Roebic FRKThe Roebic FRK is a root killer that is used to kill roots in the sewer line. The product works by foaming when it comes in contact with water and filling up the pipes, including inside wall cavities, completely stopping any new growth of roots and killing existing root matter in the process.

Roebic FRK Root Killer is safe for all types of plumbing and will not harm surrounding trees. The product is also easy to use in that it has multiple application methods, which include residential sewer lines, and between tree roots and sewer lines. It is recommended for severe recurring root problems.

I used the Roebic Root Killer in my plumbing when I was having a lot of problems with roots growing in my sewer line. I think that this product is excellent because it works and will fill up the entire sewage line, killing off the roots in the process. The Roebic Root Killer is also safe for all types of plumbing, including septic tanks. It also does not harm surrounding trees when used correctly.

One of the ways that you can use the Roebic Root Killer is to flush it down the toilet. It will then fill up the sewer line and kill off any roots that are present in this area. You can also pour it through a garden hose, which will allow you to spray it exactly where you need it to be without having to get your hands dirty. There is also another way that you can use the Root Killer which is simply flushing it into your toilet tank.

My Findings

Roebic FRK-1LB Foaming Root KillerWhat I like about this product is that it works effectively and kills off all roots in the sewage line, including the root ball of trees growing in this area. The Roebic Root Killer eliminates the problems with roots recurring because it kills off existing root matter and does not allow any new growth.

I have been using the Roebic Root Killer for a couple of years now and I love it because it is easy to use and works well. It is also safe for all types of plumbing, including septic tanks. All you do is pour the granules down your drain after mixing it with water, which makes it easy to use.

I would highly recommend the Roebic Root Killer for anyone with a problem with roots in their sewer lines, especially if you need to get rid of them quickly.

Special features

  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for all types of plumbing including septic tanks
  • No need for expensive root cutting
  • Instructions for use on the label
  • The granular product fills the entire pipeline
  • Kills existing roots or new growth in the sewage line
  • Foams when it contacts water to fill up pipe completely
  • Pour down the drain after mixing with water for residential sewer lines
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