Is there any solution for the weeds other than chemicals and pulling out?

The answer is yes.

They can be slaughtered using flame weeders.

A tool that contains a torch or a baton or a rod with a hose. This hose or the pipe is connected to a tank containing propane. This is a refillable tank looking like a backpack. Flame weeders vary in British Thermal Units (BTUs) between 40,000 to 100,000.

So flame weeding is a process of killing weeds with the help of a flame torch. 

In this process the tender stem of the weed is opened up to a very high degree of heat. The heat is almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Such extreme heat damages the stem tissues to such an extent that it dies on the spot killing the weed.

How to use a flame weeder?

weed eaterKilling a weed is artless and easy if you choose to kill it with a flame weeder. The weeds from the patio and the yard can easily be eradicated using the torch. Using a torch flame to kill the weeds is the matter of split seconds. The efficient and fast way to kill the weeds is to kill them with a flame torch. It takes a few seconds to make weed wilt and within an hour it vanishes from the beloved patio. Flame weeder is used to kill weeds from paths, pavements, short public roads, and orchids and liberate them of this nuisance. The best thing about flame weeder is that it does not leave any byproduct nor does it damage the ecosystem. Another plus point of the torch weeder is this it does not affect the soil. You can immediately sow the crop after killing the weed.  

They are not to be used on the inflammable surfaces. 

 Steps to use the flame weeder:

01. Irrigate the targeted area

Water the area you have targeted to weed. Sufficiently watering the patch desired to treat with flame weeder is the must thing. Water the area properly and sufficiently. Drench the plant and soak the soil adequately with a pipe or garden hose. This is one of the most important step as it will guard the soil from burning and unwelcoming flames will be dealt. Its plus point is that it will still kill the beleaguered weed. Watering the area will reduce the risk of detonation and explosion. 

02. Game reserve the needed plants

The flame weeder will put the desirable plants like flowers, orchids, grasses and plants at the risk of the spark from the flame jet.

For this purpose keep the weeder 12 inches away from the friend plants.  

03. Immediate killer

The flame weeder is a plant killer that shows its effects in a split of seconds. The leaf and stem tissues are destroyed within one tenth of the second. It will not put the weed on fire but rather will dehydrate the plant to die on its own. Such hot air will fatally kill the plant. 

04. The procedure

In an attempt to end weeds with flame, you have to walk along the targeted patch keeping the flame rod 3 to 6 inches above the weed head. Within seconds the work will be done and within hours there will be no more weeds. If there is smoke or steam it shows that you are haunting the weed too long than required. If such a thing is noted, increase your pace from weed to weed.  

05. Destroying the weed seeds

Not only will the flame kill the weed but it will also nip the evil of the weed seed from the bud. The young weeds that have not sprouted yet will be killed along with their seeds in their belly. The humidity and moisture inside the seeds will end within seconds leaving it nothing but a dry hay. 

06. Results 

The results of the flame weeding can be checked after one to four hours of application. It will wilt but will still be a green plant without moisture. They will take a week to vanish from the scene completely. If the weed is less than four inches high it will get killed to its roots.

07. Repetition 

Repeat the procedure if the weeds are stubborn or are still there in bloom.  Sweep away any residue after repeated blow. 

Precautionary Steps

Flame weeder can be a great servant but a bad master. So consider the following points before opting to flame weeders.

  1. Ensure the safety of the person applying the procedure.
  2. Make sure the area you are going to work on is safe and there is no threat for you to do the procedure.
  3. Sweep the area clean of any debris. Make sure no combustible material remains intact. Make sure there is nothing loose in the area you want to do the procedure on. 
  4. Consult the local fire authorities before using the flame rod. 
  5. You should be wearing protective gears before starting to work. 
  6. Make sure the people and animals around do not get in the range of flame. Ensure the flame hits the targeted area.
  7. Protect the flame hose and the propane tank from hitting the flame as well. 
  8. Read precautionary measures for propane as well before using the flame weeder. 
  9. There is nothing dry or something that catches fire easily in the area you want to kill weeds from. Even look for a combustible material in the vicinity. 
  10. Avoid using the torch in the times of dearth and lack of humidity in the air.
  11. Do not use it in the area where there is threat or history of a wildfire. 
  12. Follow the manual of the torch to determine the accurate procedure to kill the weeds with a flame. Following the instructions is a must step taken to ensure maximum output.
  13. You should know how to assemble, fuel, light and operate the torch properly.   
  14. Calculate and determine either killing weeds with a torch is the best way to kill the weeds or not. If it is suitable for your lawn or area, you must give Flame-King-YSNPQ-5000Tit a go.
  15. Avoid burning poisonous plants with the torch. Burning the noxious weeds with the flame can cause severe allergic conditions. Moreover, it can be highly toxic for whoever inhales in the area.  
  16. It is best to kill weeds growing in grit, rocks and bitumen. If you are using it othet than these consult a seasoned horticulturist first. 
  17. Use where there is no chance of fire in the neighboring organic material. 
  18. It works by superheating the air around the weed. So take care of your feet, hands and eyes during the procedure. 

Why to use flame weeders?

The question why to use flame weeder is very common and its answer is quite well established and simple.

  1. We use flame weeders because it is safer and more effective than the other procedures.
  2. It is eco-friendly if precautionary steps are considered.
  3. It does not cause pollution.
  4. Propane is a better solution than using chemicals to kill weeds. 
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