How to use Flame Weeders for Garden Weed Control?

If you want a chemical-free way to control weeds in your garden, then Flame Weeders are the solution. These weed control devices use propane gas from small tanks that can be moved around as needed.

The flame is ignited for about 30 seconds and burns the plant’s leaves or stem until it dies off. Once you have used a flame weeder on an area of your garden, you will never have to worry about weeds again!

How to use Flame Weeders for Garden Weed Control?

There are many steps for using flame weeders for your garden. Make sure you follow the steps correctly to get the best results.

Get a flame weeder and gas tanks

The first thing that you need is a flame weeder and two propane gas tanks. The weeders are available in many different sizes, so it depends on your garden where size will matter most for more efficiency and performance of the device.

As far as propane gas tanks, you will need two of them each time you want to use the flame weeder.

You can buy these at your local hardware store or online in many stores like Amazon and eBay. In case you decide to buy from an online store, make sure that there is a good return policy just in case it does not work as you expect.

Get a protective glove and gardening hat

The next thing that you need for using the flame weeder is a good pair of gloves and a gardener’s hat to protect yourself from some heat burns in case your device ignites too much at once. Make sure that both items are made out of natural fiber. These can be found on the same websites where you purchase the flame weeder and propane gas tanks.

Check your garden for areas that need weed control

The next step is to walk through your garden and look for any areas with weeds. Once you have found an area, mark it off with some sticks or flags so you don’t forget what you are working on.

Get your propane gas tanks filled up

Once you have found an area of your garden that needs weed control, make sure to get both propane gas tanks filled up in a local store. Most hardware stores will allow tank refills for free if you purchase the weeder and the two extra bottles of propane gas at their store. If you do not have a hardware store close by, then you can also purchase them from an online store.

Weed Control Area Preparation

Now that you have everything that you need for weed control, it is time to start preparing the area.

Clear the rocks and debris

The first thing that you need to do is remove any rocks or debris from the surface of the soil. This will make it easier for the flame weeder to do its job and not damage or scorch the surface of your garden.

Transplant important plants

If you have any flowers, bushes, or trees in the weed control area, then you will need to transplant them somewhere else in your garden. Make sure that you water them well before transplanting them so they do not die.

Weed Control Area Preparation (cont.)

Now that you have removed any rocks or debris from the surface of the soil and transplanted your flowers, bushes, or trees, it is time to start spraying water on the area.

This will help to wet the soil and make sure that all the weed seeds are washed away. This will also help the propane gas to ignite and burn all of the weeds that it touches once you start using your flame weeder.

Once sprayed, wait about 15 minutes before you begin working with a flame weeder in case there are any seeds left behind from earlier plants. You don’t want those to germinate and create more weeds in the area.

Start Weed Control with Flame Weeder

Now that you have everything ready, it is time to start weed control with your flame weeder.

  • Make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area and hold the flame weeder about an inch away from the surface of the soil.
  • If it is really hard to ignite, then you may have propane gas left in the tank from your last use.
  • Make sure that it is empty first before trying again.
  • Use Both Hands on Flame Weeder
  • Once ignited, hold both hands onto the flame weeder and move along slowly against the surface of the soil while holding down a trigger until all of the weeds are burned.
  • Once you have reached a rock or another hard surface, stop using your flame weeder and move to that area with a shovel or hoe before continuing weed control after moving an inch away from there.
  • Repeat this until each of the weeds in that spot has been killed off by your flame weeder.
  • Make sure to check back the next day to make sure that no more weeds are growing in that area.
  • If there are, then you will need to repeat the weed control process until they have all been killed off.
  • Once finished, move on to another flagged area and continue weed control until your garden is free of any unwanted plants.


When is Flame Weeding Suitable?

Flame weeding is best used on annual weeds that are actively growing. Perennial weeds may also be killed with a flame weeder, but it is important to get the entire weed including the roots.

Is Flame Weeding Effective?

When used correctly, flame weeding can be very effective in killing off unwanted weeds.

A lot of people think that they need to move the flame weeder fast over the surface of the soil or else it will not work, but this is false. You should continue moving at a slow pace and follow along with your pathway lines so you don’t miss any areas.

Can I Use a Flame Weeder on My Lawn?

Flame weeding is not recommended for use on lawns as it can damage the grass. Try using a hoe or shovel to remove unwanted weeds from your lawn instead.

What are the benefits of using flame weeding?

The main benefit of using a flame weeder is that it will kill weeds without damaging any other plants in the area. It can also be used to remove entire patches of weed from your garden with very little effort or time spent.

How much does a Flame Weeding cost?

The price for this product varies depending on where you are located and what size you want to buy. For example, a medium-sized flame weeder can cost around $500 while larger models can go for as much as $2000.

Does Flame Weeding Kill Seeds?

Flame weeding will not kill the seeds unless they are wet. Once you have sprayed them with water and stirred up the soil, any unwanted weed seeds should be washed away from the area before proceeding to flame weed them.

Is Burning Weeds Bad for the Environment?

While flame weeding does use some fuel to light the weed on fire, it won’t produce any harmful fumes or gases that can harm the environment.

Make sure to have a container of water nearby in case you accidentally set off your propane tank and start a small fire as well.


With weed control, the key is to keep going until you have removed all of the weeds. While this can be a long and tedious process, it will save your time in the future by keeping your garden free from unwanted plants that are harmful to other plant life.

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