For winning over the weeds, one has to love the weeding.

weed with handThere can be many ways to weed the weeds but doing what you love is the most prestigious gift one can give to the beloved-the soil. Gardening should be a passion and removing weeds with hands increases the bond of the gardener with his yard. A whining gardener is not a gardener at all. 

So a gardener needs not to be grouchy or lethargic, he has to take his tools, wear his gear and be in the yard. The chore of removing unwelcoming plants from the garden becomes a mission if it is not loved by heart. Gardening is a master if taken to nerves and servant if taken to heart.  

The first thing a gardener needs to understand is that gardening is not a job or chore it is an affection and feelings.

To make your garden glow you should not have a schedule to take care of. You are a gardener 24/7. You should report any problem without consulting the clock. It is similar to parenting.

The prior most thing in gardening care taking is weeding with hands. This blog post will show you how to weed with hands in the most efficient and effective way. 

Most effective ways to Remove weed:

The most important thing in weeding with hands is your attitude towards gardening. The gardener should be ready to take the painstaking practice with all his heart. Stooping down for hours and observing minutely needs a lot of strength. Your knees begin to wear and the back begins to ache. But it needs resilience and love. The more you love what you do the easier it becomes to do it. And your job becomes your hobby. 

weeding timeDo not wait to weed. Pull out any alien plant as soon as you observe it. Nature does not keep a watch to send weeds in the garden. So a gardener should not keep a timetable to start weeding. Your time starts as soon as you observe a hostile invader in your yard. Take your f=gear and start your mission. 

How to have a well maintained lawn?

Maintaining a well taken care of the lawn shows the person’s personality and his tendency towards hygienic living. For keeping a properly groomed yard is the artistic approach. The landowner has to be gardener, pharmacist, horticulturist, decorator, electrician, a stylist, a night watchman, a mechanic, a plumber and anyone else who can help in up keeping of a lawn.  A healthy lawn needs a person having the knowledge of things impacting the lawn. Weed controlling is an art and not everybody is an artist and pulling them out manually needs a lot of concern and care.

Try out weeds you can harvest and eat.

For organic weeding the most commonly used and the most primitive technique is weeding with hands. You cannot weed the weeds only using the hands as the kit. You need other things as well that will help you tidying up your lawn. The weeds with fixed and rigid stems are hardest to remove with hands. 

Crossover Fla HoesThe primitive labor in pulling out the weeds is still unsurpassed. The advanced machinery and the tools are still unable to outdo this art. Hand pulling the vile weeds is still the most beloved task of gardeners either it is planned or unplanned. 

Best time to remove weed:

If you want to pull the weed out with your hand you have to consider a few important things. The first thing is to know the exact time to weed. You can weed any time but to save yourself from drudgery choose the time right after the heavy rainfall. It will save you from 10 untimely blows. It will save your effort and time. The soil will be super soft and only pulling out the weed will do the job. 

Given are the main steps showing weeding the weeds with hands.

Kit and gears:

You would need

  • A hose pipe
  • A hoe
  • Garden gloves 
  • Prongs
  • Rake
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Compost bin 
  • Protective goggles
  • Long boots (wellingtons) 

Getting ready for your lawn

Wear your gloves, protective goggles and boots. You are a garden warrior now. Go to the garden, take your tools and determine which one is to be used.

There are different methods of eradicating the weeds with hands. You need to study the weed before choosing a specific method. Given are the prominent ones depending upon the type of weed that needs to be eradicated.

Check out soil solarization for killing weed.

Compulsory step:

You may be choosing any type of the method but a step that is needed to be taken into consideration is dividing your targeted patch into smaller units. Such a practice will not only make the work sorted out but will also be a great help to gardeners who go random and forget the next part to weed.  

Method 1: Some weeds are not perennial and do not require much effort or labor. All you need to do is to move the weed a bit in circular motions so that the root may leave the compacted soil. When you think the weed is loosen enough, pull it out from the root. You can dampen the soil with water using a water hose but it is not necessary if the weed is tender and young.

Method 2:  If the weed is perennial and is stubborn, the real headache starts.

Now you have to be super-efficient with pulling out the wild plant. This type of weed is quite vile and vicious. For ending such types of weeds the soil should be well irrigated. If the soil is dry, it is no use pulling out the weed. Only the stalk will be broken leaving the root behind to regrow after a while. It needs to be dampened first. Take a hose pipe and water the targeted area sufficiently. If it had rained heavily before this procedure, then there is no need for watering. After sufficiently watering the area, leave it for a while so that the water seeps into the soil. When the soil gets a bit marshy, it’s your time to spring into action. Bend down to the height of the weed and take your start. Expose the roots with a garden hoe and pull the shoot out of the soil. Here you go and you did it eventually.

Method 3: The third method is to dig the weed out of the soil. But first decide whether digging is the answer?

If yes, then go for it. Irrigate the patch with a garden hose as mentioned earlier. Kneel down to the weed to have a clear look. You have to do it steadily and with meticulous care. You have to be patient with such sturdy weeds which sometimes have a bulb or rhizome at its base. Expose the roots or rhizome with hoe in such a way that it may not break loose. If it does, the weed will regrow soon. It is a time consuming task but it is worth it. Let the water seep through the roots to their base. Wait for a while. If the water reaches the base the root will leave the soil itself. 

You may be applying any of the aforementioned procedures in the lawn you need two things. First one is a wheelbarrow. You need it to collect all the dead weeds. The dead weeds are to be put in a wheelbarrow. Second thing is a compost bin. Take all the weeds to the compost bin where the seeds of the weed will be destroyed with overheating.

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