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The combat of efficiency and effectiveness between liquid and grainy weed killers is not new. The gardener always has the bewilderment which to prefer over others. Both the types have their pros and cons. We cannot contemplate perfectly which weed killer will go the best but we can describe the factors that can make gardeners have a preference of one over the other.

The gardener should reflect the soil condition and the vegetation before shopping either granular formulation or gooey solution. This article will help him weigh the right option in determining either to go liquid or granular. Read and reflect.

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Liquid vs. Granular (Dry) Weed Control

Liquid Weed Killers

Liquid weed control

The turf specialists can tell that Liquid weed control comes in two options.

  1. It is ready-made. You do not have to dilute it or blend it with water or any other chemical. It is just taken out of the pack, attached to the wand or hose and sprayed directly onto the weeds. It can be sprayed with any advanced riding machine or a regular pump or hose. 
  2. Second option in liquid weed control in terms of formulation is the one which you have to prepare before application. You have to mix the herbicide with a specific quantity of water or any other chemical before spraying it onto the weeds. Gardeners prefer the ready-made one as there is no hectic in preparing it. It can be sprayed with sophisticated equipment like a big machine or with a simple wand.


The professional turf keepers in the commercial market prefer to choose liquefied herbicides over the granular ones for controlling the post-emergent weeds. They are quite enhanced and improved in checking out the post-emergent weeds as compared to granular formulation. It not only works swiftly over an influx of weeds all over your lawn but also provides astounding results. You have the option of spraying the entire lawn or spot spray, particular targeted-patch.


There are many advantages of liquid weed controls but they have their black side too. The first and the most dangerous consequence of the liquid weed control is its toxicity and eco-damaging nature. It causes harm to not only the neighboring plants but also the atmosphere and also has health and safety problems. It is inorganic and may sometimes contain toxic fumes in it.


Recently more sophisticated and friendlier gadgets and machines have been invented and paraphernalia lets the user spread over fairly the accurate quantity of weed control looked-for. This is not pennywise misery but economical and does not let the waste of the costly weed killer.

Another option is spraying with a regular and simple hose or wand. A pump up or a back-pack sprayer is economical and cheapo. Secondly it is easily available in any garden store or sometimes comes with weed control. They are not as effective as the sophisticated ones but still can do best if handled properly and as per instructions.

Most of the lawn care experts recommend using Liquid weed control. It is effective for controlling a multiple of weeds and it does it with great effectiveness and speed.

Another edge that Purdue University of Turf grass Science points out is that the rate of success of liquid weed controllers is much higher than that of granular one. It is so because it does not need extra humidity to stay on the plant.  They stay on the plant and do not get washed away with rain once they get dried. 

The liquid weed controller has effectiveness, efficiency and control but what makes it more reliable is its work against the perennials. Its results against the stubborn perennials is worth praising which the granular are not able to tackle. They are more consistent in their elimination as compared to the dry weed controller.

Dry Weed Killers

Dry Weed Killers

Granular (or dry) weed control, on the other hand, looks similar to granular fertilizers. The small balls treated with herbicide are called granular. They can be applied with push sprayers, whirly-bird spreaders or powered spreaders.   

They can both be pre-emergent or post-emergent. As pre-emergent it controls crabgrass. As post-emergent it controls clover and dandelion.   

Few lawn care specialists choose granular weed control and consider it to be better than liquid herbicides. They have their own reasons to do so. Application of granular products is easy and simple. There is no proportion to follow to formulate it. It contains fertilizers in it. They are not only to eradicate the weeds but to nourish the lawn as well. They feed the lawn with essential nutrients. So it is a multi-functional product. They are capable of controlling the broadleaf weeds. They work in one plain and simple step- application. To let the herbicide stay for a longer period of time in the lawn, it is recommended to dampen the lawn first. You can water the lawn manually before application. This will let the herbicide seep into the soil to reach the roots. Traditionally it remains there for 48 to 72 hours. And during this span it shows its effects.


The first and the foremost advantage of granular herbicide is that it is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. Secondly, it does not cause any problem to the one applying it. The third thing that can be counted as its advantage is that it acts as fertilizer as well which is why it is called weed and feed. Furthermore, it is very simple to apply. It does not have to mix with anything. So there is no tension of accurate concentration. Just put it in a spreader and apply it. It has another advantage over the liquid weed control that it is affordable. Its cost effectiveness makes it affordable for every type of gardener. Granular weed control comes handy when the gardener opts for a DIY method. It is organic.  So if you are a nature lover, granular weed control is formulated for you.

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It is not effective against perennial and most broadleaf weeds. It should be applied after wetting the lawn. So the extra hectic of irrigating the lawn is associated with it. Another disadvantage is that you need to check the weather forecast before applying. Apply if there are no chances of rain as immediate rainfall will wash it away.


After looking into the pros and cons of both the types of weed control i.e. Granular and Liquid Weed Control you can easily determine which is best for you. Both have good points and dark sides too. They are both effective in their own ways. So a gardener has to first study the weeds and soil of his yard and then he should decide which option to opt for. Both are readily available so their cost and other features are to be considered while making decisions.  

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