Weeding large areas of land can be one of the most frustrating and challenging chores to do. However, fortunately, that can be made easy by applying different weeding techniques or products. 

For large areas that are being run out by weeds using a herbicide is one of the best and most efficient methods available. 

There are different types of weed killers, some are good for post-emergent weeds and some for pre-emergent, others are more suitable for perennial weeds while some are formulated for annual weeds.

Post Emergent Weed killer

Post Emergent Weed killer

Post-emergent weed killers are designed to eliminate weeds that are actively growing or have sprouted. One of the most common chemicals found in post-emergent herbicides is known as glyphosate. A glyphosate-based herbicide kills anything it gets in contact with and that is why this type of herbicide should only be spot sprayed. 

Glyphosate-based post-emergent weed killers should be used for concrete areas such as the driveway or the pathway. It’s better to use selective post-emergent weed killers which will do a great job at eliminating vexatious weeds in lawns, gardens, and other larger green areas. Depending on the area you need to cover you can purchase most of the herbicides in a larger size.

Weeds produce 100 to 1000 new viable seeds to ensure their survival. To ensure that those viable seeds don’t start developing use a pre-emergent weed killer.

Pre- emergent Weed Killer

Pre- emergent Weed Killer

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent new weeds from emerging.  This type of herbicide will work best when used in autumn when the seeds are not actively growing.  

The main ingredient found in pre-emergent herbicide is prodiamine. Prodiamine kills any type of weed before it has sprouted from the soil, by stopping the seed from germinating. 

Overall it’s good for destroying annual weeds which survive through the distribution of their seeds but for perennial weeds, it is not really that effective. To get rid of perennial weeds you need to use post and pre-emergent weed killers so that the existing weed plant, as well as the dormant seeds, can be eliminated.

You can alternate a synthetic chemical-based herbicide with your very own homemade version.

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