How to remove dandelions?
Dandelions may appear appealing to kids due to their bright yellow color, but they are the worst nightmare of any gardener.  Dandelion is a perennial broadleaf weed that can grow a 10-inch long taproot underground, challenging. On the other hand, above the ground, their seeds spread to other places with air currents to increase in number. 

Dandelions grow among grasses and other plants and take any excess nutrients and water for their growth, so gardeners look for easy ways to remove them. One of the most effective long term solutions for your dandelion problem is to remove the long taproot from underground. But if you are looking for a quick method, spray them with a broadleaf herbicide. 

Hand pulling for dandelion removal:

This method is very time-consuming but extremely effective; with this method, persistence is the key. You might need a few sessions to eliminate the dandelions from your yard entirely. 

When you are hand digging dandelions, make sure to remove the taproot of dandelion completely as they can run deep in the ground. You can use special “dandelion pullers” or other tools such as a weeding knife and other similar tools to help you with digging.

How to pull the dandelions with a hand?

Water the soil

Watering can help moist the soil, which makes it easy to extract weeds easily. Therefore water the area with dandelions and wait for 30 to 45 minutes for the moisture to settle in before starting the removing process.

Make an incision in the soil and dig up dandelion

Use a weeding knife, a garden spade or a pitchfork to push away the soil from the taproot and wiggle the tool you are using to help loosen the taproot. 

Use your hands to hold the dandelion base and pull gently; use the tool anywhere you feel stuck and keep pulling until the dandelion is removed. 

Cover areas with pre-emergent herbicide and reseed the area:

To cover the areas from where the dandelion was removed, fill those holes with a pre-emergent for dandelion control—the pre-emergent will to prevent the seeds from germinating. Reseed the area using grass seeds and water. 

Herbicide method for killing dandelion:

This method is the best option for you if you have tried the hand pulling method, but it didn’t work or you don’t have enough time and want the least labor involving method. 

Using a broadleaf herbicide will do the work for you by killing the whole plant without damaging the surrounding plants and grass. The dandelion herbicide will work best if applied before the dandelion develops flowers. 

How to apply the herbicide?

  • Choose a herbicide:

Select an appropriate herbicide that matches your needs.

  • Choose a suitable day for the application:

Check your weather conditions before applying the herbicide. Make sure to choose a sunny and dry week with no rain. 

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