10 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers in 2021

Hedge trimmers are a great tool that can be used to maintain your lawn and keep it looking neat.

Whether you’re trimming bushes, hedges, or other shrubberies, these tools can help turn your yard into the garden of your dreams. With so many different types of hedge trimmers available on the market today, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you and what features they should have.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some important aspects about hedge trimmer use and find out how much they cost in order to help you make an informed decision when deciding which ones to buy.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

There are three main factors that distinguish different trimmers: blade length, motor power, and weight. These three factors help determine how well a particular hedge trimmer will work on your hedges!


The longer your blade, the easier it will be to trim. However, if you have a long blade and heavy motor then that could make for an unwieldy product that is difficult to maneuver around shrubs or bushes.

Motor Power

Generally speaking, more power means less time spent cutting through branches but also adds weight to the machine. If you have a lot of hedges to get through then choosing one with more power will save time. But if your only need is light cutting, like maintaining bushes in the front yard, less motor power may be better for you.


Hedge trimmers are lightweight enough as it is without adding additional weight! Choose something that has an easy-to-grip handle and a lightweight.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers

ImageProduct NameProduct description
EGO Power+ HT2400
EGO Power+ HT2400

  • Feature:
  • 56-Volt lithium-ion battery
    Soft-grip handle
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  • Feature:
  • Cuts branches up to 3/4" thick
    Full length trigger
    24" Dual-action blades
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  • Feature:
  • Anti-rotation system
    Weight: 8.8 pounds
    22-Inch long blades
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Scotts (HT10020S)
Scotts (HT10020S)

  • Feature:
  • 20" Electric hedge trimmer
    Built-in cord retention hook
    Weight: 4.8 pounds
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  • Feature:
  • Dual action blade
    Endless runtime
    Built-In T-Handle
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EGO Power+ HT2400 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

EGO-Power+ HT2400

This trimmer has 24-inch dual-action blades and a 56-volt lithium-ion battery. This trimmer is also cordless so no need to worry about looking for an extension cord or dragging it through the yard with you while you trim hedges.

It’s lightweight and has a soft-grip handle making it easier on your arms while trimming hedges.

This trimmer is good for smaller yards and personal use because it can only reach up to 12 feet in length. This trimmer is eco-friendly due to its zero emissions.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer


BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer is one of the best electric hedge trimmers. It can trim hard-to-reach branches up to three inches thick with ease, so you’ll never have to climb a ladder again!

The rotating handle extends your cutting range and makes reaching tough spots easier than ever before.

This Cordless Hedge Trimmer has the power and cutting speed you need to get your yard work done quickly. The dual-action teeth on this trimmer cut cleanly through branches up to three inches thick.

It’s lightweight and easy to handle so you can get the job done without straining your muscles or calling in extra help.

Its rotating handle extends cutting range, making it easier than ever before to cut difficult-to-reach branches.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a great option for anyone looking to trim their hedges quickly and easily.

DEWALT DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer


This model is a very popular and high-quality hedge trimmer that comes with 22-inch long blades.

It has an anti-rotation system, which means it can work continuously without stopping thanks to its lock-on trigger feature for continuous operation. The blade of the machine is made from heavy-duty steel material, which makes them sturdy enough to cut through smaller branches.

This machine weighs around 8.8 pounds, which is not too heavy nor too light for most users.

The engine’s power makes it one hundred percent efficient in trimming hedges and shrubs without any problems or difficulties whatsoever.

It is powered by a 20-volt battery which gives it enough power to cut through most types of hedges and bushes without stopping the machine from overheating.

The price for this hedge trimmer is very affordable, especially when you consider its high-quality features and how long-lasting it can prove to be in your hands during a day of work.

Scotts HT10020S Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Scotts (HT10020S)

The best thing about this hedge trimmer is that you can get a 45 degree and 90-degree cut which helps to achieve your desired shape. You can use it with an extension cord so there will be no need for batteries or fuel.

It is very easy to use and it can cut through everything, even branches up to ¾ of an inch.

You should know that the blades are not removable so cleaning them will be harder than with most other models on this list.

The handle has a rubber grip which makes it easier for you to hold it for longer periods of time without any discomfort.

It is a great product for the price and it will make your job easier by giving you very precise cuts thanks to its fixed-angle blade design.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer


If you need a high-quality hedge trimmer that can hold up to the toughest conditions then this is the one for you!

It has an ergonomic design which makes it extremely easy to use and comfortable as well. The blades are made of carbon steel which makes them more sturdy and durable.

It also has an automatic chain oiling system for easy maintenance, lubrication, and longer blade life.

It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for anyone with small or medium-sized hedges that need extra trimming.

This hedge trimmer also comes in a variety of colors to pick from which makes choosing one even easier!

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