Fab 85 lb

  • Feature:
  • Walk-behind broadcast spreader
    Rustproof poly hopper
    Pneumatic tires
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Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader

  • Feature:
  • adjustable arm support
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Scotts 76121 Turf Builder EdgeGuardThe Best Overall

Scotts 76121 Turf
  • Push Broadcast Spreader
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Edge Gaurd Technology
  • Covers 5,00 sq. ft
  • Scotts 76121 Turf Builder is a mini lightweight push broadcast spreader ideal for average-sized lawns and smaller areas.  It comes with a compact design and a fold-down handle making it easy to store in small spaces.

    This fertilizer spreader can hold up to 5,00 sq. ft of lawn products. Additionally, there is no need to worry about assembling, this product gets fully assembled. 

    With its exclusive EdgeGuard technology the spreader prevents the spread of the materials onto the sidewalks and driveways by blocking off the right side of the spreader. It also comes with a control panel with precision rate settings which ensures fast and accurate distribution of the product.   

    Overall this is great for most lawn and narrow grassy spaces. It jets the job done quickly, efficiently and does not waste the product by spreading it onto undesired areas with its Edge Guard Technology and control panels precision rate settings. Plus it is easy to store in limited spaces and comes pre-calibrated and is fully assembled. 

    EARTHWAY 2750 Hand Crank Bag SeederBest Hand Operated Bag Spreader

    EARTHWAY 2750
  • Handbag Spreader
  • 20lb of materials
  • Tear-resistant nylon
  • Zipper Top
  • The Earthway handbag spreader can hold up to 20lb of materials such as lawn seed and fertilizers. It comes with a zippered top rustproof and tear-resistant nylon construction, contoured molded base, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The zipper top limits the wastage and spillage of the material while the adjustable shoulder strap prevents the bag from tipping. It also comes with a rocking agitator which helps distribute the material evenly and smoothly.  

    Overall this fertilizer spreader is suitable for most lawns and is easy and quick to use. It provides even coverage and is the weather, corrosion, and tear-proof.

    Brinly P20-500BHDF Push SpreaderBest Push Spreader

    Brinly P20 00BHDF
  • Multi-purpose broadcast push spreader
  • Holds upto 50lb material
  • Durable and convenient spreader
  • Enclosed gearbox
  • The Brinly P20-500BHDF Bush Spreader is a multi-purpose broadcast push spreader that comes with a rust-proof hopper that has the capacity to hold up to 50lb of any material such as seeds, fertilizers, granular herbicides, salt, etc. It also comes with a deflector kit that controls the flow of the material to ensure accurate distribution of the material and also prevents the material from spreading onto unwanted areas. The deflector kit is optional, if you don’t want to use it just flip the deflector up and out of the way.

    The turf-tread tires provide stability making it easier to push the spreader through lawns and yards no matter the terrain. This product is engineered to last with stainless steel hardware and a fully enclosed gearbox.

    In conclusion, the Brinley P20-500BHDF Fertilizer Spreader is a product built to last and is easy to use with its pneumatic tread tires and stainless steel gear. Overall it’s a durable and convenient spreader to have. 

    Agri-Fab 85 lb. Broadcast SpreaderBest Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

  • Walk-behind broadcast spreader
  • Rustproof poly hopper
  • 14,000 sq ft
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Agri-Fab 85 lb is a multi-purpose walk-behind broadcast spreader that has the capacity to hold 85lb of any lawn care material. It comes with a rustproof poly hopper, solid rod gate control, enclosed gearbox, optional pro kit, and pneumatic tires. 

    This spreader is engineered for big lawns and can staggeringly cover around ¼ acre (14,000 sq ft) of land. This spreader does require some assembling. 

    It can be used for applying ice melt in winter, fertilizers, and herbicides in the warmer months, and grub in early summer.

    The Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader is a convenient and durable spreader. It’s a multi-season spreader and is suitable for most if not all spreadable lawn care products. Plus it’s easy to maneuver around and easy to use. 

    Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered SpreaderBest Handheld Spreader

    Scotts Whirl

    Scotts Whirl Handheld Fertilizer Spreader is a handheld spreader suitable for small yards and gardens. It comes with adjustable arm support which helps provide the user with maximum comfort. The spreader can hold up to 1,500 sq ft of the product. It comes fully assembled and is engineered to distribute the product evenly and smoothly. It can be used all year round and is ideal for applying ice melt, seeds, dry herbicides, and fertilizers. 

    Overall the Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader is an efficient and convenient spreader to use. It provides an even and smooth application while providing maximum comfort to the user. 

    Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow

    Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow
  • Drop spreader
  • Cover around 40,000 sq ft
  • Durabili
  • Not ideal for small spaces
  • The Agri-fab drop spreader is a great spreader for covering large areas. It is a tow-behind spreader which means it needs to be connected to a terrain vehicle or a riding mower. It can hold up to 17gallons /175 pounds of any lawn care product and can cover around 40,000 sq ft of land (roughly 1 acre). It comes with a rust-proof poly hopper and a premium galvanized steel agitator which contributes to the product’s durability as well as pneumatic tires which allow the spreader to move smoothly and easily and does not come assembled. 

    Overall this is a great drop spreader ideal for large areas. The Agri-Fab drop spreader offers durability, stability, and provides great capacity.

    Spot Spreader Hand Lawn Spreaders Shaker

    Spot Spreader Hand Spreader Shaker
  • Spot hand Spreader
  • Lightweight
  • Screw top container
  • Covers 80 oz.
  • Spot handheld Spreader is a lightweight hand spot spreader that is easy and efficient to use. To use this spreader all you need to do is add the desired material into the screw top container and start spreading. The benefit of using this type of spreader is that there is no need to worry about materials going to waste since this product has multiple openings for different-sized materials.  

    It is easy to open close and hold and can hold up to 80 oz. of seeds, fertilizers, and salts

    Overall if you have a small garden or a yard for which you need to do spot treatment for then this product is for you. 

    This Spot Handheld Spreader Shaker is a durable and easy-to-use product ideal for small areas. Plus it is easy to store because of its small size.

    Brinly BS36BH, 175 lb

    Brinly BS36BH, 175 lb

    The Brinly tow behind broadcast spreader is a spreader that comes with a high capacity hopper that can hold up to 175lb of seeds, fertilizer, and ice melts. This product is ideal for large lawns that are upto 1 acre in size or larger. This spreader is engineered to withstand years of use since it comes with its gears fully enclosed with a nylon gearbox for additional protection and stainless steel hardware. Additionally, it also comes with a hooper cover that protects the materials from spillage, dust, and rain.

    The product also comes with a universal hook up which makes it easy for the spreader to connect with any lawn tractor or rider and has a directional spread pattern control that allows balanced and even application of any material. Additionally, this product can spread materials up to 12 ft and is easy to calibrate. 

    Overall this spreader has a lot of features and therefore is a bit more on the expensive side. But, if you want a tow behind a spreader that is durable, long-lasting, and efficient then this is the spreader for you.

    Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV

    The  ATVS100 ATV Lawn Spreader is an all-purpose broadcast spreader perfect for ground maintenance, farming, landscaping, etc. Its durable poly hopper has the capacity to hold 100lbs of any free-flowing products like fertilizers, feeds, and seeds, etc. This spreader also comes with a rain-protecting cover, a 12V motor placed inside the hopper, and a manual feed gate regulator which gives you control over how much of the material is used. 

    Additionally, this spreader is a multi-season landscaping product. You can load it up with salt or ice melt to take care of pathways and driveways and in the winter and load it up with feed, seed, or fertilizers in the summertime.

    Overall it’s a great product that does its job well. It can hold up a good amount of material and is suitable for medium to large-sized lawns. 

    Types of Spreaders

    There are different types of seed spreaders, for example, hand spreaders, walk-behind spreaders, and tow spreaders.

    Tow Spreaders

    Tow spreaders are also known as pull-behind spreaders are wheeled spreaders that need to be attached to either a lawn tractor or a terrain vehicle. These types of spreaders have a larger capacity for holding and distributing material making them ideal for large areas.

    Handheld spreaders

    Handheld spreaders are compact and ideal for small yards and gardens. 

    Push Spreaders

    Push spreaders are also wheeled and are suitable for covering medium to large-sized lawns.

    Broadcast spreaders vs Drop Spreaders

    Broadcast spreaders work faster and are great for larger areas because they distribute the material in all directions. Fortunately, now there are broadcast spreaders that come with a special feature that limits the distribution of the materials to unwanted areas whether it be the flower beds, driveways, pathways, or your neighbor’s lawn. On the other hand drop, spreaders are more precise but are more appropriate for smaller areas such as a yard or small-sized lawns.

    Overall, there are a lot of spreaders to choose from. When it comes to choosing the best fertilizer spreader, it all depends on personal preference and the size of your yard or lawn.

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