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Are you noticing the presence of some creepy crawlies around your yard?

Yes, you got it. It’s English Ivy or Hedera.

English Ivy is a woody plant with leafy branches that has a great property for spreading all over the area in less time. It spreads like crawling over the walls, fences, doors, buildings, rocks, and pillars. It starts creeping wherever it finds the suitable way and ruins the overall tidy and organized expression of your property.

Why you should remove English Ivy?

Faster growth:

These Ivies can reach up to the height of 30-35 meters if left overlooked but if it finds a way on the ground to flourish, it does not go beyond half or only 1 foot in height.


Since it is an aggressive nature plant that grows at a faster rate and can be a cause of damage to your property as well as pets and families. Even if someone accidentally touches it, severe skin irritation or infection can arise and if your sweetheart pet swallows this plant, it may cause vomiting or serious stomach infections.

Destructive for plants & flowers:

If it covers the beautiful flowers and healthy plants of your yard, it grabs essential nutrients and water content from them. This can happen by blockage of sunlight reaching the plants and flowers, due to its leaves.

Welcoming for wildlife:

It also provides a favourable space for wild birds and insects like mice, butterflies, bugs, and bats. They find a good place to hide and survive under the Ivies and disturb the entire appearance of your space. 

Keeping in view all these threats linked with English Ivy, we will suggest you some methods to get rid of them safely and positively.

How to eliminate English Ivy?


To exterminate the English Ivy from your property, you first need to identify its nature and characteristics. Some Ivies are the same as the English Ivy but they are completely harmless for your property. Some of the most common poisonous Ivies are sumac and oak. 

If you see the veins on the leaves in the group form, then consider that Ivy as a poisonous one. If you observe the growth, the poisonous Ivies grow speedily, in any trend, and any form like wilds, or only one plant. Moreover, the one with white fruits or berries grown on it is poisonous, but you must stay away from other types of fruits also.

Gather equipment:

To completely remove the English Ivy from your area you need patience and some essential equipment including:

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Start the elimination:

As we know that English Ivy can grow anywhere and everywhere, so we are aimed to explain removal methods for three possible areas of its growth.

Ground: Observe that where its main root is. Now, begin cutting in a regular pattern by leaving about 2 feet from the main root for later dealing. After removal of all the Ivies, gather them, and dispose of them after chemical treatment. Also, spray the left untreated vines with weed killer at the end, and repeat the process after 2 or 3 weeks.

Trees: Start cutting the creepers from about 2-3 feet directly above the base of the tree stem by using shears. Leave the vines attached to the tree for a few weeks and they will expire on their own. After that, you can easily put them off the tree stems. Remember to pull out as many roots of English Ivy as you can from around the tree base to prevent further growth. In the end, apply the weed killer to all the waste.

Walls: Be gentle while removing the English Ivy from the walls to prevent any destruction. It is recommended to pull out instead of cutting and apply the weed killer on the ground where the roots are present. Do not forget to scrape the ground with the help of a steel brush or a sander after the process is completed.

Home Remedies:

 As a home remedy, you can use white vinegar or a salt and water solution to spray over these creepers to get rid of them. You can also use mulch created by using leaves, papers, grass, or cardboard to cover up the Ivies to suffocate them and discourage the progression.

Concluding words

English Ivy adds a great charm to your yard but it is disturbing by nature. There are many risks associated with its presence in your yard. It is expected that the above-mentioned methods for getting rid of it will work well for you.

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