Liquid vs. Granular (Dry) – Which Weed Control Option is better?

liquid vs granular

Weeds are very undesirable plants because they cause neighboring plants to become undernourished and unhealthy by taking up their vital nutrients. Anyone with a beautiful lawn knows that the secret to keeping a lawn looking pristine and healthy is to use a weed killer. We can divide weed killers into two main categories, dry and liquid, making a lot of people question which one is a better option for them. 

Today we are going to be answering this question by looking at the pros and cons of both liquid and dry herbicides. 

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Liquid Weed Killers 

Liquid Weed Killers

A liquid herbicide is a popular and commonly used weed killer since it works effectively and is convenient to use. All you need to do is mix the appropriate amount of the herbicide with water and pour the solution into a piece of spraying equipment such as a sprayer tank, that’s it. Now you are ready to fight off those tough and irritating weeds that never seem to go away.

Liquid herbicides must be mixed with water before application which can be counted as a con since the user will then have to measure the concentrate with the recommended amount of water. Another disadvantage is that when spraying the herbicide you need to be very careful that you don’t spray too much or spray on the wrong areas. Especially if you are using a selective weed killer because it will harm anything it comes in contact with whether it’s your precious grass, favorite vegetables or cherished flowers. 

Dry Weed Killers

Dry Weed Killers

Dry weed killers a form of granules which are easy and simple to use. First and foremost for this type of herbicide to work, the weeds need to be wet so that the granules can stick to the plants and start releasing the herbicide. If the weeds are dry then the granules are most probably just gonna roll off the weeds. You can use spreader equipment for spreading the granules. After the first application does not water the weeds so that the chemicals can stay on the plants and start working.

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Both liquid and dry herbicides are effective at doing their job, however, in our opinion, the liquid herbicide is a better option. It works efficiently for those stubborn and annoying weeds that seem to pop out everywhere whether its the lawn or the garden. Liquid herbicides can easily be absorbed by the leaves which is the key to destroying weeds, plus after a few hours of application, most liquid weed killers become rainproof so there is no need to worry about the chemicals going to waste. No matter you are a  professionals or homeowners you can use both Liquid and dry herbicides. But if you want to achieve quick and consistent results then liquid herbicide is the best option for you.


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