Having weeds infested soil and killing them is very common in the whole gardening world. People use hands, homemade solutions, or chemically made products to get rid of weeds.

Most of us don’t know which method/product is best to defeat the weeds. Let us tell you that there are two types of weed killers; selective and non-selective.

In this article, we will explain all about the weed killers and would recommend the strongest weed killer at the end so keep on reading the post.

Weeding by hands

The old gardeners’ method, but still effective to a good level.

In this method, you pull out the weeds as much as you can deep down from the roots to prevent further growth.

This method is very effective if your zone is small like you have to clear out weeds from a single plant.

The con of this scheme is that some weeds have hidden roots in the soil and you could not reach them to remove them, so you will see the weeds appearing again after some time.

Here are the best Weed Killers for Creeping Charlie

Homemade weed killers

The second method to kill the weeds which are also used by most lawn owners is a homemade weed killer solution. This method is less pricey, making it very easy, and the ingredients will surely be available in your kitchen.

  • Vinegar (Non-selective): Vinegar is commonly used as an herbicide, and acts fast on weeds. Just give a good vinegar spray to the weeds and it will kill them by getting absorbed into the roots quickly. Do not overuse the vinegar on your soil as it disturbs the pH levels. If you have bigger-sized weeds then you need gallons of vinegar.
  • Salt (Non-selective): Salt has strong weed-killing properties. You can easily make this inexpensive solution by only using salt and water in 2:1 quantity. A little addition of dish soap is also required. Pour in a sprayer and you are on the go. Not only for removal, but it is used as a weeds prevention tool too from eras.

Did you know how weed killers work?

They get absorbed quickly when you apply and work by disturbing the photosynthesis process of the plant. In simple words, weed killers are the poison for plants/weeds to exterminate them completely. 

Chemically-made weed killers

The most popular chemically-made weed killers are described as below:

  • Glyphosate-based: Glyphosate-based weed killer is a non-selective type killer, and it is used on about 80-85% of crops worldwide. It destroys every plant around it so you need to be very careful while using it. It tends to strongly kill the ability of the plant to produce proteins and burn them down to waste. It is normally used for growing weeds, woody bases, and the tree ends.
  • Triclopyr: It is a selective type of weed killer. Commonly, it is used to get rid of wooded weeds, or uninvited sprouts and plantlets. You can use it freely on your lawn or garden because it does not destroy surrounding plants like grass. It can be applied after diluting it into the water and spraying it over the infested plants. Be sure to apply it again after some months to keep it effective constantly.

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