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Do you ever wonder why your neighbor’s lawn is so luscious and verdant?

Well, chances are it’s because they are using an iron fertilizer.

Iron is an important nutrient for plants since it plays a huge role in the synthesis of chlorophyll (the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis in plants) which is vital for the survival of a plant.

Turf that has a low amount of iron is very likely to experience mottled yellow areas as well as a condition known as iron chlorosis. In this condition, the plant starts to turn yellow and brown and if left untreated can die.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency can occur for a few different reasons such as the high pH level of the soil, or because of high amounts of other nutrients available in the soil such as zinc, nitrogen, etc. 

If your lawn seems like it is starting to lose its will and experiencing conditions such as iron chlorosis, lackluster symptoms, or even dormancy then it’s time for you to consider using an iron supplement for your lawn.

Iron will not only make your lawn look more appealing but will also enhance your turf’s ability to tolerate heat and droughts, as well as resist diseases, etc. Iron can be used for moss control as well.

Iron Affects on Plants  

Iron fertilizers are generally used for plants that take up iron through an ion exchange process called chelation where Fe3+ binds with specialized proteins that transport ions into plants. It results in the gradual increase of available iron during the growing season until levels reach saturation. Iron deficiency symptoms can be reversed when using liquid fertilizer; however, recovery may take 7–21 days depending on the severity and multiple application may be required.

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Liquid vs Granule

There are two forms of the iron supplement: liquid and granule.

We are choosing to do liquid iron since it delivers visible results quicker than granule iron application and can easily be controlled while applied.

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2 Best Liquid Irons

In this article, we are going to be discussing the top 3 best liquid iron for lawns.

LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron

The lawn star liquid iron for plants is one of the best liquid iron supplements for lawns available in the market since it not only corrects iron deficiencies but also helps with root damage and yellowing of the foliage as well as color distortion. 

This product is a multi-purpose iron supplement great for lawns, flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, etc.  It is also very effective at restoring and revitalizing lawns that are suffering from lackluster since it treats these symptoms to the core.

The lawn star CLI liquid iron supplement contains 6% highly bioavailable nutrients that are delivered right to the base of the plant, results in not only a luscious and vibrant looking but a stronger and healthier turf as well.

This product promotes stronger root development which improves the stress tolerance of the turf. 

Furthermore, the mixing ratio for lawns is 1.5 to 3oz of the product with a generous amount of water for the coverage of 1000 sq. ft.

This product does come with a label that informs the user of the mixing ratios for not only lawns but ornamentals, large trees, and shrubs as well. 

Additional tips:

  • Wear safety clothing and gloves before use
  • Check the soil pH balance and if its alkaline then first correct the pH level to normal then apply the product
  • Use with caution to prevent stains
  • Don’t water for a few hours to let the foliage absorb the product


Overall this product is not only very efficient but convenient, safe, and inexpensive as well. 

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Southern Ag Chelated Liquid Iron, 16oz-1 Pint

Southern Ag Chelated Liquid Iron 16oz-1  is a multi-purpose liquid iron supplement that can be used anywhere you desire, such as shrubs, flower beds, lawns, and so on. 

This product contains around 5% of iron which will make your turf more vibrant by correcting its iron deficiencies. 

Additionally, it’s very easy to use, all you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of the product per gallon of water. 160z of this product can cover up to 1000 sq ft. 

Southern Ag Chelated comes in different sizes such as, 16 OZ lot of 2, 16 OZ lot of 3, and so on but the most common one is medium 16 oz which is an affordable product.

Additional tips:

  • Spray this product in the mornings because the temperatures are cooler and the product will have the time to get absorbed by the foliage whereas if you spray the product in the day time it will evaporate due to high heat and won’t be as effective. 
  • Use gloves when mixing the product since it has a very strong smell that won’t come off easily.


Southern Ag Chelated Liquid Iron is a great product for lawns that are suffering from chlorosis and turf that showing lackluster symptoms since its main target is to correct iron deficiencies. 

Overall Southern Ag Chelated Liquid Iron is a good product. It is easy and convenient to use plus it is safe for pets when used as directed.

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